Violence is Not OK, Even Against Hate Groups

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Target: Columbia, South Carolina Police Chief William Holbrook

Goal: Enforce laws against gang violence.

Members of a gang called the “Bloods” reportedly showed up at a legal, “peaceful” Confederate flag rally with intentions of committing heinous violence against folks — some of who are said to be KKK members — attending the event. The severe beating of one man was filmed and posted online where many outlets are going so far as to condone the behavior of the gang by congratulating them for the nasty attack. One outlet stated that perhaps the two gangs called the “Bloods” and “Crips” could “finally stop attacking each other and start ganging up together on the real enemy.”

If the man who was reportedly beaten was disrespectful to another human, then they’re in the wrong as well, but two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s disturbing that such a large amount of our society would find this permissible, considering gangs are cold-blooded killers who don’t care who they kill. Any encouragement of gangs should be illegal.

According to media outlets, many groups and races were at the South Carolina Statehouse protesting. While some displayed intolerance towards each other, there were also peaceful discussions between races and groups as well. Many folks — from both sides of the flag protest — interviewed by media were holding signs up that read words of respect for one another and most of the people said their intentions were peaceful.

Hate-speech shouldn’t be yelled out from the Statehouse, and some folks were nasty to each other. Altercations reportedly broke out, but nothing nearly as brutal as the alleged gang beating that reportedly occurred.

Adding physical, gang violence to roam the rally put everyone’s lives at risk — including children’s.

The bottom line is that this rally was important to many people who have varying point of views, but to each of them, the issue at hand was important. For the gang, the only important thing was harming people.

Gang-related violence and gang members shouldn’t have been allowed to roam the Statehouse or harm anyone.

Unfortunately, people are openly supporting the violent attack that was brazenly committed in broad daylight with hoards of witnesses and even police nearby.

With so many people and outlets congratulating this behavior, the gangs and their violent behavior will only increase as they feel that society is accepting of it now.

It shouldn’t matter that some say the man deserved being beaten nearly to death — He wasn’t committing illegal acts as far as the media has reported.

Gang members are criminals. Encourage one of their violent crimes and you encourage them all. It would be naive to believe gangs would listen to reasoning and only beat and kill people who most of society dislikes.

People accept and applaud gang violence as long as the victim is a “hateful” or unlikeable person. While it may sound good to take hate groups down, this will only create more destruction and violence.

It’s clear the gang showed up at the Confederate Flag Rally for one reason —  to harm and instill fear. Gang members operate solely around violence and illegal activity and are often said to kill for no reason.

Society has seen that allowing gang violence to go unpunished only encourages more gang activity, so imagine what can be expected when the majority are not only dismissing the gang violence, but openly encouraging it now. Their horrific crimes and will only increase, and most people would agree that even beating a man who supports the Confederate flag or is a KKK member isn’t worth the increase in these senseless crimes.

There should be no place for gangs or gang-encouragement in our society. It’s time authorities start taking a stand against gang violence. Please demand that the Columbia, South Carolina police chief make an effort to protect society from the horrific and ever-increasing crimes committed by gangs and remove the public safety threats they pose by placing them behind bars.


Dear Police Chief William Holbrook,

With the recent Confederate flag rally at the South Carolina Statehouse — where a gang reportedly marched in and laid out a heinous attack on man at the rally — violence and threats have sparked everywhere.

When a video was posted online showing the alleged incident, dozens of media outlets and many people have made disturbingly supportive and even encouraging comments regarding the alleged gang attack. People are in support of gangs dishing out violent crimes against people such as a KKK member or Confederate flag supporter.

However, gangs are dangerous and pose a real threat to all of society. We simply can’t support such senseless violence when it seems justifiable, as doing so will increase the violent crimes and further put the public at risk since violence is never the way to solve issues and also because gangs aren’t going to harm only the people who the rest of society wants to see harmed.

The support of gang violence must be discouraged immediately before more people are hurt.

We urge you to take appropriate measures to decrease the threats posed to the public safety by senseless gangs. Please show South Carolina that gangs, gang-violence, and encouragement will not be tolerated and enforce laws against these crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: SPLC Center

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