Release Kids Jailed for Refusing to Visit Allegedly Abusive Father

Domestic Violence

Target: Oakland County Circuit Judge Lisa Gorcyca

Goal: Release children thrown in juvenile detention for refusing to have lunch with the father they say abused their mother.

A judge threw three young kids in juvenile detention because they refused her order to have lunch with their allegedly abusive father. The kids are nine, 10, and 15 years old. According to these youngsters, they didn’t want to spend time with their father because they witnessed him hitting their mother. The couple went through a contentious divorce and now all three kids say they don’t want to see their father anymore.

Judge Lisa Gorcyca found the children to be in contempt of the court when they declined to eat lunch with their father. The judge then told them they were wrong about him, that he is “well-liked and loved by the community, his co-workers, his family (and) his colleagues,” and compared the 15-year-old to notorious cult leader Charles Manson.

This response by Judge Gorcyca to the fact that three individual young children accused their father of domestic abuse is absolutely unacceptable. It takes incredible courage for children of abusive homes to come forward, and any accusation of domestic violence should be taken very seriously no matter how “well-liked” the alleged abuser is. Abuse of a spouse can easily turn into child abuse, especially if the spouse is no longer around.

Judges have become far too willing to lock up young children, and it’s a trend that’s fueling the fact that the U.S. has a ridiculously high prison population. The three kids in this case need care and support after a difficult divorce and possibly witnessing domestic abuse. They definitely do not need to be locked up with actual problem children where they will very likely face the threat of violence upon themselves.

The mother’s attorney has already filed a writ of habeas corpus for the release of the children which the judge will soon consider. Sign this petition to demand that these kids immediately be released and that she refrain from ever locking up children again for simply refusing to have lunch with a man they claim is abusive.


Dear Judge Gorcyca,

Recently, you threw three young kids in juvenile detention for refusing your order to have lunch with their father. They refused because they claim to have seen him hit their mother. Instead of taking their accusation seriously, as should be done with any accusation of domestic abuse, you defended their father and compared the oldest child to Charles Manson.

If three young children would rather face jail time than see their father, don’t you think that says something? It doesn’t matter how “well-liked” someone is–otherwise likable people can be 100 percent capable of abuse. Refusing to believe those who say abuse occurred because the alleged abuser seems like a good person is why so much abuse is able to continue.

The man accused of abuse should be investigated and his children should be immediately released from detention. No matter your personal feelings about the father, it’s your job to protect children from abuse and violence, not throw them into a place where they will very likely experience both. I demand that you order the release of Maya Eibschitz-Tsimhoni’s children as soon as possible and refrain from ever jailing children for the “crime” of refusing to spend time with an alleged abuser again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Concha García Hernández

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  1. Sam Outhorn says:

    Whoever was abusive whether in word or deed: please tackle those. Not the children. The kind of situation they were in was obviously sad enough: why make it worse forcing them into submission? The publicity will only aggravate things,for one thing!

  2. Get rid of this judge. Really . This man is an abusive person and she’s punishing the children because they don’t want to see him that makes no sense really. Good let her get knocked around by her husband and see if she would be ok with her children seeing him.

  3. Janet Jacobson says:

    The kids are out now. The petition should be written to removes the judge.

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    That judge is not fit to judge anyone! Most abusers are ‘liked’ by those who don’t have to live with them! My ‘father’ was always very popular with others- behind closed doors he battered us kids! These kids witnessed their father abuse their mother!! Why the hell should they have to spend any time with the thug? Bloody judges!

  5. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    That judge should be kicked off the bench immediately because she’s an idiot. And that’s the printable version of what I really think of her.

  6. My ex was a “pillar in the community,” too, but that does not negate being an abuser behind closed doors! As part of my 1986 divorce, I fought hard and won an unprecedented custody order that gave my children, then 6 and 9, the right to decline visitation (one often did, one usually didn’t). Maybe these kids have been unduly influenced but WHAT IF THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH? There is no way for anyone to know for certain so the court MUST err on the side of caution. The children need to be protected, not the adult.

  7. Barbara Van Walsen says:

    I have bad luck about things,such as debating the cost of a grocery item. I wish one of you would start a petition to remove the judge. She is already biased against the wife and children. I can’t see a happy outcome except for the husband.

  8. This judge has cabbage for brains….with apologies to all cabbage plants!!!!
    And yes, PLEASE start a petition to remove this idiotic judge from her position, since I can just imagine the FURTHER harm she’s going to do to that poor woman and her kids if she’s allowed to rule on this case!
    This is exactly how immoral men get away with their abuse, ignorantly perceived as worthwhile pillars of society while their TRUE violence goes on unseen & behind closed doors! I KNOW, as I’ve lived that reality! F this stupid judge and all others like her!!!!

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