Success: Confederate Flag to be Removed from State House


Target: Ms. Jenny Horne, South Carolina State Representative

Goal: Applaud efforts to have the Confederate flag removed from the State House in South Carolina.

At long last, the Confederate flag will be lowered from its place atop a flagpole outside of the South Carolina State House. Debate over the flag resurfaced after a horrific, racially motivated shooting and raged on until just recently when the two houses of the South Carolina State Legislature voted resoundingly to have it lowered for good. All of the good people who worked so hard to get this symbol of hatred lowered, including the ForceChange activists who signed a recent petition on the subject, deserve praise.

The Confederate flag is a banner of racism that has been flying in multiple southern states for over a century. The debate over lowering it was heated, with many opposed claiming that the flag was just about southern pride and heritage, but it is as clear a symbol of hatred as the swastika. After all, the flag is beloved by hate groups like the KKK who openly admit to being racist.

The removal of the flag was contested not only by the public, but by South Carolina’s lawmakers themselves. After the state Senate voted on a bill to have the flag lowered, it was sent to the state’s more conservative House of Representatives. During the proceedings, supporters of the flag tried to add amendments and caveats to its removal in an attempt to slow down the removal or halt it indefinitely.

However, thanks to an impassioned and heartfelt speech given by Representative Jenny Horne, the House was swayed and voted in favor of the flag’s removal. It will come down shortly after the bill is signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley and never again will anyone have to be oppressed by its bloody history. Sign here to thank everyone who voted and fought to have this symbol of racism removed for good.


Dear Representative Horne,

I am writing to personally thank you for the part that you played in ensuring the removal of the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina State House. For too long that banner of hatred has stared down at South Carolina’s population and reinforced its assumption that one group of people is superior to another.

Those crying over this flag claim that it is a symbol of southern heritage, a beacon of pride, but what is there to be proud about in armed rebellion and slave holding? Perhaps the flag celebrates a heritage, but that heritage is all about inequality and white supremacy; why should that be allowed on state grounds?

The removal of this flag is a wonderful step towards a more inclusive and equal society, but it is just the first among many more which are necessary. While I thank you for ensuring this symbol of racism will no longer fly atop its flag pole, I urge you to also start removing the names of Confederate generals from streets and byways.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. I DO NOT want the confederate flag removed from ANY city or state ! We should remember ALL veterans, there are direct decedents walking around right now that had relatives that fought and lost their lives in one of the bloodiest wars in history . I am one of those decendants, 700,000 men and woman lost their lives and we MUST remember every Veteran in every war. Teach children that slavery was the catilist for the war, but DONT destroy the flag !

  2. Grady Powell says:

    why in the hell would i applaud something like that? like there’s not other more important things we should be concentrating on, like how this country is going to hell in a hand basket. just something else to take the country’s mind off of what’s really happening, like the takeover of the U S by Muslims. wise up people, the US flag will be next. four words– THE END IS NEAR…

  3. Deborah Rouse says:

    No, I nor my family will applaud this. This is just the beginning…..chiseling away at our freedoms. Any object can be used as a rallying cry by a murderer. Some murderers use only their own Voice to shout a rallying cry. And Ellen is right in saying that many on both sides sacrificed their lives in the long ago Civil War. This flag means different things to different people as well.

  4. michael kennedy says:

    “just something else to take the country’s mind off of what’s really happening, like the takeover of the U S by Muslims.”

    that bigoted sentiment is the very reason that flag should go down……but don’t worry, you are still permitted to keep your own confederate flag in your bedroom

  5. SANDY JACKSON says:

    the flag didnt kill anyone, the person who pulled the trigger did the killing, why take the flag down??????????????????

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