Support the Right to Die With Dignity


Target: Members of Parliament

Goal: Allow patients with debilitating terminal illnesses to choose the terms of their own deaths.

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  1. If we respect putting an animal out of its misery, what is so wrong with doing the same when it comes to human beings. Especially when we are able to make our decision. Let’s grow up America.

  2. Janis Mahlke says:

    it should be the right of a terminally ill patient to choose how and when to die!!’

  3. Having worked in pallatitive care, I have seen many patients suffer long drawn out deaths, when all they want is a peaceful release . A patient in discussion with family and Dr. Should be able to choose to die when they feel they cannot continue due to pain, we can help with some pain but it’s not always possible to take all pain away. Also patients deserve to die with dignity , not dependant on others for all personal needs.
    Please allow patients to choose when and where they would like to die, it’s their life and they should be able to have that choice.

  4. Karen L. Lew says:

    Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal progressive neurological disease (cerebral amyloid angiopathy). After watching my father die from Alzheimer’s disease and my older brother die from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), I have been doing everything possible to ensure that I am allowed to die with dignity when I decide my time has come and my useful and productive days are over. Because I am allergic to all painkilling drugs, I see no point in just enduring.

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