Applaud Ban on Smoking in Parks


Target: Mr. Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle

Goal: Praise new ban on smoking in Seattle’s public parks.

In a big win for the lungs of every citizen and visitor of Seattle, the city has just voted to ban smoking in all 465 of its public parks. The ban replaces an ordinance that required all people smoking in parks to be at least 25 feet away from all people when they wanted to light up. This type of care for the welfare of all is wonderful to see and will hopefully go a long way towards not only convincing people to quit smoking, but discouraging kids from ever starting.

There can no longer be any argument that smoking is bad for people’s health. It’s expensive, addictive, and its harmful side-effects have been well documented for decades now. Many believe that limiting a smoker’s ability to smoke is restricting some kind of rights or freedoms that they possess, but the reality is that secondhand smoke has been proven to be more dangerous than actually smoking. Sure, people should have a right to do what makes them happy, but when that thing is harmful to those around them, it needs to be curtailed.

It’s also no secret that cigarette companies use targeted advertising to try to get vulnerable groups of people, like teenagers, hooked on their products. Preventing smoking in public parks will hopefully go a long way towards showing prospective smokers that there is a serious stigma attached to the act and that the stigma is there for a good reason.

Smoking is a cultural relic that is just as cancerous to our society as the cigarettes themselves are to the people who smoke them. This ordinance will help to stamp out smoking once and for all and, for that, all those involved with making it possible deserve to be applauded.


Dear Mayor Murray,

I am writing to cordially thank you for being a part of the team that recently voted to ban smoking in all of Seattle’s 465 public parks. As you know, this ban replaces an ordinance that required smokers to be a certain distance from others before lighting up. You and I both know that people rarely followed that rule and enforcing rules like that can be a nightmare. This ban is clearer, tougher, and will hopefully bear more fruit than past restrictions.

Smoking is a cancerous remnant of a society that did not fully understand advertising or health science. It has no benefits other than “being cool,” and that is simply a lie trumped up by cigarette companies to sell products. Companies know they are selling a harmful product to consumers in order to make money from a chemical mixture they know to be addictive.

Hopefully this new ban will go a long way towards not only convincing smokers to quit, but also ensuring that prospective smokers never take that first drag. Thank you for your efforts to preserve the health and well-being of all of your citizens and please continue to do good work like this in the future.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. I’m not applauding this at all.

    it’s gotten to the point where people are just bullying smokers now when smoking outside is banned.

    listen, the more you ban smoking outside, the more people will end up smoking in the cars and in their houses with their kids and all.

    there’s such a thing as going to far with anything.

    why couldn’t you have found a fair way of doing this like creating designated smoking areas away from children, playgrounds and the rest within the parks?

    why? because people hate smokers.
    someone smoking outside is not going to give you cancer anyways. I don’t think people understand how fast smoke dissipates into the atmosphere when you’re outside and no one seems to care if a car pumps out car pumps out carcinogens outside in much larger quantities. you’d literally have to be blowing the smoke into someone’s face for it to cause issues outside.

    When you go too extreme with anything it eventually backfires. You can time a watch to it so good luck.
    Just remember when you’re patting yourself on the back for any bans on outside smoking that kids are going to be exposed to the cigarette smoke instead because you went to far with it… so next time try a fair approach like the designated out of the way smoking areas that i suggested.

    you can keep cigarette smoke away from everyone else that doesn’t want it by designing our spaces so these areas are away from everybody else. Now there pretty much aren’t any designated areas so people are just going to smoke wherever they see fit, because it’s pretty much illegal everywhere anyways. what else do you expect to happen? honestly

    • A to the MEN! They’re the same ones who are attacking the ecigarette industry for making cherry, grape, ect products because they “appeal” to children. What?! Am I not supposed to like cherry flavored things now that I’m an adult? Screw these senseless pple.

    • and yes, I agree. I’d still smoke in that damn park anyways. Call the damn cops. I’ll be on my way far before they ever get there. Do cops even enforce this crap anyways? It’s beneth them

  2. Absolute ludicracy! How are you going to tell someone what they can and can’t do OUTSIDE in a PARK! There’s PLENTY of room, if you don’t want to stand by someone smoking, DONT! God you pple are like fucking nazis or something. How about focusing on an issue that actually needs attention. Like our rape culture!

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