Justice for Kitten Left to Die in Garbage Bag

Black_Cat_Nala by mar2194

Target: Sharon Miko, Deputy Executive Director, Ontario Humane Society

Goal: Punish person who tied a kitten in a plastic bag and left it to die to the full extent of the law.

A four-month-old kitten was recently found inside of a garbage bag after being left for dead in an Ottawa, Ontario park’s waste can. The kitten was rescued by a young passerby who heard its cries of distress. While the perpetrator of this alarming crime remains at large, Humane Society investigators are currently asking the public to come forward with any tips they may have.

When the cat was found, she was near death and needed urgent veterinary care. According to the Ontario Humane Society, she had an ulcer on her eye and scratches on her face, injuries most likely caused by her frantic attempts to escape. The kitten, now aptly named Hope, is expected to make a full recovery.

This crime was particularly shocking to residents not only because of its cruel nature, but due to the fact that the cat was left in an area frequented by children and families. While little is known about the perpetrator thus far, this crime could be a predictor of future violence against animals or even humans. Scientific studies overwhelmingly agree that such deliberate and malicious cruelty to animals can be a sign of psychiatric illness.

In order to bring justice to Hope, it is imperative that the person who attacked her is found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This will not only make the perpetrator less likely to re-offend, but will set a strong example for others to consider before committing similar crimes. Sign the petition below to urge investigators to seek the maximum possible penalty against the person responsible for this shocking crime.


Dear Ms. Sharon Miko,

A four-month-old kitten was recently left to die inside of a sealed garbage bag near a park. The kitten, now named Hope, was found by a girl who immediately sought the Humane Society’s help. Thankfully, the cat is making a quick recovery despite being left for dead.

This crime was clearly malicious, and the fact that the perpetrator left the bag in a place frequented by families is even more shocking. It is imperative that the person responsible is punished. We, the undersigned, urge you to dedicate all possible resources to the apprehension of this cruel offender and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: mar2194

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  1. The Mobster says:

    any asshole that hurts an animal, or puts them in a goddamn garbage bag, should have the same thing done to them, see how they fucking like it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God I would looooooooove to get my hands on this asshole, get a pair of tweezers, yank his head back and pull out his teeth one by one, chop off his fingers so he cant hurt a animal, or human ever again!

    Then I would knock him out of the chair and just start kicking the shit out of him, beating him so bad his intestines would be damaged and squirting blood.

    he wouldn’t last long with me, that’s for damn sure.

    p.s. I would loooooooove to bash his head in with a fucking baseball bat, a aluminum one, so I could hear his skull crack.

  2. Zero Tolerance for ALL ANIMAL ABUSE. Stuff this idiot into a net & throw him into a shark infested ocean.

  3. Bina Pannell says:

    Aren’t there enough vets surgeries, animal hospitals, sanctuaries, refuges in the country that this sick POS could have taken the kitten to? Even if he/she was too coward to speak to someone face to face, he/she could have just left the kitten in a secure box with a few holes in it, just before the place opened.

  4. Elicia Beckerman says:

    Suggestions to improve petition letter:
    1) To help correct redundancy in the first sentence, leave out “and”, using a comma instead, changing it to: A four-month-old kitten was recently left to die inside a sealed garbage bag, left to die near a park.
    2) Typo alert! Instead of “…left the bag in a ‘lace’ frequented by families”, should be, “in a place”…
    If at all possible, please correct ASAP. I think the corrections will make the communication more effective. Thanks!

    • RIANNE HODGMAN says:


      • Kathy Williams says:

        I can certainly see both sides. But for people like Elicia and me, we can’t help but point out tiny imperfections that seem so obvious to us. It’s a blessing and a curse. In matters requiring professionalism, it’s a gift. In a social context, however, it’s best to stay quiet. Petitions should be well-written: clear, concise and grammatically correct.

        Not that this petition is particularly bad, but I have hesitated to sign quite a few that were rambling with emotion, had no specific recipient…You get the idea. Those don’t facilitate positive change.

        Not that we – as average citizens – could be expected to present such a polished petition as, say, Animal Legal Defense Fund. But have you ever seen one of theirs? All I can say is “wow.” They are impressive.

        Thorough, heavily researched, referenced, indexed and organized. But again, we can only do so much.

  5. This intolerable irreverence towards all life is the root cause of what’s been wrong with the human species, and it needs to be DEALT with, not sloughed off any longer as “not that important”!!!

  6. Heather Brophy says:


  7. Amy M Glogowski says:

    Find this POS make them accountable for their actions and throw the book at them! Get them off the street to save other animals & people too!

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    Nasty, heartless monster. Hope they find out who did this and punish him to the extent of the law. Poor innocent baby, hope she heals swiftly.

  9. So thankful to hear that the little kitten survived this horrible situation. Hope she’ll find a loving home with a loving family. As for the psychopath who committed this horrible atrocity …….. KARMA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Manel Dias says:

    This is totally a sick evil person who in not worthy at all to be living & breathing. I hope some one will recognize this little kitten & will help find the monster who did this. There should be stiffer fines & harder punishments with compulsory Jail terms need to be added for such criminal act done on voiceless, innocent animals. More over such perpetrators, should be BANNED for life from ever owning any animal again.

  11. This callous cruelty should NEVER be accepted — Find this cruel abuser & make him/her accountable! Punishment is in order along with strict & severe penalties — do NOT let animal abusers people get away with their crimes. WE DO NOT WANT REPEATS OF SUCH BRUTAL CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS! Thank you to the wonderful Humane Society for rescuing this sweetie and saving her life — keep doing the right thing!

  12. Unbelievable that someone could do this….well to be honest it really isn’t so unbelievable when you look at the monsters who walk amongst us and the world we live in today! Animal abuse is just the most disgusting evil thing a person could do and totally not acceptable in any way shape or form. I say whoever did this should be put in a pit with the rest of his/her family with a bunch of very hungry lions to be torn apart..slowly! Either that or just let “the mobster” have him/her!!!!!

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