Stop Supporting Alleged Alligator-Torturing Company


Target: Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermes

Goal: Stop the purchasing of alligator hide from business accused of animal cruelty.

An undercover investigation showed the use of brutal, inhumane, and unnecessary tactics for killing the alligators being farmed for their leather at Lone Star Alligator Farm in Texas. Investigators for PETA took footage of workers using box cutters to stab and twist into the spinal column of one year old alligators, placing some of them in ice bins to suffer while still alive. The alligators were labeled and named based on the size of skin they would offer, with the smaller ones being referred to as wristbands.

The standard way to kill alligators for hide is to knock them out with a livestock stun gun and then drain their blood by cutting major vessels and hanging them upside down. Last year the farm reported they killed and salted 15,000 alligators to make tens of thousands of watches and purses for Hermes, a fashion company.

After PETA gathered video showing the inhumane treatment of the alligators, they turned it over to the county sheriff. After extensive research about alligator cruelty laws and the video evidence, Lone Star was formally accused of animal cruelty. They were then found not guilty by a jury and the video has since been released online by PETA.

Due to these allegations and the video evidence gathered by PETA, Hermes should stop allowing Lone Star to supply them with their expensive alligator hides. By cutting Lone Star out as a provider of animal hides, Hermes will show they don’t support the inhumane treatment of the animals they use for their goods and force all suppliers to be more careful in ensuring the animals they farm don’t suffer needlessly. Sign this petition to demand that Hermes end any association with these animal abusers.


Dear Mr. Dumas,

PETA recorded video from within one of your company’s alligator hide suppliers showing the animals being brutally slaughtered and forced to suffer needlessly. The charges against Lone Star Alligator Farm have been dropped despite much work from PETA and Sheriff Brian Hawthorne, but you can still hold them accountable for their mistreatment of alligators.

As a company that uses alligator hides in so many expensive goods, ensuring that the animals giving their lives for these goods are treated properly should be a priority to you and your customers. Having the animals suffer at the hands of the people taking their hides should not be condoned and policies that allow the alligators to die in as little pain as possible should be enforced.

Remove Lone Star as one of your alligator suppliers and turn your company’s purchases to farms that make sure their animals are being slaughtered in as humane a way as possible. These animals are giving their lives to become your expensive goods and should be treated with respect.


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Photo Credit: Martin Re

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  1. Sam Outhorn says:

    There is no need for those skins at all. Even less for the suffering inflicted on the alligators. Be of your own age and time, use other materials.

    (French) Toute cette cruauté n’est pas nécessaire et personne ne vous en voudra d’user d’autres matériaux pour vos créations!

  2. Sue Brodie says:

    I don’t think the alligators should be slaughtered at all. People buying alligator hide products nowadays are stigmatised, just as people are who wear fur coats. It’s all very 1950’s fashion really and not acceptable to most people anymore! And don’t you know there is a price to pay for your cruelty and lack of kindness here on earth. As St John of the Cross once said, “In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.”

    • You will be surprised. I live in Asia and during winter you see countless women (and men) wearing fur trims. They are totally oblivious that the fur may have once belonged to a stolen pet. And some even have pets. Asia is light years behind the west with regards to animal welfare. But we still see celebrities donning fur in the west. Where are the people that used to throw red paint over those goons?

  3. kay allan says:

    what is the human race coming to, how in gods name can people be so bloody cruel, these people need shooting, ot having the same thing done to them that seem to find ok to do to an animal, evil bastards, scum

  4. Judith Mitchell says:

    Not only are you providing a completely unnecessary commodity to an egotistical, self-absorbed clientel, but you are harvesting this “product” using savagery, abuse, and gratuitous sadism. Which makes you even worse than the inhumane people who lust after it, for reasons of status. Sick, sick humans, all of you.

  5. Take ALL of the owners,board members and workers of”HERMES and do the EXACT SAME THING to them as the alligators have had done to them .How despicable and disgusting!!!!!
    BOYCOTT ‘HERMES and all companies they own

  6. Stephanie Geyser says:

    And what exactly do the alligators get out of this sadistic slaughter? After all, its THEIR skin that’s being used to dress morons in ephemeral fashions. Reminds me of Ed Gein.

  7. Manel Dias says:

    These Animals don’t deserve to be skinned to provide the humans cover up their body parts or to be an additional ornament to hang in. Those alligator skins are being used as making hats, belts and many other items, were the age where people did not have much of the privileges or access to modern things. Those olden days cruel practices need to be BAN/STOP while bringing the modern legislation & implementing them,. We don’t live in the STONE AGE any more. So the olden days by gone practices, & unethical & vicious murder of poor animals must be brought to an END too. PLEASE LOOK IN TO THIS UNNECESSARY BLOOD BATHS OF ALLIGATORS & Please help save this Planet earth. -The More Helpless the VICTIM the Greater the Crime- Dr. Gerald Curtier-

  8. Sydney M says:

    To all those who buy and / or wears animal products, you are part of this atrocity. With all of our 21st Century resources, there is no excuse for murdering helpless animals, just so selfish, narcissistic people can WEAR them !!!!!!!! Leave our planet’s alligators alone !!!

  9. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    How do so called “human beings” do these kinds of atrocities and still are able to live with themselves. Unreal! Stop the torturing and killing of alligator and ALL animals! They are sentiment beings like you! Yes, I am a vegetarian and fast becoming a vegan.

  10. STOP USING ANIMALS IN YOUR PRODUCTS, FOR YOUR PRODUCTS — we’re NOT impressed by the fact that material comes from “real” animals — stop showing off at the expense of animals’ lives — the lives of animals matter — they have value — animals have the RIGHT to live — do NOT steal this right! Choose materials coming from other sources — NOT animals!

  11. Shelli Schmidt says:

    Don’t buy Hermes (crap).Jury must have been the same jury from the OJ Simpson trial.

  12. hermes must be shut down now.

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