Don’t Push Fish to Extinction by Stealing Their Water,_Skipidock,

Target: California Governor Jerry Brown

Goal: Don’t put countless species of fish at risk of extinction just so that humans can use their water.

Endangered fish species will be pushed even closer to the brink of extinction in the name of human water consumption if a bill being considered in California’s legislature becomes law. No animal should be put at existential risk just for the convenience of mankind. Demand that this proposal never make it into law.

California is currently experiencing the biggest drought in its history. Reservoirs are virtually empty, snowpack is at historic lows, and unprecedented rationing measures have been put in place. State lawmakers are scrambling to lessen the severity of this crisis’ impact in any way they can.

Unfortunately, one such method they are considering would throw animals under the bus for mankind’s own selfish needs. The proposal would cut protections for fish like salmon and the Delta smelt—a threatened species that is suspected of being near total extinction—so that the water in their habitats could be diverted for use by residents and municipalities.

In times of drought, we need to put forth the effort to help the animals that cannot help themselves—not send them to annihilation so that we can live our lives more comfortably. Sign the petition below to demand that California Governor Jerry Brown veto this proposal so that it can never put California’s fish at risk.


Dear Governor Brown,

I am writing you today regarding State Representative David Valadao’s so-called Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015, a piece of legislation that will potentially arrive on your desk in the very near future. Don’t let the name of this bill deceive you—it should be vetoed without a second thought.

While I can understand the motivation behind Valadao’s bill given the severity of your state’s ongoing drought, his willingness to throw the already-threatened fish species in your state’s Central Valley under the bus is disturbing. The Delta smelt, for example, is already likely close to extinction, and his proposal would reduce what meager protections exist for them and all but ensure their ultimate demise. This is unethical and cannot be allowed to happen for the sake of human water consumption.

The Central Valley’s fishes were not responsible for the climate change that is causing your state’s drought—we are. Their legal protections and their habitats should not be swept aside and decimated just so that we can weather it more comfortably. I demand that you veto Valadao’s act when it comes to your office so that it can never put the animals in your state at risk.


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Photo credit: Mike Pennington

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    When is the incredibly selfish human race going to realise that we are ALL part of the chain of life?

    Break one link and the chain is irretrievably broken.

    Go ahead and do away with one species and then another and then another – all in the name of saving our species. How long will we last?

    We all need to take responsibility. Not hosing a garden for hours on end isn’t someone else’s responsibility, it’s mine too. That’s just one example. It doesn’t take a genius for heaven’s sake.

  2. Stan Benton says:

    Before using the most drastic and environmentally unsound methods to fight your drought, how about getting rid of scum like Nestle and other “bottled water” companies who are stealing your water, crack down on the rich with their huge green properties and swimming pools, and employ some of the newer, less expensive ways to purify sea water?

  3. Jane Morrow says:

    Meat production uses up huge amounts of water – go vege! Get tanks and re-use your grey water for gardens etc. Wildlife has rights – their use is more about necessity and survival rather than comfort.


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