Fire Judge Who Allegedly Tortured and Murdered Pigeons

Judge Adolph Antanavage

Target: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

Goal: Dismiss judge who was recorded on video murdering dozens of live pigeons for target practice.

Dozens of live pigeons were horrifically shot and killed for nothing more than entertainment by Berks County, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas judge Adolph Antanavage, according to a video recording alleging to show him taking part in the slaughter. This is a disgusting, unethical activity and this public official needs to be held accountable for his reported participation in it. Demand that this judge be dismissed from office as soon as possible.

“Canned pigeon hunts” are an atrocious practice where pigeons are forced into captivity, prevented from eating food and drinking water, and then forced into tiny, cramped containers at a gun range. The containers are then remotely opened and the pigeons inside them, driven by instinct to escape this horrific torture, fly away as people with shotguns joyously shoot them out of the air as if they were clay targets.

A video has recently come to light appearing to show Berks County’s Judge Antanavage engaging in one of these despicable “hunts.” Dozens if not hundreds of pigeons are shot down as the man reported to be Antanavage slowly and methodically fires his shotgun, reloads, and shoots again. To make matters even worse, a Confederate flag—a symbol of racism and white supremacy—can be seen hanging on the truck his apparent friends are sitting in the bed of, watching him as he shoots and cheering him on.

A man who is willing to engage in such an unethical sport with no apparent empathy for the animals he is mercilessly killing and maiming has no business being an arbiter of our nation’s laws. Sign the petition below to demand that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf dismiss Judge Antanavage from his position at once.


Dear Governor Wolf,

I am writing you about Berks County Court of Common Pleas judge Adolph Antanavage, a man you yourself nominated for judgeship. This man has apparently engaged in the cruel and unusual torture of animals and must be dismissed from office as soon as possible.

Video has recently gained widespread attention that appears to show Antanavage participating in a “canned pigeon hunt”—an event where pigeons are abused, forced into cramped containers, and then released at a gun range so that shooters can use them for target practice as they try to fly away. Many are saying that such practices are in blatant violation of your state’s animal cruelty laws.

That alone should be enough to justify Antanavage’s dismissal, but he if it is not a Confederate flag can also be seen waving in the video behind the man reported to be the judge. I’m sure you’ll agree that any judge who sympathizes with white supremacists cannot be relied on to conduct their responsibilities with objectivity.

Given Antanavage’s apparent hatred for animals and support for racism and white supremacy, he cannot be relied on to fulfill his duties as a Court of Common Pleas judge without bias. I demand that you fire him from his judgeship as soon as possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Judge Adolph Antanavage

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  1. Some judge! Straight from hell, presumably?

  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    If this is the kind of justice he dishes out to the innocent, I wonder what type of justice he gives to innocent humans who appear before him in his courtroom???? What a moron. Fire him immediately!

  3. Rita Grahn says:

    I wonder how much money he paid to become a judge? And whose pockets got lined on his way to the top?

  4. Kathleen Williams says:

    I hope that all hunters who kill for thrills are stalked, wounded with a gut shot, and suffer a slow, agonizing death every day in Hell. I have never been so terrified for wildlife. And what an ugly world this will be when the only animals left are the ones that mankind breeds and slaughters for products. Tragic.

  5. Stan Benton says:

    Many years ago I used to travel to Pennsylvania to protest these disgusting “contests”. They were really sick. If the pigeon was so sick it couldn’t fly, the guy would just shoot it anyway and get credit for one more kill. I haven’t even been in that part of the country recently, but assumed (well, at least hoped?) that all those creeps had given that up. It’s despicable that a judge would partake of such inhuman actions, but the entire “business” of pigeon murdering in Pennsylvania needs to be stopped. (Of course the judge should be removed and disbarred – but good luck on that?)

  6. Heather Brophy says:


  7. Amy M Glogowski says:


  8. Sydney M says:

    How in the world did this MORON become a judge ??? “Canned pigeon hunts?” Who came up with that phrase …. Dick Cheney ??? This so-called judge needs to be removed from the bench and charged with animal cruelty. He is not only committing unspeakable atrocities, but also shaming all of Berks County. This idiot is nothing more (or less) than a COWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Manel Dias says:

    What type of a Judge is this man named, Adolph Antanavage? From which planet is this scumbag has arrived on earth? No way this man should be a Judge. Are you serious? This is a Heartless, Ruthless Blood Thirsty lunatic. Lock him up for a lengthy period of time until he get his brain cells come into grip to understand the Barbaric act he had done. If these innocent Animals are not safe within his vicinity then no humans are safe either. This is a complete senseless cruelty to such helpless animals and also pure stupidity which is connected to the greed & money. Throw him out the ‘Judge’ position ASAP. Punish him to the fullest extent of law for Vicious Animal cruelty done on God’s creations. This man is a Useless garbage which deserve to be disposed.

  10. Margaret Rigsby says:

    This person defaces our Confederate flag.

  11. Ravinder Sngh says:


  12. Cat Jefferson says:

    OK, this guy likes shooting animals just for fun and proudly displays the Confederate flag? NO Judge should blatantly show heartlessness and racism! God forbid that I should wind up in the position of him deciding my fate in a court! I’d be a goner whether guilty or innocent! Get him out of there!

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