Charge Police Officer Who Allegedly Left Dog in Car to Die

Target: Hallie S. Dixon, District Attorney of Baldwin District County

Goal: Bring officer up on charges for reportedly leaving his dog in a hot car.

A dog was allegedly left in a hot car by the policeman who was supposed to be looking out for his welfare, yet the officer is not being charged with animal cruelty. If he gets away with this despicable crime, it will set a precedence that it is OK to display this type of abuse towards animals.

Police Officer Josh Coleman allegedly left his dog inside his car while he attended a work conference. While he did let the dog out for a short time period, the dog was callously thrown back in the car and left there for the remainder of the meeting. Officer Coleman’s excuse for doing this was simply that he “forgot” about his companion.

Although the police department said they were not filing charges, the District Attorney recently announced that charges may still be filed. Contrary to this news, Officer Coleman has been granted the right to walk free until the case is further looked over.

Sign this petition and demand this officer be brought up on animal cruelty charges. If nothing is done, even more dogs are likely to die in silence without justice ever being served.


Dear Ms. Dixon,

A dog died because his police partner left him in a hot car. Other officers are liable to get away with committing acts of animal cruelty if the officer is not brought up on animal abuse charges.

When Officer Josh Coleman attended a police conference, he made a conscious decision to leave his dog in the car for a majority of the time he was there. Although the officer took his dog to the vet after he realized it had been in the car too long, his excuse claiming he simply “forgot” to check on his dog is pathetic.

Because Officer Coleman “forgot” to check on his companion, the dog endured painful amounts of suffering that was only relieved by death the next day. Not bringing up this man on charges after he clearly committed an act of animal abuse is inexcusable and is just as unacceptable as Officer Coleman saying he didn’t check on his dog because he “forgot” the animal was in the car.

For these reasons, I urge you to strongly suggest to the police department that Officer Coleman be brought up on animal cruelty charges. While it may be true that he honestly didn’t remember to check on his dog, any other citizen would likely not get away with giving the same argument to either an officer or the court.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: MC Morgan

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  1. this is not on only becoz he is a cop we leave him without punishment is not right whether he is a prim minister but if he hurt a poor unvoiced baby he should be punish other wise it will be a trend in future that if you are some one with authorities then you have the right to humiliate or torture animals. this will not happen at all

  2. Janalyn steffens says:

    an officer is not above the law. He needs punishment.

  3. Anna khaw says:

    Stupid police officer. Why don’t you stays in the car

  4. Putting aside that it was a dog, aren’t police partners supposed to have each others back⁉️ I bet his K9 partner had officer Coleman’s back many times in the past, after all that was what he was trained for❗️ It’s so sad that when his partner needed him most, officer Coleman ? just “forgot” that he existed! ?? Then, to think of all the poor officers who are devastated from the loss of their k9 partners during duty and this guy KILLS his partner!‼️ Makes me sick! ? RIP poor pup. ?

  5. A similiar incident happen in my area. A police officer stood by while a “perp” they were chasing stabbed a K9 officer named Rocco in the spine. His human partner did nothing and the “perp” should have been charged with murdering a POLICE OFFICER. I was under the impression that these highly trained dogs were K9 officers and were to be treated as such. Nothing was done, except that a supporter paid to have our K9 officers outfitted with bullit proof vests. A grand jesture, but the police department should have thought of this before this happened. I am a firm believer that animals should not be put in these positions. They didn’t sign up for it. I believe the use of dogs should be banned from use by police departments OR grant them the same rights for doing an even more dangerous job than their human partners. They should be protected. Enough said.

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