Severely Punish Dog-Meat Slaughterers


Target: Chen Wu, Yulin, China City Governor

Goal: Give harsh penalties to people who unlawfully participate in a banned dog-meat festival.

Every year thousands of dogs are thought to be stolen, slaughtered and eaten at a dog-meat festival in China despite the festival having supposedly been banned by the local government. If participators are not thoroughly punished, many more innocent animals will be killed by inhumane monsters.

The Yulin Dog-Meat Festival is held each year in order to mark the summer solstice in Southwest China. This year it is estimated that 90 percent of the dogs at the current festival were stolen.

While the Yulin government claims that no such festival has ever been officially held, even Chinese celebrities have acknowledged that the alleged event has been taking place since 1995. In addition, community residents have allegedly defended the festival in interviews, saying it is a local tradition and claiming that the dogs are humanely killed.

On the contrary, pictures of dogs tightly thrown together in nets can be easily found online. Sadly, dogs have even been witnessed to wag their tails as they were being killed, revealing the outright inhumanity of how the animals are treated.

Sign this petition and demand that people harming dogs at this supposed illegal event be severely punished. If this festival has truly been banned, the Yulin governor needs to take action and fix the situation right now.


Dear Governor Wu,

Many dogs are stolen in your country each year and are sold and slaughtered at an illegal festival. Innocent animals will continue to be killed by unethical people if this event continues to be held.

Although the Yulin government says that no festivals of this nature have ever been held, there is conflicting evidence in forms of pictures and articles that reveal the event has been taking place since 1995. While you claim that you will “thoroughly investigate” the situation and shut down any areas where dog-meat is being sold, the festival is called the Yulin Dog-Meat Festival, indicating that slaughtering and selling dogs for food is the sole reason the event is held. Therefore, it is highly likely that most people selling or buying anything at the festival is in someway involved with these heinous acts.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to implement harsh penalties to people found guilty of slaughtering dogs at this festival. Dogs do not deserve to suffer by means of such cruelty and loving dog owners do not deserve to lose their pets.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Whoisgalt

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    Totally agree Jenna.

    I am by no means condoning what the Chinese are doing, and lying about it. It makes me physically sick but:

    I think people need to seriously think about why they are so repulsed by this.
    Yes, dogs in the west are our pets and very often best friends, but they are no more sentient than any other animal that gets slaughtered for the meat on your plate.
    How do you think the Hindus, who revere the cow, feel when they see cows slaughtered by the 1000s for your Big Macs etc.? Do you see them petitioning the West to stop this barbarity?

    What you should be doing is demonstrating about the way the Chinese are finding these dogs, and how they brutalise them before putting them out of their misery, not to mention making a festival out of it. But at the same time look at what slaughterhouses in your own country are doing to cows, pigs, sheep, lambs, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, behind closed doors. It most certainly isn’t quick or humane.

    • I agree that its wrong to slaughter cows. the worst is how they do it. however it absolutely is different to eat cats and dogs bc humans have bred them for companionship. for a very long time. can there be any doubt that even strays and ferals have had tamed ancestors? My point is the cats and dogs existing today are specifically more interactive and connected w humans bc they have been bred to be. i have never lived w a cow but that also is a reason i believe cats and dogs have evolved. they are not their wild untouched ancestors. they want to trust us. they see us as family quite easily. Ppl who betray them by torturing and or eating them are violating that trust that has absolutely been passed down thru generations of keeping them and breeding them as companions. that said….. grind the cat and dog slaughterers into pet food.

      • cascadian12 says:

        Well said. This is my position as well. To torture and kill “man’s best friend” offends something deep inside most of us. It’s like child abuse; the ultimate betrayal of trust.

        In addition, humans don’t generally eat carnivores. Some religions even forbid it. There are animals that have adapted to being “prey” (herbivores) and animals that have adapted to being “predators” (carnivores). There is something peculiar about humans eating dogs and cats.

        That said, there is no question that factory farms are an abomination and must go.

        • Factory farms are the only way if you want animal products. Small family farms cant meet the demand for animal products. If humane meat doesn’t exist when it is dog meat, it doesn’t exist for any animal.

      • Kathleen Williams says:

        First of all: I have been personally cleaning up the mess that ignorant, selfish pet owners and breeders thoughtlessly cause by callously abandoning their – as you put it – “companions” to fend for themselves on the streets for 30 years now and I’m sick of it. I have so many rescues at this point, I am overwhelmed. Many – and I mean MANY – other individuals, agencies and shelters are in the same position.

        Secondly, in America, cats were first valued as ‘mousers’ on farms and ranches, i.e. they served a purpose. Similarly, man tamed wolf descendants to fulfill their needs – whether it was for hunting, personal and/or livestock protection, herding, search and rescue, police/military work or pulling a sleigh through snow. Dogs and cats are absolutely no less exploited than any other species – even if they are at our mercy simply to ease our loneliness. And quite frankly, with the attitude of the average citizen regarding their not-so-cherished ‘pets,’ and the number of healthy, adoptable individuals that are routinely euthanized simply because there’s nowhere for them to go, I wish to God that man would just stop domesticating ferals, imprisoning exotics, dominating other animals and ‘managing’ wildlife.

        Furthermore, cats and dogs have not evolved (and by contrast, a cow is not unevolved) – they have adapted. Man is not this benevolent bestower of enlightenment; they were all doing just fine before we imposed our will on them. What we do is train, trick and condition them to – again – suit our needs and desires.

        And finally: if you feel greater sympathy and compassion for only certain types of animals because you’ve lived with them, I’m sorry to say, but you apparently suffer from a canyon-sized disconnect. I can sense the panic of a grasshopper as I bend to gently remove him from harm’s way. I can see the silent plea for water in a duck’s glossy, black eyes.

        You sound like a caring individual. For the sake of those suffering from mans’ greed and arrogance, I ask that you please look closely. From the genetically modified mule deer who is led into a pen to be trophy ‘hunted,’ to a polar bear languishing in the heat of a Mexican zoo, to a male chicken ground up in a giant blender, to the shivering, isolated macaque monkey who must wait for the next painful experiment in a cold, steel cage…They are all in desperate need.

        • Absolutely accurate and well-said Kathleen Williams… All animals feel pain and fear… They just convey these in each of their different ways whether or not we understand them… And talking about understanding, we also each have our own understanding of their sufferings in regards to which group of animals they belong to… Kind of like a discrimination… If they are not traditionally kept as pets, if they are of no use to humans, they are automatically considered and ‘justified’ as expendable, good to eat, like robots that feel nothing… I grew up with this mindset embedded in me through the society that I live in until lately when I was able to break through this barrier of ignorance in my head… It turned me into a vegetarian this year… It was hard initially coz I have always eaten and have always been served meat from childhood and I had really bad headaches in the first week but (damn!) this was such a worthy cause… Animals, pets or non-pets, have their rights in this world… Unfortunately, these rights are subject to human interpretations according to their own beliefs, traditions, customs, faiths, interests… Much like what I had done before…

          • Kathleen Williams says:

            Zarina – I admire your decision. Despite initial headaches, in the long run, you’ll be healthier (think of all of the antibiotics and steroids our NIH is experimenting with in a desperate attempt to ‘beef up’ the economy). Like you, though, I switched because of the cruelty factor. A couple of thoughts, as I’m trying to go vegan and have read a little bit of good advice. One: Don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally want that steak, or whatever. While it’s easy to find a different source of proteins, there are some nutrients that are nearly impossible to get other than from an animal source – Omega-3’s come to mind. The most important thing to remember is that ANY reduction in consuming meat, fish and poultry saves lives. Also, even though I thought I could never ever give up some of my favorite foods, once I stopped, I actually lost the taste for [fill in the blank] and consequently, didn’t miss it all. Case in point: before, I wouldn’t even consider it a pizza w/out pepperoni. After years of vegetarianism (is that even a word?), Pizza Hut sent me home with the wrong pie (my fault for not checking). So I call, I don’t want to go back out, some poor animal was slaughtered for the sake of a topping…it tasted like cardboard! I really think it’ll get easier as you go – to where you don’t even have to think about it, and you just cruise through the store on autopilot. I’d wish you good luck, but you don’t need it. Remember: it’s okay to give in sometimes; it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

      • Bina Pannell says:

        All farm animals trust too. If they didn’t, they would stay away from the hand that feeds them. Instead, they go running to the farmer, not just for food but for a touch or just an acknowledgement. I live in the French countryside (for my sins!!) and I witness this everyday with cows, sheep, lambs, chickens etc.
        It is wrong to discriminate between one species and another, because they and we are all the same. There is nothing a human feels that an animal doesn’t and it is only our ego that stops us from acknowledging that.

      • Visit a farm animal sanctuary and tell me those animals aren’t interactive. We have betrayed them, from the moment we claimed to love animals but still eat them. It makes no difference to the animal if they are a cat or a chicken or a fish when they are suffering, and it shouldn’t make a difference to us either.

      • Visit the animals at a sanctuary and you will se they are just as interactive and inquisitive and how very trusting of humans( once we have earned it) they are.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better. GREAT COMMENT

      I also liked what Ricky Gervais tweeted:
      Dear Morons, stopping the #YulinDogMeatFestival is less to do with them being dogs & more to do with them being tortured and skinned alive.

    • “But at the same time look at what slaughterhouses in your own country are doing to cows, pigs, sheep, lambs, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, behind closed doors. It most certainly isn’t quick or humane’
      That is just it, governments have come up with new laws banning filming in commercial factory farms, so we CAN’T see what is going on in there anymore. ( though EARTHLINGS showed us more than enough to make the sensible diet change )

      • Bina Pannell says:

        But you don’t or shouldn’t need secret filming to tell you what’s going on in abattoirs. Does anyone honestly think that the psychos wielding their knives in these houses of murder are stroking the animals and saying “coochie-coo” before they ‘humanely’ slit their throats?

        I agree with every single word of Kathleen Williams at 11.13am.
        People can justify to themselves why the slaughter of dogs and cats is more heartbreaking, but the truth is that these people are just kidding themselves and refusing to see what’s on their own doorsteps. That doesn’t mean just the abattoirs, but also the so-called pet-owners (even that word leaves a bad taste in my mouth) and further afield, the exploitation of every single animal, fish and insect out there.
        If you want to make a genuine difference, fight for their rights too because they ALL need our help.

      • Kathleen Williams says:

        ooo, no…cannot watch videos, movies, undercover investigations…I can only handle still shots (no sound) and read about their torture, and even then, there’s a fifty-fifty shot that I end up crying uncontrollably.

        “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” –Paul McCartney

        • Bina Pannell says:

          I don’t watch the clips or even look at the photos. I just know and that’s enough for me to take action. But I still cry, even in my sleep!!

    • It is all about their vile, sadistic and heartless premeditated torture and suffering they commit against defenseless and innocent dogs, cats and other innocent sentient beings.
      There is no excuse for their sadism and evilness they commit against the innocent and must be made accountable for this pure evil.
      I hate and despise the Chinese monsters who commit these atrocities and the lowlife Chinese monsters who consume the battered and tortured bodies of these helpless dogs and cats, fully aware of the unimaginable torture and suffering committed against these helpless and innocent sentient beings. They all deserve to suffer in agony as their defenseless and innocent victims endured. Chinese monsters from the pits of hell.

  2. Yeah… i vote that since chinese ppl like cruelty even amongst eachother why dont they have a festival to torture the torturers. new tradition lol. that way everybodys happy and no animals harmed. and i believe it would send an eye for an eye message. dont do it unless you are comfortable having it done to u. bc it freakin will be. and if some ppl are horrified then good. bc they shouldve been horrified w what they did to cats n dogs over and over and over.hundreds or thousands of times w no remorse and no conscience. that the torturers can only be tortured and killed once seems like a bargain deal. Kill the bastards.

  3. I recommend giving those psychos EXACTLY THE SAME TREATMENT they seem to enjoy giving the animals. Then throw their bones…to the dogs. And justice will be done in a civilized world, excuse me!

  4. marcy becker says:

    Kill those gooks!

  5. Jane Morrow says:

    Very well put Kathleen Williams. I’m not a believer in speciesism or carnism – every living thing has an equal right to exist peacefully. Animals are not food, for our entertainment or ours to exploit.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      Hi Jane. Thought you would appreciate these (you’ve, no doubt, read the first one before now; just one of my favorites, though).

      “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” ~Alice Walker

      “Just as in my own will-to-live there is a yearning for more life, and for that mysterious exaltation of the will-to-live which is called pleasure, and terror in face of annihilation and that injury to the will-to-live which is called pain; so the same obtains in all the will-to-live around me, equally, whether it can express itself to my comprehension or whether it remains unvoiced.

      Ethics thus consists in this, that I experience the necessity of practising the same reverence for life toward all will-to-live, as toward my own. Therein, I have already the needed fundamental principle of morality. It is good to maintain and cherish life; it is evil to destroy and to check life.” –Albert Schweitzer; The Ethic of Reverence for Life; Excerpted from Civilization and Ethics (Part II of The Philosophy of Civilization)
      Translated by John Naish

      “The Animals of the planet are in desperate peril and they are fully aware of this. No less than human beings are doing in all parts of the world, they are seeking sanctuary.” ~Alice Walker

  6. Hi, I would like to sign this petition, however I can’t bring myself to do so as it is currently worded. If you do actually want to be taken seriously, please be adult about this and remove the inflammatory and offensive language in the description: “the Yulin governor needs to get up off his butt” and from the letter: “callous pieces of filth”. You cannot expect someone to be amenable to your cause when you insult them and use disrespectful language. This is a very worthy cause and I would like to support it – I have already signed a similar Care2 petition. If you truly want to achieve a favourable outcome for this petition, please revise the wording.

    • Bina Pannell says:

      I agree. I hadn’t read the article before I signed and commented.

      Although the “get up off his butt” isn’t in the letter, the “callous pieces of filth” is and should be removed. Part of the problem with China is that they are very proud people, and you may not like what they are doing, but you cannot be derogatory towards them and expect them to listen to your appeal.

      I really hope these comments are read before the author submits her letter, otherwise everything we’ve fought for will have been for nothing!!!

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      Dee and Bina…yes and yes. I noticed it, meant to mention it to petitioner, got distracted by comments. So, thank you for bringing it up.

  7. Manel Dias says:

    No Matter which Animal it could be. The way these Chinese brutally inflict and torture & murder these highly intelligent Dogs are flatly UNACCEPTABLE. These Dogs have being so helpful & supportive companions to the mankind since the existence of this universe. Canine Loyalty towards the Humans are extremely common. All sorts of Dogs, such as Hearing Dogs, Eye Dogs, Police Dogs, Bomb sniffing Dogs, Navy Seal Dogs, Cancer sniffing Dogs and many dozens other types of Dogs, who are so loyally contributes their entire life towards promoting the humans life. Such valuable, worthy canines are being ruthlessly murder & eaten by these Chinese people are obviously pathetic BARBARIANS.

  8. Amy M Glogowski says:

    Wouldn’t it be the ultimate get back if these animals made them sick & die! Karma! Make them accountable for their actions!

  9. If somebody thinks this is horrible cruelty, then imagine the scale of suffering if every single person in China consumes hamburger meat from cows daily……soon to happen if these big western based fast food franchises get their way.

  10. Kathleen Williams says:

    By the way: we all know that the 2015 Yulin festival is over, right?

    I say that for two reasons: I have recently signed some petitions on this site that I noticed – after reading some comments – are 1-2 years old, i.e., they were apparently never delivered to the target recipient.

    “Over the years, I’ve found that those of us who are concerned about a better world are often so overwhelmed by the enormity of suffering that we work so hard that we never stop to ponder our effectiveness or the bigger picture. But if we want to have the greatest impact possible, I believe that we have a moral obligation to stop, step back, and think strategically about the most effective ways to lessen suffering… I don’t believe that any of us can truly empathize with their level of suffering and pain, but we owe it to them to try.

    However, empathy isn’t enough. And neither is arbitrary action. We have to always be aware that every time we choose to do something, we’re choosing not to do something else. So it’s crucial that we strive to use our time as effectively as possible. One of the most common reasons why we go wrong is that even if we are working extremely hard and even if we are dedicated to animals and making our activism for them a priority, few of us are working to become more effective.” –Bruce Friedrich; Effective Advocacy: Stealing from the Corporate Playbook;

    Secondly, just in case…
    PLEASE SIGN ANY PETITION AGAINST SOUTH KOREA’S BOKNAL…which takes place this year (2015) on July 13th, 23rd, and August 1st.

    Out of the total estimated 2 million dogs consumed every year in South Korea, it is said that ONE MILLION DOGS ARE SYSTEMATICALLY TORTURED AND VICIOUSLY SLAUGHTERED (Yulin style) during this period alone.

    There are about 70 easy petition links on this website:

    It goes pretty quickly, as long as you don’t read the details. They all seem really well-written, many by members of the Asian culture. They need signatures ! ! Every voice is vital, so please sign the ones that are in a different language as well.

    Just one more thing:
    Even though I was unable to locate one on the Samsung site, according to Say No to Dog Meat (.net), Samsung manufactures an agitator-spin machine used by slaughterhouses to quickly remove an animal’s fur. Usually, the dog is still alive when s/he is placed into it, along with boiling hot water. Think about THAT the next time you think you want one of their washing machines (or TVs, cell phones etc.) !!!


  11. Kathleen Williams says:

    P.S. Sorry; don’t think image link is working. Maybe:

    • Bina Pannell says:

      Oh my God!! Signed all those as well and posted a link on every animal rights organisation facebook page too.
      I now know why God won’t let me win the lottery. I’d spend it all doing very unkind things to these subhumans.

      I bet S Korea was really pleased the Yulin Festival uproar took the focus off them.

  12. Why the YULIN Dog Meat Festival ISN’T A BIG DEAL

  13. SOCIETY SHOULD NOT TOLERATE psychopathic, irrational, hateful, merciless, needless, immoral, mentally unstable acts against animals — WE MUST NEVER ALLOW SUCH MONSTROUS CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS! Crimes against animals should be taken seriously!

  14. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    At least these Atrocities are in the open. In the U.S., even with Ag-Gag laws, the Horrors have been filmed. I have seen them. If you are signing and you are Not VEGAN, you are just a finger-pointer with severe Cognitive Dissonance.

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