Demand Life Sentence for Alleged Child Pornographer


Target: Benigno Aquino III, President of the Philippines

Goal: Demand life sentence for man who allegedly sexually assaulted and tortured young children.

Young children were allegedly sexually abused and tortured at the hands of Peter Scully, who police say ran a massive international pedophile ring. Scully was arrested in the Philippines and charged with child sex abuse. Scully and his accomplices allegedly kidnapped children on the pretense of giving them food, before filming their depravities and streaming them to buyers around the globe. Two of the children were allegedly forced to dig their own grave and to perform sexual acts on each other as Scully filmed.

In a presentation by 60 Minutes, a short introductory clip is shown from one of Scully’s repulsive videos. The film is entitled Daisy’s Destruction, and begins with the following captions: “Come see a child’s mental ruin…her innocence lost…Used as a tool…she will learn to please her mistress…Her body will be ravaged…her dignity stolen…”

In addition to these hideous crimes, Scully has also been charged with the murder of a young girl, whose remains were found buried underneath an apartment that Scully once rented out. According to The Guardian, Scully has also been under investigation for the rape of an 18-month-old, though he has not been formally charged. Scully was able to commit these crimes for the simple reason that there is a worldwide market for the videos he produced, and perverts across the world are willing to part with large chunks of money to view them.

Thanks to the expertise of police investigators, Scully is now behind bars, and will hopefully remain there until his dying day. Though the Philippines does not have capital punishment anymore, many people are so outraged by this case that they are calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty in the Philippines. Sign this petition to ask President Benigno Aquino III to ensure that his country does everything to ensure that Scully remains in prison for the rest of his life.


Dear Mr. Benigno Aquino III,

You have probably heard about the arrest of Peter Scully, who has been accused of committing horrific acts against children in the Philippines. Scully is alleged to have kidnapped children and filmed acts of sexual abuse and torture against them, streaming the videos to an international audience. He lured trusting children with the promise of food; these acts were thoughtful and calculated. In one case, two children were alleged to have been forced into sexual acts and also forced to dig their own graves. Scully profited greatly from these videos, selling them to deviants across the globe for large amounts of money.

Tragically, Scully also killed one of his victims. Her remains were found buried underneath an apartment that Scully rented out. Scully is dangerous, and he should never be allowed to walk free again. I ask that you please do everything in your power to ensure that he never sees freedom again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Michael Coghlan

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  1. In cases where there are monsters like this, I don’t think a full life in prison is enough. Tell other inmates what he’s done and who he is, then I’ll consider life his behind bars. Do people know just what he’s done? How in his videos he tortured children, who aren’t even 10 years old, to death? Recording their dragged out suffering for money and pleasure. In Daisy’s Destruction, I’ve heard that he slowly dismembered this little girl while she was still alive, up until her death. People, monsters like this don’t deserve a life in this world, not since they were born.

  2. Penelope Purcell says:

    Death Penalty

  3. If a person commits the crimes that Peter Scully has commited then that person does not deserve to be alive. The most heinous of crimes are those made against the most defenceless and innocent – the children. Peter Scully is a type of human that should be eradicated from the human race, there is no use for such people. There is no forgiveness for the horror he has inflicted upon innocent and defenceless children. I wholeheartedly support the death penalty for Peter Scully and much harsher charges for paedophiles in general. As a parent it boils my blood to hear of these crimes committed by pedophiles. Unfortunatly the power structures that exist around the world in Law and politics are all corrupted by high end pedophile rings to some degree. The less developed countries are also corrupted by greed. If their is anything we can do to fight against these depraved human beings it is to push hard for execution, making the point loud and clear that they are not welcome among us and our children. And for the children of the Philippines who are far more defenceless than a child who lives in a safe and secure environment, we must defend them the most. Anything less than the death penalty for Peter Scully in the Phillipines would only send the message to other pedophiles that they can commit such crimes and expect to survive the consequences.

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