Fire Employees Who Allegedly Scalded Live Chickens


Target: Ron Foster, CEO of Foster Farms

Goal: Fire employees who allegedly abused chickens at a Foster Farms slaughterhouse.

Mercy for Animals released an undercover video of apparent inhumane treatment of chickens at Foster Farms factory in Fresno, California. The video reportedly shows employees throwing, punching and plucking live birds, and slamming boxes of chicks onto the ground. The footage allegedly shows that some chickens were not able to move after being thrown around. The animal rights group also reports that the footage shows chickens being scalded alive in the plucking tank after they missed the slaughter knife.

The video was shot recently at the Fresno slaughterhouse and the surrounding company farms. After the footage was released, a veterinarian reported that she had no doubt that those animals “suffered terribly.” The abuse allegedly shown in the video is a deliberate effort to make the chickens suffer. Foster Farms responded to the allegations by saying they believe in the most humane treatment of animals and that the abuse reported on is against their strong belief in animal welfare.

The factory is now under investigation for animal cruelty under the Fresno police department. Mercy for Animals holds to their position while the investigation continues and states that too many cruel factories in this country hold the American Humane Seal of Approval. They claim that the fault lies with the rate at which workers are expected to work in such factories, which leaves them to do a poor job.

Since the allegations against the company have come to light, Foster Farms has suspended five employees. If the investigation reveals these claims to be true, the company must fire the employees responsible for animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that the employees are immediately fired if found guilty.


Dear Ron Foster,

A video was recently released by Mercy for Animals depicting animal cruelty in the Foster Farms Fresno slaughterhouse. The video shows chickens being scalded alive, punched, and thrown to the ground. The acts are clearly deliberate, which makes the cruelty even more disturbing.

As of now, Foster Farms has suspended five employees for the duration of the investigation. If the allegations are proven true, the company must fire all employees responsible for such horrific animal abuse. These acts are not only illegal, but also an unnecessary evil. Please support the firing of these individuals and ensure that these practices are not continued in your factories across the United States.


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Photo Credit: Larry Rana

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  1. I agree with Julio Marines comment. It is VERY TRUE! Read PROVERBS 12:10!

  2. Cat Jefferson says:

    The way these birds are treated is horrendous at best. Quit lying Foster Farms! You know it’s true and you assholes condone it by allowing it to happen every single day. It’s way past time to change the way poultry birds are kept and killed.

  3. What the fuck is wrong with humans. These people need to be jailed not just loose jobs. If they can do this to chickens imagine the horror they would inflict on vunerable humans.

  4. No child should be left alone with him. I couldnt watch the video, the description was bad enough. I hate these places of touture and believe that most of them treat animals in the most cruel ways. Teresa

  5. …well, Unfortunately it is not a rational explication to Human atrocity if with rational, means a logic sense. Let me give an example: The existence of worms, parasites infecting a victim, eat him slowly and finally changing chemically in side of the body, the
    vital program, to force it to search water and drunk, to permit the parasite be free in the natural element, to search another victim, exclude the existence of an omnipotent and kind Divinity. The “Creator” of these creatures is a silly mistake maker or an Evil Demon. If contrarily, as Darwin mean, God is a fiction, the Nature is blind and the mechanism of evolution lack finality, all incomprehensible facts: horrendous diseases,natural catastrophes, human atrocities, etc, etc can be explained as devastating natural phenomena without a moral sense. A stone falling down from an old Church kill a baby. For some hundred year ago, a Commission investigate if a Demon do it it or not. I suppose, that the existence of cruelty is a mechanism of a primitive and damaged brain. Like an electric cable contacted with a water fountain by a drunken, ignorant operator. The only way is take from circulation those probably mutations. and I men it.

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