Lift the Pitbull Ban in Ontario


Target: Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne

Goal: Remove the amendments to Bill 132 that labels all breed of pitbull a “restricted dog.”

All breeds of pitbull are restricted from Ontario, Canada unless they are consistently muzzled, leashed, and sterilized. This prevents the breeding of new pitbulls and essentially entails the eventual extinction of pitbulls in the area. Tell Kathleen Wynne as the Premier of Ontario that this law is unnecessarily discriminatory and completely wrong.

Discrimination against pitbulls has been an ongoing struggle in North America. Because of their tendency to be trained and abused into aggression or violence, they have been labeled as a dangerous dog breed, when the only danger in play is the danger of abusive owners. Pitbull breeds are commonly known as sweet, loyal, and extremely well-tempered when not brought up in an abusive environment.

This ban against pitbulls is not fair to these dogs, nor the loving owners that want to keep giving these dogs the good homes they deserve. Any breed of dog can be just as prone to violence as any pitbull if they have been raised to be violent, and the problem of aggression is one of nurture and not nature. Ontario needs to know that they can not base their laws around biased stereotype and unsupported accusations. Sign to demand these restrictions be removed.


Dear Premier Wynne,

I am incredibly upset and disappointed by Bill 132’s uncalled for ban against pitbull breeds. These dogs, while notorious for their use by humans in dog fighting, are also notorious for their naturally loyal and well-tempered manner. It is unfair to penalize an entire breed of animal because of the biased discrimination and abuse that neglectful owners have placed on them in the past. It is reasonable to have a sterilization and violence law for domestic animals, but it is unfair to target and accuse a singular, specific breed as its source.

There are other ways to ensure that pitbulls, along with all other breeds of dog, are not violent or aggressive. You can crack down on dog fighting or increase dog-ownership regulations, or you could create stricter animal abuse penalties. But singling out only one specific breed based on ungrounded stereotypes and discrimination is illogical, irresponsible, and just plain wrong. Please reconsider your specifications against pitbull breeds and find another way to ensure to safety of these animals as well as their owners and the citizens around them.


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    Breed specific laws compromise the rights of the law-abiding. Such laws unfairly discriminate against law-abiding owners and non-offending dogs (which represent the VAST majority of all breeds).
    Breed specific laws require lay people to make subjective breed identifications, a skill for which they may (or may not) be qualified.
    Such laws are expensive to enforce. Some counties, after realizing the staggering expense of maintaining accused dogs until time of trial, law enforcement and administrative costs, have chosen to repeal their breed specific laws. Prince George County in Maryland county spends more than a quarter-million dollars each year to enforce its pit bull ban.
    There is no real evidence that breed bans lower the incidence of dog bites.
    Breed specific legislation fails to address the real problem: pet owner responsibility.
    Breed specific laws cause those who own targeted breeds to hide their dogs, which if anything, worsens the living conditions of the dogs and makes them all the more likely to bite. (Picture dogs who are crated all day long during daylight hours and only allowed to potty or exercise at night.)
    No one disputes the tragic consequences of dog attacks. However it is economically irresponsible to enact new legislation when adequate laws are already on the books. If existing leash, licensing and confinement laws are not enforced, what reason is there to think breed ban laws will be?

  2. Amy M Glogowski says:

    I find this ridiculous, not all breed or dogs should suffer because one one! I rescued a female pit that the jerk had tied up pumping babbies out of her for money! She’s the most sweetest & loving dog I know! Most don’t realize these dogs were originally Nanny dogs! It’s what POS people make them into! Do your homework on this breed! Dumb ass!

  3. I am a Pit Bull breed guy myself. I’ve had a few and never have I had any issues with this breed, except for a loving loyal friendly attitude. You can’t blame a whole breed of dog for a few bad companions (owners). BSL is GENOCIDE and should not be allowed to continue. Leave the loving Pit Bulls alone already!!!

  4. What breed will they target next after the pitbull is gone? I have a doberman and I could have turned him into a very aggressive dog as well instead he is the sweetest boy ever; so loyal. Golden Retrievers have a history of biting when raised with people who have no idea how to handle the breed. I think having a dog should be a privilege not a right. It’s a real shame such a beautiful breed is targeted like this.

  5. How many signatures do we need? I will do everything I can to help lift this ban that should have never taken place to begin with.

    • I agree…they are amazing loving dogs, and super friendly as long g as they are treated right, just like any other. The ban should be lifted it’s not the dogs it’s stupid fuckin people!

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