Stop Driving Koalas Toward Extinction


Target: Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews

Goal: Save koalas and other imperiled Australian wildlife from disappearing forever.

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  1. Nicole Mariani says:

    Respect the animals habitat or our future is Grimm with no animals for the younger generation to appreciate.

  2. BetsyDevlin says:

    Koalas have a right to live

  3. says:

    Mais laissez les vivre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man won’t be happy till every animal is gone.Help those who don’t have a voice.Speakout and protect these Koala Bears.

  5. Sabrina Carella says:

    Proteggiamo i koala

  6. Edward Hansen says:

    I am sick to death of Local Council. State & Federal Gov. and other “know all’s” stuffing everything up and controlled by GREEDY developers while the wildlife suffer and become extinct. WAKE UP CLOWNS. Bloody Hopeless. Always left to genuine underfunded good people time and time again.

  7. silvia voigts says:

    Koala’s have a right to live

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