Teen Girl Allegedly Forced to Strip in Front of Cop Deserves Justice


Target: Hialeah Chief of Police Sergio Velazquez

Goal: Fire officer accused of forcing teen to strip as he watched and touched himself.

A 17-year-old teen was with her girlfriend in her car when Officer Jesus Menocal Jr. allegedly pulled her over and took her to the police station for unauthorized questioning. He then reportedly put her in an isolated room and asked her explicit questions about her and her girlfriend’s sexual activities before beginning to touch himself and ordering her to strip with the threat of arresting her. This appalling sexual assault has slipped by the police department with Menocal’s only punishment being paid leave. Make sure that the Hialeah Police Chief knows that this type of corruption cannot be tolerated and will not be allowed by the public.

Menocal comes from a family tradition of police corruption scandals. Both his father and uncle were implicated in a drug-running operation during their time working in Miami, and while there wasn’t enough evidence to accuse his uncle, internal investigation uncovered sufficient evidence of Jesus Menocal Sr.’s involvement. He was later appointed a chief of police. In the years under his authority, the already notoriously corrupt department reached an all-time high in bribery and extortion cases.

This plague of corruption has also spread to the Hialeah Police Department, including another Hialeah officer and two correctional officers’ involvement in a government employee drug scam. While surveillance cameras are in place throughout the station, journalists have been illegally detained in the past for filing a freedom of information request. It would not be surprising if the security cameras reported malfunctioned during Menocal Jr.’s inappropriate questioning, or if it happened to take place in a room with no cameras present. It’s time to stand up against Miami’s police corruption and make a long-awaited change. Urge the Chief of Police Sergio Velazquez to fire Officer Jesus Menocal Jr., pending the outcome of an investigation into his alleged actions.


To the Hialeah Chief of Police Sergio Velazquez,

Police corruption is a widely-seen epidemic that has been spreading through Miami, including your department. In 2008 one of your officers was charged with working alongside two correctional officers in a government employee-run drug scam that involved abusing government health benefits to sell Oxycontin on the black market. Right now, another officer in your department is on trial for the death of his two canine companions after leaving them in the back of a hot vehicle until their death of heat exhaustion. Now, Officer Jesus Menocal Jr. has been accused by an anonymous teenager of sexual harrassment and unlawful detainment.

I am not writing this letter to point out the flaws and mistakes of Miami Police. I am here to ensure that it ends now. I am asking you fervently and desperately to stand against this corruption for the sake of the 17-year-old girl who was detained without reason so that Jesus Menocal Jr. could allegedly ask her inappropriate questions about her sexual history before he commanded her to strip as he touched himself. Make sure that the only punishment he receives is not a paid vacation, but that a thorough investigation is done by authorities that do not have personal relations or involvement with the Menocals, and that he is fired if the allegations are true. I ask that you take a personal stand against police abuse and corruption. Officers who have spoken up in the past have been fired or framed for other crimes. It’s up to you to make a change and show that you do not support these acts of assault and misconduct.


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Photo credit: Dick Elbers

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  1. Caroline says:

    I highly doubt this will go anywhere. We’re petitioning the head of the Hialeah police? So the leader of these corrupt assholes. MIAMI IS A SHITHOLE FULL OF CORRUPT SCUMBAG COPS. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN UNLESS THIS GIRL HIRES A GOOD OUT OF COUNTY LAWYER. That whole Miami Dade area is just rife with filth and the cops are usually in cahoots with the pimps and mafia assholes that run everything down there. This petition is useless.

  2. Laszlo Lendl says:

    Hang the pigg

  3. MaureenLoCascio says:

    He is asrxual predator .He must be fired now.What next physical exams??

  4. MaureenLoCascio says:

    This guy is s sexual predator .He must be fired.What next a physical Exam??

  5. Ana Cura says:


  6. Heather Brophy says:


  7. Amy M Glogowski says:


  8. JINNY LEE says:


  9. Sydney M says:

    If an investigation finds these allegations to be true, he should not only be fired, but also sent to prison !!!

  10. he’s no better than the scum out on the street. He needs to be fired and charges should be brought up against him.

  11. Christine Bennett says:

    This teen is almost a minor… this disgraceful action is bound to impact on her emotional health and wellbeing. How is she supposed to be able to trust ANY representative of the police after this unthinkable behaviour?

    Any misogynistic and disrespectful culture that indicates toleration of this type of behaviour is disturbing. The Hialeah police department has merely sent this ‘officer’ on paid leave!! The Florida State Attorney-General needs to investigate fully and properly: visibility of entrenched corruption should be glaringly apparent any place that harbours such a slimy creature in its’ midst.

  12. Madelyn Fernandez says:

    i lives in Hialeah for 50 years and I never seen anything as bad as this and there more., I’m sure people just afraid to come out and say what they witness and how there life have been destroyed.

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