Don’t Repeal Ban on Fried Foods and Soda Machines in Schools


Target: Mr. Sid Miller, Agricultural Commissioner of Texas

Goal: Don’t repeal ban on fried foods and soda machines on school grounds.

A push is being made to reintroduce deep-frying machines and soda machines into Texas’ schools. The machines were previously banned by a former agricultural official in order to promote healthier eating in students, but the current agricultural commissioner sees the ban as an infringement on personal liberty. This ludicrous notion that children should be fed fried foods and pumped full of soda must be stopped.

Children love fried foods. They love ice cream, and candies, and cakes. Does that mean they should be allowed to eat them all the time? Forcing children to eat healthy foods isn’t an infringement on their freedoms, it’s simple parenting. There’s a reason parents have to force kids to eat their vegetables: kids don’t understand how to eat healthily and don’t want to the foods they should. Kids need to have healthy eating habits ingrained in them from a young age in order to set them up for healthy lifestyles as they grow and develop.

Why on Earth would Texas state government be considering repealing this ban on junk food? The sad answer is, as always, money. Schools make large sums of money from soda machines and selling fast, easy-to-prepare, fried foods. This means that the state doesn’t need to give schools as much money and the Republican administration can then further slash funding and cut taxes. Furthermore, the claim that the ban infringes upon the liberties of school districts is laughable when considering the fact that a large majority of students are happy with it.

This attempt to repeal a truly helpful bill that informs kids about what’s healthy and ingrains good eating habits into them is despicable. It’s a money grab by a group of party-minded strategists who simply don’t care about the children it would affect. Sure, some kids might want to eat french fries, but that doesn’t mean you should let them.


Dear Commissioner Miller,

It has come to my attention that you wish to repeal a ban on fried foods and soda machines on school grounds in Texas. Your desire to do this is baffling, as the effects of this ban are entirely positive and help to teach kids an important lesson in healthy eating. This type of education is just as important as what they learn in the classroom, especially during the our era of widespread obesity.

I am writing to object to your plans to repeal this ban and to ask you, politely, to please leave it as is. I understand that you are worried about the liberty of the school districts, but those districts ultimately serve their students and many of those students wish things to stay the same. How can you justify letting kids guzzle sodas and chomp on French fries? You say it should be a choice for students to make, but how often does a child choose to eat her vegetables?

If you’re hoping this will save the state money, I assure that in the long run, the obesity that this change would be responsible for would dwarf what you would save from cutting back on state funding in schools. Please rethink your plans and consider the health and futures of these children.


[Your Name Here]

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