Protect Pets from Cruel Declawing and Devocalization


Target: Oregon House Representative, Brent Barton

Goal: Ensure a ban on cruel declawing and devocalization of pets is passed without exemptions.

Oregon has the opportunity to become the first state to ban the practice of declawing and devocalizing pets; however, major flaws in the bill require immediate attention. Current exceptions include a misbehaved dog or cat, allowing the procedure to continue with very little interruption from outside sources. Any owner may declaw or devocalize their pet by simply stating its misbehavior. This is unacceptable. Urge Oregon House Representative Brent Barton to revise this initiative immediately and vow to protect innocent animals.

The practice of declawing is currently outlawed in several cities and countries. It is considered highly dangerous and painful and often results in dramatic shifts in behavior. The procedure is commonly compared to that of cutting off a human finger at the first knuckle. Pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of this awful procedure and further research leaves many horrified.

Should Oregon leave the current bill as is, very little will be accomplished. Owners will still be able to declaw and devocalize their pets by simply pleading a weak case. This major flaw leaves this initiative entirely pointless unless it is immediately revised to remove such vague exceptions and clearly define emergency situations.

Please sign this petition to request the revision of this inadequate measure.


Dear Mr. Barton,

Though the intentions of Oregon’s ban on declawing and devocalization are admirable, it does little to accomplish its goals. Owners will continue to declaw and devocalize their pets and veterinarians will receive little to no regulation. Please revise this initiative immediately and vow to accomplish the goal of protecting pets from unnecessary agony.

Much more detail is necessary to reserve exceptions for emergency cases only and not when an owner simply grows tired of their pet’s behavior. The practices of declawing and devocalization have both proven extremely painful and unnecessary. Both procedures can significantly alter a pet’s behavior and decrease its quality of life.

Given the brutal nature of these procedures, it is of the utmost importance to ensure they rarely take place. A more successful piece of legislation would eliminate vague language and clearly define emergency situations to ensure loopholes are not present. In addition to the protection of pets, it is necessary to give veterinarians clear guidelines to follow. Both medical professionals and the public must be aware of what may or may not take place in special circumstances.

Please revise the current measure to include specifics and ensure Oregon’s pets are protected from harmful and unnecessary procedures.


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  1. Right. Let whoever does that be declawed and devocalized themselves, that’s all there is to it.

  2. The owners that do this to their animals should also have this done to them see if they like living this way stop this barbaric disforming of animals with declawing and devocalizing

  3. Cat Jefferson says:

    No way would I EVER declaw or devocalize an animal It should be against the law in EVERY state!
    ALL cats strop their claws. That could be considered ‘misbehaving’. That means every cat owner could still have their cats fingers cut off at the first joint. A law that still allows declawing is almost worthless!

  4. I don’t agree with either, however, declawing should be a last choice.

    Before you judge or assault my statement, I have no regrets declawing the front paws of my cat.

    I love my Bella very much. Runt of her litter, mother an in/outdoor cat. Family couldn’t afford to fix mother and the poor thing kept getting pregnant.

    When I realize the family’s issue, I rescued my Bella and gave the family $$ to spay the mom. Because I was lied about when Bella was weened, she inherited feral tendencies such as biting and scratching.

    Bella was an awesome slicer, dicer and mixer with her 4 clawed paws. My husband and I, started treatments to have children. Our concern was Bella’s tendency to scratch everyone badly. When she latched on, it was hard to remove her. My husband said that the cat must go for fear of tearing at the baby ( shed attacked other children). We tried caps, got costly and Bella didn’t care for them.

    I was not letting Bella go! I loved her and she loved me….she was just a wicked little one that played vegetable grinder. It was the only and last choice. I cried for days and she was calmer than a cucumber. Her behavior was opposite of what was projected by others.

    She Is friendlier, let’s people pet her but still quite the feral. Had it not been for declawing her, I can’t imagine her being adopted. The thought of Bella being unthenized was unbearable to me. I choose the lesser of the two evils.

  5. Christine Bennett says:

    These procedures are absolutely horrific! No animal should be subjected to this brutal treatment. The law has a duty of care: BAN ANY FORM OF THIS CRUELTY, PROSECUTE ANY VET CONDUCTING THIS MUTILATION.

  6. They need their voices, they need their claws, they need their nails — be smart and compassionate!

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