Demand Justice for Dog Discovered with Muzzle Taped Shut


Target: R. Keith Summey, Mayor of North Charleston

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly taped the muzzle of a dog shut.

A dog was found with electrical tape bound tightly around her muzzle, according to an article from ABC4 out of Charleston. The 15-month-old dog had electrical tape bound so tightly around her muzzle that her tongue was sticking out, caught between her teeth. For up to 48 hours, the dog was in excruciating pain; she couldn’t eat, drink, or properly breathe. Veterinarians say that the dog, named Caitlyn, may need to have a large chunk of her tongue removed due to lack of blood flow for an extended period of time.

In one extremely graphic photo, Caitlyn is shown with part of the tape removed from her muzzle. Her tongue is blackened and a large ring-shaped gash circles her snout, which is pink and swollen. In addition, dogs cool their bodies by panting–Caitlyn was not able to do that in the humid Charleston environment. Although it’s reported that she is doing well, veterinarians worry that the dead tissue resulting from her injury may develop into a life-threatening condition. People around the world have heard Caitlyn’s heartbreaking story and have rushed to provide donations for her.

Though Caitlyn is safe now, this incident has spawned a wave of anger. Who would do such a terribly cruel thing to an innocent animal? Who would bind the muzzle of a dog in such an agonizing manner and send it out into the world with no way to eat, drink, or defend itself? The suspect could face a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison. Authorities arrested William Dodson is connection with the crime and he has been charged with ill treatment of animals.

Authorities should rigorously prosecute those who commit such acts against animals. Sign this petition to encourage Charleston Mayor R. Keith Summey to use his influence in the community to ensure that Dodson is prosecuted to the highest extent possible.


Dear Mr. Summey,

As I’m sure you are aware, a dog was recently found in North Charleston with its muzzle taped shut. The electrical tape was wound around her muzzle so tightly that her tongue was forced out of her mouth. Vets are concerned that she may need to have a large portion of her tongue removed due to possible tissue death caused by lack of blood flow. This astonishingly cruel act is likely to leave this innocent animal severely disfigured. Veterinarians are worried that her dying tissue may lead to life-threatening complications.

I am sure that you are disgusted by this horrendously cruel act every bit as much as I am. People should not be allowed to get away with these types of acts. I am very happy to hear that an arrest has been made, and I would like to ask you, as mayor of North Charleston, to join us in demanding the highest possible sentence for the man responsible if he’s found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

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  2. Linda Amundson says:

    The previous ‘owners’ have lied about Caitlyn, as well as William Dodson laughing about taping her mouth when he told them about it (and they did nothing to help her!), so anyone involved in her suffering should be prosecuted and jailed. I’m following Caitlyn’s progress and will be following justice for her, which there had better be plenty of it.

  3. If our justice system were truly “just” an eye for an eye would be the appropriate punishment !!!! This MONSTER should have to experience what this poor, helpless dog endured. Only an extremely deprived individual would commit such an atrocity. I would bet he has no remorse and would more than likely do this again if given the opportunity.

  4. The so called ‘man’ who did this should have the same treatment and see how he likes it Leave him in the middle of a forest with plenty of preditors and see if he comes out alive. People who behave like this to animals should be jput on dath row.

  5. The abuser should receive the same punishment as he gave Caitlyn!

  6. Mrs Heath says:

    It is sad too sad, but this evil man enjoys the attention, that is what he carries around with him in his heart.
    Cruelty and zip self-respect. Look in the mirror and see whether this is who you want to be Willian Dodson because, idiot, you have a choice – the beautiful dog is not as fortunate. May you find a way to give back to animals what you have taken away so cruelly.


    Put the idiot-sociopaths behind bars — they don’t deserve their freedoms — they do too much damage to the good, to the vulnerable, to the innocent —

    Only psychopathic cowards perpetrate such acts — throw these mentally deranged into rubber rooms!


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