1,400 Gang-Raped and Prostituted Children Deserve Justice


Target: Rotherham Police District Commander and Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin

Goal: Don’t ban protests over police inaction regarding 1,400 children who were gang-raped and prostituted.

At least 1,400 British children in Rotherham, England were systematically groomed, gang-raped, and prostituted by a group of Muslim men, while British officials allegedly did nothing to stop it for over 16 years for fear of being thought as “racist.” In order to hide their own incompetence, these officials are now taking action to ban child rape protests. The children who were victimized by the human traffickers were often under government council care and were as young as twelve years old.

Angry protesters from both left and right wing political groups have spoken out in an uproar throughout Rotherham and cost local police over £1 million in moderation and surveillance. Because of this, British officials believe it is enough reason to ban the protests against the negligence of their own employees. Until these men and everyone else who allowed the atrocities to go on are brought to justice, these protests have a right to continue under the freedom of speech guarantee in the Human Rights Act.

We need to show England that what their government is doing is wrong and that the countless children who have been permanently traumatized by these crimes will see justice. Recently, four more men were arrested for grooming and abduction charges by Rotherham police. While these men are now in custody, until the authority figures responsible for turning a blind eye to this behavior are held accountable, we will not be able to find and stop the source of this widespread operation.


Dear Chief Harwin,

I believe that what is happening to the children of Rotherham is despicable and wrong. At least 1,400 children have already suffered due to this heinous operation, and multiple different authority figures have failed to stop it for the past fifteen years. While the men responsible for this grooming and trafficking are finally being arrested and charged, the members of the former council that allowed this to continue far longer than acceptable have not received proper punishment.

While losing their positions on Rotherham Council was certainly called for, that doesn’t mean that they have faced the full consequences of their actions. These ex-councilmembers should be tried for their negligence and be charged appropriately. I am writing you this letter to state my outright disapproval of your attempts to stop protests against the sexual abuse of children, as well as my support for those demanding that the human traffickers face justice. Instead of banning these protests, the only permanent solution is to satisfy the protesters by condemning those who supported this child rape and prostitution.


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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    Yes, the government is morally bankrupt because it is only interested in money.
    It’s high time the UK authorities grew a pair and did their jobs. So bloody what if they are called racist?? A crime is a crime is a crime.

  2. Karen Remnant says:


  3. castrate the SOBs !!!

  4. Vicky Cole says:

    Corruption and perversion lie at the heart of this evil situation, police failed to act and the CPS once again is lax and slow to act, the councils and social services should also be looked at, this is criminal not just an oversight?

  5. The presence of such a large number of corrupt officials is a clear sign of the international bankster influence on the UK. It is a pervasive sort of thing. While these vile subhumans may not be directly responsible for this crime it is their preference in selecting whom they will support for elected office that ultimately trickles down to local officials and corrupts the entire process. It is they who should be the target of investigations and fast justice.

  6. It’s part of the New World order coming.They are behind this.They are these days the rulers on earth,but a time will come that they will throw off their disguises and Satan will be manifested.Be awake and see it for what it really is.

  7. Linda Amundson says:

    Really?? A petition is needed to do the right thing? Those that knew and did nothing are criminals, as well, and deserve lengthy prison time.

  8. Nena Miller says:

    Cast these people who were in any way involved into prison for the duration. Let the innocent children get the message that they WERE victims not participants, for only then an they begin to heal.

  9. Jane Catanzaro says:


  10. “….group of Muslim men, while British officials allegedly did nothing to stop it for over 16 years for fear of being thought as “racist.” …..

    Who gives a crap about the religion of these monsters? They are not living in a Muslim country and not living under Sharia Law. They have made the choice to live in a western society and should be expected to follow the same laws as any other British citizens. That said, these heinous crimes must no go unpunished. As a mental health therapist, myself, I can tell you that the lives of their young victims have been permanently altered.

  11. Christine Bennett says:

    A shockingly horrific portrait of psychotic sexual violence towards these children has been revealed. As well as in Rotherham, these horrific incidents appear widespread. Wikipedia indicates gangs have made attacks on children in Oxford, Rochdale, Derby, Telford and Bristol.


    Information on the Oxford gang is listed on this webpage under the heading: Abuse.

    “The girls were subjected to extreme sexual violence, biting, suffocating, and burning. They were tortured with knives, baseball bats, and meat cleavers and were occasionally urinated upon.[4]”

    “One 14-year-old girl was burnt with a lighter when she tried to resist having sex.[7] The mother of another girl said that “she had begged social services staff to rescue her [daughter] from the gang”, who had “threatened to cut the girl’s face off” and “slit the throats” of members of the girl’s family.[8]”

    “Their victims were “subjected to sexual violence marked out by its sadism: sexual assaults designed to draw blood, multiple rapes, [and] physical attacks in which [they were] choked”.[1]”

    These monstrously criminal madmen should be locked up, indefinitely.

    Anyone associated with ignoring this horrific abuse must be found criminally negligent and charged.

    ANY ACTION BANNING THESE PROTESTS IS OUTRAGEOUS… protests MUST CONTINUE until every single individual has been fully dealt with!!!

  12. Myrna Burdick says:

    I think George G and Tim M have lost sight of why we
    are protesting the lack luster, dragging their feet action of the authorities.
    After all, it is the men who are getting their “rocks off”
    not women. I can see these two gents slathering at the bit
    imagining what a nice pubescent girls would be like sucking
    their dick.

    GET OFF YOUR HOLY ASSES and for once think about the cruelty, both physical and emotional, these poor young girls have suffered and will continue to suffer for the

  13. Hadj Ben Azzouz says:

    Hello. I am not english and I dont live in England. Is it okay if I signe it? Does italia count?

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