Demand Oil Company Clean Up Spill


Target: CEO of Plains All American Pipeline, Greg L. Armstrong

Goal: Clean up the massive oil spill on Santa Barbara beaches.

Another devastating oil spill has hit Santa Barbara’s beaches. It’s estimated that 21,000 gallons of oil leaked onto the beach when a pipeline ruptured off the coast of Refugio State Beach. It is a bleak and grim reminder of the 1969 oil spill that sparked America’s environmental movement. Teams have already been sent to clean up the spill, but the company responsible for the disaster–Plains All American Pipeline–should be helping to clean as well. Sign this petition and tell CEO Greg L. Armstrong that crews and money should be used to restore this beach back to its original state.

It was the smell that alerted locals that something was wrong. The heavy and headache-inducing smell of oil permeated Refugio State Beach, prompting citizens to call authorities and to leave the area.

Biologists were immediately shocked–the beach is home to an endangered species of bird, the Western snowy plovers. Witnesses have also reported seeing humpback whales and seals swimming through the oil slick. Birds and other marine wildlife are washing up on shore covered in oil. Dolphins too will be swimming through the sludge, and with the summer season coming upon California, residents and tourists will not want to come see the beach.

Oil spills such as these take decades to heal, and even then, signs of the incident can still be seen. Plains All American Pipeline needs to ensure that everything is done to clean up this beach. If that means hiring more people to wash the oil and grime or spending money on equipment to haul away debris and the ruptured pipeline, then so be it. Sign this petition and tell Greg Armstrong that his company needs to clean up the Refugio State Beach.


Dear Greg Armstrong,

California has been suffering immensely for the past five years. With a drought in full force and the threat of wildfires, the state now has to worry about an oil spill on one of its precious beaches. I for one am appalled and shocked at the amount of damage oil can do to our environment. Endangered animals will have to eat, sleep, and swim through this oil slick, and it will no doubt give them health problems.

I am writing this letter urging you and your company to clean up the Refugio State Beach. There are animals and people who depend upon this beach for their living. It is not right or ethical for your company to ruin it and not take responsibility for the incident. Therefore, I implore you to send people to clean up the spill and use whatever money is necessary to restore this place back to its original state.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Louisiana GOHSEP

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  1. Manel Dias says:

    Not only to clean up the oil spills. These companies should be totally responsible rescuing these effected wild lives and be responsible for their vet bills as well. These are innocent animals who have done nothing wrong to be punished with such agonizing, painful ways while suffering immensely.

  2. lost need to be stricter and people need to be prosecuted for holding this kind of behavior with are not able to correct your mistakes and there should be prison time sentence possibility with your life if you have animals die it

  3. Every one get a lot of good dawn dish liquid to help clean up the mess iw would help but I don’t have good knees to bend them to help I wish I could

  4. Janet Clarke says:

    Oil companies should be responsible for every bit of damage they do, not only to the water, fish and vegatation, but all the birds and animals affected by it. They caused the oil spill so they should be responsible for cleaning it up responsibly.

  5. Sheer horror. How comes this happens, in the first place?… The sooner they’ll clean up the mess the better!

  6. This petition is a good example of someone running off without having all the facts. As a resident local to this spill I can say that while it’s a terrible blow to a beautiful section of the coast, the pipeline company that is responsible for it has already stepped up. From the very beginning they acknowledged fault and have said they will pay for all cleanup efforts. Of course it is now up to the local governments and the federal groups overseeing the effort to ensure they stick to their word…and not just for the initial cleanup, but for the months and months of followup that will be necessary.

    • Ann Distin says:

      Thank you Paul for dating the accident -I have been caught out signing for things that are years out of date but now you have saved me researching the time this disaster happened
      I am sorry that the disaster ever occurred and hope your community recover speedily with as little damage as possible
      Ann Distin

  7. Cynthia dsouza says:


  8. Heather Brophy says:

    The company should have never been allowed to be so close to the beach. I was here for the 60’s and now I hope everyone will learn especially Shell in Alaska!

  9. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Oil spill and damages = revoke license and high penalties

  10. Ann Distin says:

    Dear Force for Change
    can you include the date of incidents as things can circulate for years on the internet
    Thank you
    Ann Distin

  11. Laurice Dee says:

    To: Mr. Greg Armstrong

    I would very deeply appreciate your confirming that you WILL do the right thing by taking full responsibility for this most tragic incident!

    It’s extremely important that you and your employees are out at Refugio State Beach and its surroundings to clean up the mess created by one of your ruptured pipelines!

    I really think it’d be good for you guys to develop the ‘hands-on’ experience by participating in the clean up. You’ve got the money and resources to take care of the most unsightly chaos off Santa Barbara!

    It is extremely imperative that you and everyone else get right to work as soon as possible and do it as thoroughly as possible!

    Please do let us know that you WILL have the most deplorable mess remedied! Imagine the most unimaginable suffering of free-ranging cetaceans and other marine life that have already come in direct contact with the oil! Their most precious health and lives are in huge jeopardy!

    Many thanks for taking this most grave issue into serious consideration and working towards the restoration of the oceanic environment most affected by the disaster. LAURICE DEE, Ph.D.

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