Justice for Dogs Whose Mouths Were Sewn Shut


Target: Nassau County District Attorney, Madeline Singas

Goal: Punish men who allegedly sewed dogs’ mouths shut to be used for training other fighting dogs.

Fifteen gang members were arrested under the allegation that they held a dozen dogs with the intention of training them to fight. The on-site animal shelter operators reported that there was devastating physical evidence that the dogs were being brutally trained to fight.

The dogs were not just being trained to fight, but were horribly abused. Eleven dogs were allegedly found with their mouths stitched shut, while the other dogs were encouraged to prey on them. The dogs who were forced to have their mouths sewn shut were reportedly the ones that the other dogs used for training. All of the dogs had scars and wounds, and many were puppies under the age of one.

The men are allegedly involved in sale of prescription and illicit drugs, and were also found with guns they sold illegally. The men were reportedly making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of dogfighting bets. This case involved many police units, and it is considered a success to have found this drug and dogfighting ring, and brings hope that it is a step closer to eliminating the issue in the area.

The men will face charges, including possession and sale of illegal drugs, as well as various counts of animal abuse. This type of animal abuse is evil and inexcusable. Please support this petition by signing below, and charge the men to the fullest extent, if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Singas,

Fifteen gang members were allegedly found with over a dozen dogs they were training to fight. Not only were they mostly puppies deprived of their basic needs, but they were also mutilated. Many were forced to have their mouths sewn shut and become the dogs that the other dogs practiced fighting on.

This type of abuse is inexcusable. As long as animals suffer in this way in the world, there is no justice. If these men are found guilty, please charge every single one to the fullest extent. There is never a reason to excuse such deplorable behavior.


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Photo credit: Geoff Pugh

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  1. The unspeakable evil that the human animal species does to other animals, is wholly (NOT “holy”!) too unbelievable for words. Really, it’s gotten so outrageously horrific now, we seriously need to bring back the death penalty if we hope to ever eradicate these demon spawns out of our world. Even a lethal injection is too kind for the likes of THEM.

  2. wtf!!! pathetic human trash!!!!

  3. nicciabrahan says:

    No comment for the evils

  4. We need an animal abusers registry and the sub humans who did this to these helpless animals should be at the top. Besides having a jail term they should NEVER EVER have another animal in their possession. It is time something is done about this sick and depraved act. We are tired of seeing these subhumans perform these heinous acts on helpless animals. ENOUGH is ENOUGH and we want something done about this.

  5. Bastards! Throw them naked into a pit of starving alligators. Let them and all who harm animals including the bastards who shoot wild animals for fun die and rot in hell.

  6. Harry Vasquez says:

    You, should HANG those SOB!

  7. Marcella FORBES says:

    Those people who did this should be locked up and never see dogs again

  8. I agree

  9. There is an animal abuser registry online already. They have them for every state now. All you have to do is look it up online with the state you are in. As for these awful people, I am glad they at least are getting time. Hard time. Most of the time they are let off with a slap on the wrist. This shows that we are making some headway and the judge was a good judge. Now to get the FELONY to be upheld in a court of law in every state. That is the what needs to be done. The laws are already there. They just need to be enforced.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      I agree with you. Hopefully, with each emerging case, the penalties will increase in severity. No more Michael Vick (type) verdicts! The problem with in state registries: while helpful, they don’t stop someone from crossing state lines to collect animals. Hence, there needs to be a national registry.

    • Trish Conroy says:

      I’m not finding any such registry. Searched ‘animal abuser registry illinois’ and it looks like it is simply being proposed. Same for Tennessee. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. Cut off their dicks and hands as an example to other human filth….then after a year of living as the dickless bitches they are grind them up into dog food.

  11. Trish Conroy says:

    I’m dumbstruck by the magnitude of this depravity, and equally horrified at what I wish for them in return. I am sick to think this scum walks among us. Locking them away seems so inadequate.

  12. THIS is sick… we should not have to sign a petition,, IT SHOULD automatically be charge against all involved… and these are gang members caught with guns and drugs.. HANG the MOFO’s NY STOP GIVING TO THIS PUNK ass kids..WHAT is the issue.. are they paying you?? Stop acting like it and TAKE BACK YOUR STREETS

  13. Maria Scholl says:

    Torture and death to follow for those people. I’d do it myself, even if this turns me into a monster as well. But they are part of the reasons why the world can be a horrible place.

  14. OMG, I can’t even imagine people that are this cruel.All for the love of drugs and the almighty dollar.

  15. Bring these sociopath-idiots in, take them off the streets permanently, throw them into rubber rooms and throw away the key.

  16. That’s just beyond heartless. Torture, death, making them suffer so much… How could people do such things? Such an absolute disgrace.

  17. wtf this is so barbaric and pervert!!…

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