Justice for Dog Beaten to Death with a Stick


Target: Sharen Wilson, Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney

Goal: Demand psychiatric intervention for boy who allegedly beat a neighbor’s dog to death.

A young boy who allegedly lured his neighbor’s dogs outside the yard and beat one to death with a stick has been charged with felony animal cruelty and delinquent behavior. According to a witness, the 11-year-old boy was seen kicking and waving a large stick at two dogs that were trying to hide under a truck. When the witness circled back around, she saw one of the dogs laying lifeless on a porch and the boy walking away from it, stick in hand.

A necropsy found that Cookie, the neighbor’s 15-pound Cavalier King Charles mix, died of a crushed skull and severe trauma to the spinal cord. According to animal control, these injuries are consistent with a severe beating. According to a statement, police later found part of the weapon used to beat the dog in the child’s backyard.

As childhood animal cruelty is the biggest predictor of future violent behavior, this sort of brutality from a child is extremely alarming. Psychologists suggest that children over the age of of six or seven are able to understand that animal abuse causes pain and suffering not unlike what a human would feel. At this age, animal abuse is usually a sign of an underlying psychological problem.

While this cruel act was perpetrated by a child, it is imperative that the boy understands the seriousness of his actions in order to nip these violent tendencies in the bud. Sign the petition below to demand that this child receives a mental health intervention to ensure that this violence is not repeated or escalated.


Dear Ms. Sharen Wilson,

A young boy who allegedly beat his neighbor’s dog to death with a stick was recently charged with animal cruelty and delinquent conduct by Fort Worth police. According to witnesses, the boy lured two dogs out of their yard and kicked at them as they were hiding until he flushed one out. The boy was later seen walking away from a dead dog with the weapon in hand, which was later found in his backyard.

This type of brutal violence against an animal is often a signifier of a deeper psychological issue, and children who are violent against animals often escalate their behavior to violence against other people. We, the undersigned, ask you to ensure that this boy receives proper mental health care in order to stop this violent behavior before it happens again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Greg Hume

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  1. mark gillono says:

    “You know how much you love, respect and want to protect every dog and cat in the world? You know how much your heart breaks when you see a picture of a dog in a shelter who is going to be killed? You know how you feel when you see photos of piles of dead dogs and cats who are going to be used for fur? You know how enraged you get when you see a photo of a dog or cat who has been beaten to death? That’s how vegans feel about all animals. Every animal who is exploited and murdered for food, clothing, entertainment and “research.” We don’t distinguish between dogs and cats and other animals. If you allowed yourself to feel the deep suffering that billions of animals endure for your pleasure, you’d be vegan, too. And you might understand why vegans work so hard to end the animal holocaust.” —Gary Smith

    • Heidi Pixler says:

      I agree with you a 100% , and I am a Vegan also, I’m always trying to get my friends at work to go Vegan, and thank you for your comment.

  2. How do you teach a little monster?

    How do you teach a little psychopath?

    Punish him so he’ll NEVER do this again! It’s despicable!

    Poor parents!

  3. Pity this little evil corrupted scum didn’t die at birth. Now he’ll go on to do lots more hideous acts of Animal cruelty.

    • Tracey Gordon says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. My sentiments exactly!! He lured them out to do this, it was totally premeditated. It just beggars belief the suffering that poor baby must have felt. My stomach turned as I read that article.

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