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Target: Ohio Governor John Kasich

Goal: Don’t force people to pay for the right to vote.

Ohioans looking to exercise their sovereign right to vote will soon have to pay for the ability to do so if legislation being considered by Republican lawmakers becomes official. This is in direct violation of the Constitution and will disproportionately impact low income and racial minority voters. Demand that this proposal never become law.

Even though less that 0.005 percent of all votes cast in Ohio elections are fraudulent, state Republican lawmakers are on a war path to end what they say is an existential threat to American democracy. Their flagship proposal in this campaign is a voter ID law.

Voter ID laws are inherently problematic on their own, but this one being discussed in Ohio goes above and beyond that by mandating that all Ohioans wishing to vote who do not have a government-issue ID buy one at the personal cost of $8.50. This is, in effect, a poll tax. These lawmakers seem to have forgotten that the Constitution expressly forbids the imposition of such taxes.

It’s no surprise that Republicans are trying to institute voter ID requirements and poll taxes to combat the problem of “voter fraud” in Ohio when all indications say that the problem doesn’t even exist—such laws disproportionately impact Americans who tend to vote Democratic. Sign the petition below to demand that Ohio Governor John Kasich veto this bill so that it can never destroy the rights of Ohioan voters.


Dear Governor Kasich,

I am writing you today about House Bill 189, a proposal that will in all likelihood arrive on your desk in the very near future from your state’s Republican legislature. I wanted to take the time to tell you that you should veto this destructive bill without a second thought.

House Bill 189 is a voter ID law designed to combat voter fraud in your state. The problem is that, according to your own Secretary of State, there is no voter fraud taking place in your state to combat. Why was this bill introduced in the first place? In order to make it more difficult for low income, young, and minority Ohioans, who tend to lean Democratic, to be able to vote.

The law would do this by implementing what amounts to a poll tax—something blatantly illegal—on voters. Ohioans who do not have a valid government ID to show at the voting booth would be forced to purchase one for $8.50 to be able to exercise their right to vote.

This shamelessly illegal voting obstacle that was once used to bar Americans of color from voting will, if House Bill 189 becomes law, once again be used in your state to stop Americans from voting. This cannot be allowed to happen. I demand that you veto this bill when it arrives on your desk so that it can never be used to disenfranchise Ohioans.


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  1. Flora Pino García says:

    ¿Qué tipo de democracia es esa en la que hay que pagar para votar? ¿Es que la opinión de los menos favorecidos ya no cuenta, o es que ya no hay democracia en su país y ha sido secuestrada por los grandes mercados, los bancos y los intereses espurios? ¿O es que, quizá, jamás existió la democracia en Estados Unidos?

  2. Natalie Jarnstedt says:

    When Rethuglicans lose, they resort to cheating and lying!
    We should be used to it by now!

  3. Frank Staples says:

    I am TOTALLY in favor of voter id…we need to make absolutely sure that the people who are voting for the spending of our tax dollars, our leadership, our very way of life, are American citizens. You can obtain a photo id almost anywhere at little or no cost. It is liberal bullhockey to state that the Republicans are insisting on it for political reasons.

    • Kathy Williams says:

      The responsibility of verifying the legitimacy of a voter’s status already falls to the (supposedly unbiased) Supervisor of Elections office. Unfortunately for me, the State of Florida takes no punitive action against these elected officials when they are obviously negligent in their duties. Nonetheless, I am (ahem) TOTALLY AGAINST funding even more government employees to do a job that is presently assigned to others. There is too much redundancy in – and wasteful spending of our taxpayer’s dollars by – local, state and federal government as it is!

  4. To obtain a government issued photo ID in Florida, you need a birth certificate. According to AARP, 8 million people in the USA do not have a birth certificate because they were born with the help of a midwife and the birth was not registered with any government agency.

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