Save Dog Fighting Victims from Lives of Cruelty and Abuse


Target: General public

Goal: End illegal dog fighting, and save the canine victims from extreme cruelty and death.

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  1. Atenéia Rocha says:

    We need to stop this

  2. Tina shurtleff says:

    This is not a third world country. Dog fighting should not be legal in any part of the United States. Torturing animals for entertainment is disgusting.

  3. Deb Speelman says:

    The petition doesn’t say who is going to receive it. As I’m involved in a local anti dogfighting campaign this has to start on the ground at the local level. You need to work with local law enforcement, animal control and get the community behind you. Start a community watch, a GoFundMe page to get donations to pay tipsters through a crimestoppers type organization, print fliers and get the message out into the community. Signing a petition is nice, but people who really want to help need to take action. Real action. Collect money for billboards. Start a local FB page to inform the community and get updates. This is much more involved than sending a petition when the petition has no end recipient.

  4. The scum that do this need the same done to them!

  5. BRI bisch says:

    Stop dog fighting its inhumane

  6. NIRMAL AWAL says:


  7. ALMUNEAU says:

    STOP à tant de cruauté. Ces salopards le font pour de l’argent sans se soucier de la santé et de la souffrance de leurs chiens
    C’est écoeurant et inadmissible.

  8. Dog fighters need prison for life.

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