Prosecute Celebrity for Slaughtering Pig on Survival Show

Bear Grylls filming Man Vs. Wild. Patagonia, Argentina

Target: U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Goal: Prosecute adventurer Bear Grylls for allowing a pig to be slaughtered on his show.

A television series called The Island shows a group of hungry women capturing a sleeping pig, and then killing it. The show features Bear Grylls and the premise is about a group of people surviving on a remote island. PETA, along with the RSPCA, both want Bear Grylls and the women involved in the killing to be prosecuted for animal cruelty. If you believe that animals shouldn’t be killed for the sake of entertainment or fame, sign this petition and tell Attorney General Loretta Lynch to press charges.

The Island is like other survival shows where a group of contestants are supposed to fend for themselves on a remote island off of Panama. Bear Grylls, a TV celebrity known for this survival shows, participated as well. Grylls has appeared on camera several times killing animals for the sake of surviving.

In response to the outrage that was met by this television show, a spokesperson for the Channel 4 News stated that all contestants on the show were trained to humanely capture and kill animals. What is concerning is the fact that the television show was willing to let contestants starve or kill animals for the sake of a show. Furthermore, the pigs and other creatures were shipped to the island for the sole purpose of having the contestants kill and eat them.

The show also came under heavy scrutiny when several male contestants killed an endangered American crocodile. Channel 4 initially stated that the creature was a common caiman, but the audience grew suspicious and later found out that the men had killed an endangered species. Channel 4 stated that the killing was an accident, and it would replace the animal.

This show is deeply disturbing. Not only did the producers incorrectly identify an animal, but they also shipped in animals for these contestants to eat. Humans shouldn’t be killing animals for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses. Channel 4 and other networks should be teaching viewers to respect nature and animals. A grave injustice was committed, and we should tell the network that this cruelty won’t be tolerated. Sign this petition and tell Attorney General Loretta Lynch to press charges against Bear Grylls and the contestants for animal cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Lynch,

It greatly upsets me TV celebrity Bear Grylls and various contestants were able to get away with the murder of a pig on television. There was no reason for these contestants to kill the pig other than to provide entertainment. These people were placed on the island to “survive” despite the fact that the show runners had animals shipped to the island. It angers and troubles me that these producers thought so little about the welfare of these animals.

I ask that you press charges against Bear Grylls and the women involved in the slaughter of this animal. Animals shouldn’t be killed for entertainment, they should only be killed if the need is authentic and necessary. Killing a pig for the sake of a television show is not authentic, nor is it ethical. Please ensure that justice is served.


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Photo credit: Lwp Kommunikacio

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  1. John Sheppard says:

    Animal murderers are murderers. They murder our fellow companions so they may as well murder the participants on their shows. For those of us who are utterly sick of mans cruelty to animals a show where humans genuinely murder each other would be far easier to watch.

  2. charlotte says:

    I love animals and don’t agree with animal cruelty at all. But unfortunately humans are meat eaters and go through a large portions of meat every day. If anything showing this on televison brings people back to the reality of how their meat is killed and what it comes from. We are so dissociated from the meat we eat maybe this will make people think more about where their food comes from. Also I am sure many put in a survival situation would do the same, before we evolved that is how we would have lived.

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    Charlotte-for a start not ALL humans are meat eaters. There are many on this planet who have realised that, if you are a genuine animal lover, then you simply DON’T eat them, wear them or abuse them in any way!! You say you love animals and don’t agree with animal cruelty but I can assure you that if you eat meat then you are eating an animal that has died a terrifying and painful death in a hideous slaughterhouse where cruelty is rife,whatever you might like to believe to the contrary.
    Secondly,this ridiculous survival show has nothing to do with reality and no-one has forced these idiotic attention seeking people to get cast away on an island-they have volunteered in order to get their moment of “fame”. How many people do you seriously think in this day and age would actually NEED to learn the repulsive Bear Grylls’ survival “skills”??? This man is a revolting specimen who delights in animal abuse and only a complete moron would entertain the idea of going on his show, knowing they would be required to kill animals in order to “survive”.There is NEVER any need to kill an animal in order to eat and to do so on a TV show for entertainment just goes to show how low some members of the human race will stoop. It’s a pity all these idiots didn’t starve…

  4. Back to the days of Roman Coliseums!!! Very barbaric! This just condones violence and actually encourages it!!! Sickening!

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Thankyou, Georgie! I notice Charlotte has not commented again!

  6. why you guys are so stupidly close minded? the show is teaching how to survive, what if you were on that same situation? what would you do?? falking about cruelty to animals??? have you thought about that while you were eating steaks? pork? fish? and other meats??? what about the show wicked tuna? isn’t that cruelty to animals also? but have you learned something about.the show??? well i guess you guys can’t stay alive not morethan two days in the jungle… just saying…

    Carnists pay others to murder animals all the time but hate to see it happen.
    This murder is as unnecessary as any other animal killing because eating animal flesh or any other animal product is unnecessary in terms of what you need in your diet to be healthy.
    As a vegan, I would suggest showing more animal slaughter on tv so that people understand what goes on every day.
    Why is noone outraged when tesco throws away a gone off dead chicken?
    Carnists are so hypocritical

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