Stop Female Genital Mutilation


Target: Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Goal: Stop the high rate of female genital mutilation in Egypt.

Ninety-two percent of married women in Egypt have experienced female genital mutilation (FGM), a new report finds, despite the fact that it is illegal in Egypt. Urge the President of Egypt to increase efforts to put a stop to FGM.

A 2014 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS) revealed the shocking statistic during a conference in which Egypt’s Minister of Health, Adel Adawy, announced that these females undergo the procedure between the ages of nine and 12. Only 31 percent undergo the procedure by doctors.

It is awful that this is such a high statistic, but it is also not surprising. The EDHS report found that more than 50 percent of married women in Egypt are in favor of female genital mutilation because of old religious teachings. Only 30 percent believe it should be banned. While FGM is allowed by Islam, Egpyt’s top Islamic authority has publicly denounced the act and called it “un-Islamic” and “barbaric.”

FGM was banned in Egypt in 2008 and Egypt’s Penal Code has specific laws against the circumcision of girls. Offenders caught performing FGM will be punished by a fine of 5,000 Egyptian pounds or a prison sentence that ranges from three months to two years.

Please sign the petition below and urge Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to establish stricter punishments for those who carry out these disturbing acts and increase awareness against female genital mutilation.


Dear President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi,

A disturbing statistic was recently announced at a conference in which Egypt’s Minister of Health, Adel Adawy, revealed that 92 percent of married Egyptian women suffered from female genital mutilation. That statistic is astoundingly high and clearly, we need to do more to address this horrific procedure.

While female genital mutilation (FGM) is allowed by Islam, Egpyt’s top Islamic authority has made it clear that this should not be condoned and called it “un-Islamic” and “barbaric.” What is even more upsetting is that 50 percent of Egyptian women believe that FGM is an acceptable practice, despite being against the law in Egypt.

We need to do more to stop FGM so more girls do not suffer. The punishment for performing FGM is only three months to two years in prison or a fine of 5,000 Egyptian pounds—quite lenient for such a serious crime. These women have to live with FGM for the rest of their lives and the punishment does not accurately reflect this abuse.

Please create more awareness that female genital mutilation is wrong and establish more severe punishments to discourage these horrendous acts.


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Photo credit: Al Jazeera English

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  1. Marcy Smith says:

    I’ve seen this article making the rounds on social media this week. It’s incorrect. I checked with my friends in Egypt and this practice was stopped 3 generations ago. There was a massive gov’t campaign to educate people and prosecute anyone caught doing this to women. I agree it’s a barbaric practice and apparently so do the Egyptian people, as they no longer do this.

    • That we know of.A lot goes underground never to be brought into the open.How many are truly aware this still happens ‘all over the world’ not just Egypt.Knowledge regardless of where is awareness and if kept unknown it will never stop.

    • You checked with your friends in Egypt? OK….thats really scientific!
      It is a fact that FGM continues, and that it is based on old tribal beliefs….nothing in the Koran supports the brutal action. What it does is destroy a woman’s ability to enjoy intercourse, which of course benefits a patriarchal society!

      If your friends are from upper class, educated families they may indeed not realize how common this still is.

  2. the article refers to “female circumcision” which is the very old and incorrect term for this…..this surgery (done usually at home, on the kitchen table, using non sterile instruments) destroys a female’s genitalia…..the remaining scar that is left after the removal of ALL of her outward genitalia, is sewn together, leaving only a small hole for passing urine and menstrual blood…..Childbirth is very dangerous and the scar must be opened at just the right time to allow the baby to be born…..then everything is sewn back together again, leaving only the same small hole for urine/ menstrual blood to pass out of the body.

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