Ban Hunting of Bears for Sport


Target: Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture for the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Ban the hunting of bears for sport in the United States.

In most parts of the United States, bears are considered game, and are therefore not legally protected from being hunted for sport. Often times, these bears are captured using cruel and painful means. These practices include spring hunts, baiting, hounding, and the selling and trade of bear parts. Approximately 40,000-50,000 bears are legally hunted every year and thousands are illegally poached for trophies and for sale. We must make it illegal to hunt bears for sport in the United States; it is unnecessary, cruel, and serves no legitimate purpose.

Spring bear hunting is especially savage. Spring bears have just emerged from hibernation and are malnourished, tired, and defenceless. Hunters await these bears to leave their sleeping areas and shoot or capture them while they are at their most vulnerable. It is illegal to shoot nursing female bears but no measures are taken to make sure that the mother bears aren’t hunted. While bear baiting, hunters lure the bears to a certain area with meat or fish and shoot the bears point blank in the head. If the hunters use hounding to capture or kill the bears, dogs are used to chase the bears and alert the hunter to the location of the bear. This puts the bears under an incredible amount of stress during the last moments of their lives. The selling and trading of bears is killing for profit. These bears are captured, tortured, and sold or captured, killed, and sold for meat or medicinal uses. We must learn to live in harmony with these animals, not use them for our own selfish benefit.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack,

The Animal Welfare Act is not sufficient in protecting game animals, especially bears.  The USDA is not performing its duty to protect animals from enduring these unacceptable and cruel practices. It is repugnant that bears are being hunted for sport. Animals are not a game, they are not entertainment, and they are not ours to use for amusement. Bears are living their lives and are not meant to be used for sport, especially when this “sport” ends in taking an innocent life.

The mistreatment of animals in the United States is disgusting. Animals are not for us, they are sentient beings who deserve to live out their lives uninhibited by selfish humans. I urge you and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to review my words and take action against these hunters.


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Photo credit: Guillermo Lopez

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  1. Ole Frank says:


  2. It is you who should be hunted, you horrid ‘sportsmen’! And good riddance of bad rubbish at that! Bears are civilized in comparison…

  3. conchita molly paredes says:

    Debemos salvar los animales y la naturaleza.

  4. not surprised not many comments this is hunting ground just remember when you hunt a bear they may have babies think how you feel leaving your little ones waiting for their mum

  5. Robert Hall says:

    Force Change. Why in Heaven’s name would you post a petition to “Ban the Hunting of Bears for Sport” – a petition that reads: “We must make it illegal to hunt bears for … trophies” – and then cap that very petition with an ad for Sawyer Odorless Insect Repellent, an ad that features a photograph of a smiling hunter along with the caption: “Bring home the trophy, not the ticks?”


    Where are your heads?

    • ForceChange editor says:

      Dear Robert Hall, thank you for your comment. We actually don’t control which advertisements are displayed, as it is automated by Google. However, we do have the ability to block specific advertisements if we know the URL. If you can please send us a message via our contact form, including the URL of the advertisement, we will block it immediately. Thank you!

  6. Allow the bears their lives, their families, their children — let them live! Use “cans” for your target practice!

  7. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    The only overpopulated species is the Human species.

  8. Manel Dias says:

    These Bears are very intelligent and majestic animals. Why & how on earth some people who mercilessly capture them, abuse & murder them for the sake of their own profit & enjoyment. Such brutality & callous disregard for the animals are a unintelligent useless subhumans act of violence against the God’s creations. Governments should protect these animals while implementing the new laws.

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