Save Polar Bears from Oil Spills


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Don’t let a catastrophic oil spill poison polar bears and their habitat.

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  1. Jimena bains says:

    Please stop this is horrendous

  2. Silvina Ares says:

    Don’t let a catastrophic oil spill poison polar bears and their habitat!

  3. bob petermann says:

    No oil wells, no oil spills it could be that simple. There are so many wells now, I am tired about them not being turned on because they are not profitable. The Gulf coast after five years still is not cleaned up. So BP takes it to court so they can weasel out of their responsibility. The money spent for lawyers and court should be going to the cleanup. I am tired of wondering when and where the next accident will happen, why add more wells to the mix. No more wells, or tar sand trains or pipe lines. Renewable energy is where our focus should be. Corporate welfare has to stop big oil makes big money off our government well sites. We the people get nothing.

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