Stop Spying on Women Using the Restroom

Target: Ronnie Lotz, Owner of Cigars and Stripes

Goal: Immediately remove two-way mirror from women’s restroom stall.

Women are allegedly being watched through a two-way mirror when they use the bathroom at Cigars and Stripes, a bar outside Chicago in Berwyn, Illinois. Ronnie Lotz, the owner of the establishment, has reportedly refused to remove the mirror. Demand that he get rid of this disgusting mirror immediately.

Video taken by a female comedian who was performing at the Cigars and Stripes club recently surfaced alleging to show a two-way mirror in a stall in the women’s restroom. On the other side of the mirror, the video shows what appears to be a mostly-empty storage room, with more than enough room for a person to stand and watch women using the toilet through the mirror.

When journalists confronted Lotz about this, he reportedly admitted to the mirror being there and confirmed that it had been in place since 2001. Lotz said that it had brought them “much joy” over the years as a way to make women uncomfortable during the bar’s Halloween parties, and that he would rather “burn this f—ing place to the ground” before getting rid of it.

This is an unspeakable and repulsive violation of women’s privacy and cannot be tolerated. Sign the petition below to demand that Lotz remove this alleged mirror at once, as well as any other two-way mirrors he may have in his establishment.


Dear Mr. Lotz,

I am writing you today regarding the two-way mirror that you admitted having in Cigars and Stripes’ women’s restroom to Karyn Polewaczyk from Jezebel. This is disgusting, and your apparent refusal to remove it for coming-on 15 years is sickening.

In your interview with Jezebel, you said that the two-way mirror was used to scare women during your “seven days of Halloween” funhouse-style celebrations—that you would put a fake severed head in the storage room on the other side of the mirror so women peeing would be “all weirded out.” Even if that is truly the intended purpose of this mirror, it is no excuse for having one in a bathroom where it can very easily be used by any Peeping Tom and sexual predator who knows about it.

The fact that this needs to be pointed out to you is so utterly ridiculous, and your excuses so outlandish, that it’s hard to believe the mirror was ever intended for anything other than voyeurism. It is a wonder your establishment is still in business. I demand that you remove this alleged two-way mirror from the women’s restroom at once, as well as any other two-way mirrors you may have in your bar.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Love Krittaya via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I am sure this person could be criminally charged or at least heavily fined for this and ordered to take the mirror down. Seems to me strange to waste money on a two-way mirror for a very humiliating “prank”.
    A letter to this person might be a waste of time. It could be sent to the Police Dept. instead. He would probably like the attention, ignore the letter and boast about the situation with his pals.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    I should think this should fall under the criminal code as what is really is a Peeping tom. Is this not a crime?

  3. What a nasty creep. Probably can’t get a woman so has to get rocks off in the broom closet. Nasty P.O.S.

  4. I wouldn’t waste time or effort on this bar owner. I’d go straight to the police – I’m sure 2-way mirrors in a ladies loo must be illegal in some way – it is sheer ‘Peeping Tom’ pervert mode. Failing that how about a gang of woman visit the loo & accidently smash the mirror? they may have to sue the owner for damages, cuts etc from the broken glass.

    • SoullessBitch says:

      Umm. No. He would be able to sue them for property damage, and rightfully so. Stop promoting violence, moron. And the mirror isn’t against the law, though, maybe there should be a warning or something. It’s HIS establishment and you shouldn’t try to control squat. He’d only get in trouble if there was proof of someone watching chicks through it. Anyone uncomfortable with it doesn’t have to use his bathroom. Get over it. At MOST, it should be covered up on the window side.

  5. Why is the petition addressed to that pervert? He has already made his opinion clear. This is a violation and against the law, the police and district attorney should be involved.

  6. I agree with above that this petition won’t do much (aside from the benefit of at least warning some women). I disagree with above in that, sure, it is “his” bar- but “his bar” is a public place and I am quite willing to venture a guess that it unlawful to “peep” on people engaged in private acts of toileting/ nudity who are unsuspecting The problem would seem to lie in actually proving this to be true. So meanwhile, I know that my personal choice would be to hit him in the pocketbook and boycott the bar (unless I was an exhibitionist and could work out a mutually satisfying deal 😉

  7. Christine Bennett says:

    BOYCOTT ‘CIGARS AND STRIPES’ Call the police, the politicians and TAKE ACTION to ensure that this individual is fully dealt with, in accordance to laws on voyeurism.

  8. Olga Liara says:

    This place should be shut down and he has to be behind the bars for the rest of his life! he is a spychopath!

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