Stop Fining People for Conserving Water in Drought

Swimming Hole During Drought

Target: California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León

Goal: End the practice of fining homeowners who have stopped watering their lawns during California’s drought.

California cities have been fining citizens for not watering their lawns to conserve water during the state’s massive drought. One homeowner even installed AstroTurf so that he wouldn’t have to waste any water on his lawn, and his homeowner’s association has fined him over $4,000 for putting it in and refusing to remove it.

To put a stop to this unfair treatment, lawmakers are considering a bill to make the fining of homeowners for not watering their lawns illegal. The bill has already passed the California state Assembly unanimously and is now on its way to the Senate.

California is currently going through a long drought so severe that a NASA scientist believes the state only has a year of water left. It’s completely ridiculous that any of the state’s cities or homeowner’s associations would fine people for trying to conserve water for the sake of making their neighborhoods look good. The governor is already imposing serious mandatory water cuts, and any citizens who are going beyond that to save as much water as possible should be rewarded, not punished.

By signing this petition, you’ll throw your support behind the bill to make fining people who stop watering their lawns illegal. All Californians must be allowed to do their part to mitigate the state’s water crisis without fear of financial punishment.


Dear Senator Kevin de León,

A bill to end the practice of fining citizens when they let their lawns go brown in order to conserve water is currently on its way to your Senate. As you are well aware, California is going through a terrible drought, necessitating serious statewide water cuts. One NASA scientist has said that the state only has one year of water left. It’s therefore both ridiculous and dangerous that anyone would fine a homeowner for conserving water by declining to water their lawns.

I urge you to support this bill, which passed the California state Assembly unanimously. One man has already been fined $4,000 by his homeowner’s association because he installed AstroTurf for the selfless purpose of conserving water for the state. Don’t let cities punish citizens for trying to do their part to help their community survive during a difficult time.


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Photo credit: Peripitus via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. John Lettieri says:

    Stop Nestle in there tracks and the state of CAL. will have a little more water.

  2. Rachel Waller says:

    Y’know, over here we fine people for continuing to water lawns in a drought, and British droughts are rarer and briefer. I thought it was us that were stereotypically supposed to have the pointless rules?

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Just how bloody stupid can you get??? Those fines should be returned, with interest and a public apology!
    We all know where the water is going! That leaves the question of who is being paid to allow this to happen? Doubt that will on any tax return!

  4. David B Teague says:

    When I attempted to post to my FB page, the link failed. The link in the Twitter post worked. MY tweets get posted to FB, so that’s not an immediate problem. Administrators should check this out.

  5. Stan Benton says:

    This is really asinine. Let’s hope the law gets passed. While they’re at it, maybe they should ban homeowner’s associations?

  6. LaurieStragand says:

    I have an AstroTurf lawn, love it, no HOA! And the rest of my yard is Zeric scaped! Everyone should have the option for less watering!, not fines to go along with the masses!

  7. Not only has my family made every possible effort to conserve our water usage, but our neighbors have as well. If you want to fine anyone … then focus that on those who are NOT conserving. As for fining those who are NOT watering their lawns, that is beyond INSANE !!! You can’t have it both ways – i.e. conserve water usage in a drought and also have a green lawn. Common Sense People !!!!!!

  8. This is insane to punish people attempting to conserve water in a serious draught (or any other time). Governments should be encouraging them to do so.

    Lawns, that use huge amounts of water, can do so without permanent damage to them. They turn yellow–so what?! They will recover.

    Fine those who WASTE water (like the U.K.)! How bad does it have to get, before real action is taken. Stop this idiotic action and pass the bill prohibiting those that are trying to help the situation!

  9. Catherine Alquier says:

    It’s crazy, they should price them instead !

  10. I cant believe we are even talking about this..and yes STOP NESTLE from STEALING water to profit from! the whole bottled water crap needs to be banned…ITS TAP WATER PEOPLE..PERIOD…Nestle is right up there with Monsanto….also stop allowing fracking companies from using water and halt the almond industry as well since that uses alot of water as well….when will it end???

  11. Denise Millet says:

    Factory Farming for beef uses the most water. They should be closed down.
    We need almonds, avocados and good food.!

  12. Watering your lawn is not the problem. It doesn’t make much of a difference. Animal agriculture is the cause of our drought. It takes 1000 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk. It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. Develop a plant-based diet and you will save much more water than you would by not watering your lawn.

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