Stop Injecting Dogs With Lethal Acid


Target: Alireza Pakfetrat, Mayor of Shiraz

Goal: Stop cruel and torturous injection of acid into stray dogs.

Stray dogs are being injected with a deadly substance and left on the streets to die by Iranian contractors in the city of Shiraz. Videos released by activists show the dogs writhing and screeching from the pain for minutes after being injected with what is presumed to be acid before the substance finally kills them. The activists filming the video claimed that the men were hired by the city of Shiraz to help control the population of stray dogs.

The city of Shiraz is home to a large population of stray and feral dogs, which are considered to be pests. They destroy garbage cans looking for food and have even lashed out and bitten children. As only a small portion of the dogs have been vaccinated and sterilized, the problem is compounded by rampant disease and a steadily rising population.

While population control is necessary to reduce dog attacks, the city of Shiraz chose the cheapest and fastest option rather than considering the welfare of the animals. Programs in which feral animals are captured, immunized, sterilized, and released have proven effective in some cities, while others have successfully built animal shelters to house and rehabilitate stray dogs before adoption.

At the very least, these dogs deserve a humane form of euthanasia, rather than being injected with caustic substances and left to write in pain until their deaths. The manner in which the contractors killed the animals is tantamount to torture and must be halted immediately. Sign the petition below to demand that the City of Shiraz implement a humane plan for dealing with rising populations of stray dogs.


Dear Mayor Alireza Pakfetrat,

Recent footage released by activists shows four men injecting a caustic substance into stray dogs, causing them to writhe in pain for minutes before dying. These men were allegedly hired by the city of Shiraz to control the population of strays that have become a threat to citizens.

Rather than sanctioning the brutal killing of stray dogs, the city of Shiraz should explore humane options for population control, such as trapping programs and animal shelters. We, the undersigned, demand that measures are taken to ensure that all stray or feral dogs in Shiraz are treated in a humane manner.


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Photo credit: Nishi.LovesBees via Creative Commons

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  1. It won’t be the first time your country is in the news on account of its abject cruelty to animals. Part of the ‘culture’ is it? In which case I’d say your ‘culture’ has no place on this planet – in fact it has no place anywhere at all. For hardly civilized, is it?… Don’t believe me? Try being acid injected yourselves, and send us a report…

  2. Please consider the other more humane options such as neutering and rendering the animals sterile, coupled with shelters for adoption. Dogs are very useful animals. They are known for their fierce loyalty to their masters. Treat them well and you have a friend for life. Please consider the other options.

  3. Heather Smith-Hillman says:

    Please stop this horribly cruel, inhumane act. We humans just get sicker and sicker each day. When are we going to stop killing everything??

  4. carolann barlas says:

    This is completely disgusting how anyone can allow this blatant cruelty to go on is unbelievable. By allowing this to go on you are shaming your country to the whole world

  5. Rescue the dogs and euthanize the people in Shiraz who are responsible for these atrocities !!!!!!!

  6. I would love a syringe of acid and ten minutes with the vile that call themselves human. Their hell will be a similar punishment

  7. I agree with every single one of those comments inject the people with that and see what happens as I said you should be banned from this should die the way that these poor animals are dying it’s just terrible.

  8. Catherine Alquier says:

    I hope they will take the other way : sterelize animals and not killing them in this way. We, humans, should be able to choose the best for the others which aren’t able to do it themselves. It’s a very bad example to do at their own children of the humanity.

  9. Cecily Colloby says:

    Totally agree with all comments here-save the dogs and inject these loathesome people with acid. THEY deserve to suffer -dogs don’t.It’s bad enough that they kill the dogs at all, but these hideous people always kill them in the cruellest way they can which says a great deal about the kind of people they are, doesn’t it???Evil scum who aren’t fit to live….

  10. Cynthia dsouza says:

    Evil people

  11. Alexandre Engelen says:

    It is the fault of the citizens of Shiraz that there are too many dogs … Those who kill the dogs cruelly, do not have their place either on earth or near the prophet Allah!
    There are other solutions!

    • You don’t have the first fucking clue what feral means do you? Additionally they are unclean. ie Must be destroyed. We have no proof they are in pain. Also you should bitch about the dog trampling the puppy.

  12. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  13. I will be checking about this horrific act later on down the track to see if they have put a stop to this animal cruelty. They’d better because that’s wrong and disgusting to do shit like this as there is no need for this crap going on. Please put a stop to animal cruelty.

  14. Lynn Johnston says:

    That’s so wrong!!!! They would not want that done to them jerks!!!

  15. My God. I have lost all faith in humanity reading the replies of men! You are a stupid ignorant lot which first of all doesn’t understand the meaning of culture. You don’t understand English nor how the world works! I don’t have access to dogs but if I did I would inject them for sport.

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