Fire Trainer Seen Whipping Horse on Face

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Target: Owner of Cumberland Riding Academy, Daniela Romo-Leroux

Goal: Fire trainer accused of whipping a horse on the face.

Footage of a trainer allegedly whipping a horse repeatedly on the body and face has gone viral. The trainer is from Cumerland Riding Academy in Hendersonville, Tennessee. A complaint was filed and authorities are investigating the case. However, it is quite obvious from the footage that the horse was in pain and distressed. Daniela Romo-Leroux should immediately fire this trainer for allegedly abusing the horse.

When notified of the accusations, Romo-Leroux issued a statement. “The safety of CRA’s students and horses is of utmost importance to our organization, and abuse of our animals is not tolerated. CRA has been in operation since 2007 and has trained hundreds of Middle Tennessee equestrians. This is the first time allegations of abuse have been levied against CRA or a member of our staff. We are taking this matter very seriously.” If this is an isolated case, the school should immediately release the trainer reportedly responsible for causing the horse agony. Footage of the scene can also be viewed here. The owner of the school says that the company is doing its own internal investigation, and is complying with the police’s investigation.

Animals should not be hurt when they are being trained. From the footage that was taken, it is obvious that the horse wanted to get away from this trainer, but couldn’t. Animals should look forward to their training sessions, not be intimidated by people. Urge owner Daniela Romo-Leroux to fire this trainer immediately for allegedly abusing this horse.


Dear Daniela Romo-Leroux,

After reviewing the footage of a horse being repeatedly whipped by a trainer, I am astounded that your school would allow the trainer to work there. The footage shows the horse being hit not only on the body, but on the face. Furthermore, this animal wasn’t allowed to move.

As a compassionate human being, I do not think pain or distress should be used as a way to train an animal. It is obvious that the whip was upsetting this animal, but this trainer did not see it or did not care. As a person who is supposed to be able to read the body language of animals, this trainer failed completely. I am writing this letter urging you to fire this employee for her alleged actions at once.


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Photo credit: BLW via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. This is animal cruelty and the person whom did this, deserves criminal charges for animal cruelty and also does not deserve to ever be on the premise of this facility again! Completely unacceptable 🙁

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    Beat this bitch in the face!!

  3. Je suis sous le choc. Une telle violence est intolérable et doit être sévèrement punie. Ces gens là ne devraient plus avoir le droit de posséder ou d’approcher des animaux. Honte à ces tortionnaires.

  4. This school should not be in business. This animal abuser gets paid for beating horses? He does it openly and with no conscience. Just think of what happens behind closed doors. The bitch that runs this business better learn how to screen. Ever heard of a resume with references? Does the bitch know what a referral is? Is this a third world operation.

  5. Sadistic!
    eye for an eye

  6. This is Animal Abuse! Prosecute this person,, Jail Time, Lifetime Ban for own/working with any animal, name on an Animal Abuse Registry to be monitored do they don’t just move somewhere else & start again! If that was my horse I would be filing chargers against the “trainer” & the academy!

  7. Sue Steele says:

    this is un called for… Do this to the person doing this to the horse…. See how it feels…. If I was the one holding the camera taping it all I would have stopped and done the same to that person…. Fire and arrest…

  8. I say put this bitch in a room with many angry animal advocates, as a matter of fact do that with all animal abusers…

  9. Beat and Fire this piece of shit of a poor excuse for a human.

  10. Christine Bennett says:

    What an horrific scene…this should NEVER happen. This ‘training school’ should be closed if they can’t do better than to hire such a person.

  11. Christine Bennett says:

    As well, the harm done to this poor horse and the total loss of trust will take a lot of care to be overcome. It is horrible to see vulnerable creatures being abused!!

  12. Irene J Zaidi says:

    This bastard that did this to a defenseless animal has no heart, no soul no conscious. It sickens me, you do not train any animal or human like this. Must be a fkr. With a broken crayon for a dick. Real men don’t do this only worthless scum cowards do this. Mother fucking bastards.

  13. jeannine says:

    Come 2 my house …i will give u a beating you will never forget. .I hope they never around animals ever again…Lock you dumb ass up 4ever..sick and disgusting. ..

  14. Linda Amundson says:

    This woman should be fired and put in jail. If she’s their top trainer, as they claimed, I shudder to think what the others are like.

    I’ve read comments on another article on her by different people stating they had previously brought their children there and witnessed her abuse and it’s been going on for a long time. Two problems with that: (1) I find it hard to believe word did not get back to the higher-ups and owner of the place prior to this. (2) Why didn’t those adult parents report the abuse at the time to the cops or, at the least, the owner of this facility? They could’ve prevented further abuse to countless horses over the years.

  15. Manel Dias says:

    It is time to WHIP this evil Trainer’s face until it gets broken & bleeding. This Horse has being now TRAUMATIZED, and it will be very hard for this innocent, voiceless animal to trust any humans in the future. This is an Animal Abuser. Need to Punish this scumbag to the fullest.

  16. Dominique says:

    Disgusting! You would think that people who train animals or get into the business of working with animals have a love and respect for them. I am no trainer nor do I work with animals, but Im sure if I held an animal so it could not escape and whipped it as hard as I could, It would eventually listen to me too! However, this does not nor should it qualify me as an animal “trainer”! This woman needs to be fired immediately!

  17. maria kakalioura says:

    Since this school gives employment to such people who clearly do not love and/or respect animals, given that this horse is treated in an appalling way while it is still useful to the school, I cannot help but wondering what does the school do with the horses when they are no longer useful?

  18. Robert Shepherd says:

    Fire his fat ass so he can go home and have his wife kick it for him.

  19. Toni sanchez says:

    I really really hopethis dirt bag lives to be 105 and God send somebody to do the same to her wen she can no longer defend herself

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