Punish Students for Organizing “Anti-Gay” Day


Target: Dr. Erika L. Kolat, Superintendent of the McGuffey School District

Goal: Punish students for organizing “anti-gay” event and for allegedly using hate speech.

Students at a high school in Pennsylvania held an “anti-gay” day in which they wore flannel and wrote hateful slogans on their bodies to protest homosexuality in a staggering reminder of how much bigotry remains in the United States. This revolting event was allegedly done in response to a “Day of Silence” event that was sponsored by the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance the day before. These students must be punished harshly for their bullying and intolerance.

The “protesting” students allegedly spent their day shoving LGBT students, verbally assaulting them with epithets, and shoving bible verses into their lockers. They also spent a great deal of time smiling and posing for pictures that were then posted to social media in an attempt to spread their message of hatred. This type of open and proud hatred of other living, breathing human beings is truly appalling.

LGBT students already often deal with hostile environments in school, but this type of wide-scale harassment goes above and beyond simple schoolyard bullying and lands somewhere in the territory of hate speech. This is a clear cut case of hate speech as evidenced by the fact that one student has said that the situation only seems to be worsening, meaning that the “protest” has actually incited hostility against LGBT students and their supporters.

Harsh measures must be taken to show these students just how horrible they have been–suspension will not suffice. If this were some sort of prank done in poor taste, perhaps it would be enough, but the smug, smiling faces of these bigots demand something harsher. Sign here to demand that these students face criminal hate speech charges.


Dear Dr. Kolat,

I am writing to address the unthinkable disaster that has occurred in your school district at McGuffey high school. Students carried out a hateful “protest” that was explicitly “anti-gay” and did so with smiles and twitter posts aplenty. These students must be punished swiftly and harshly. Suspension or expulsion of these students may have been sufficient if this were some sort of prank done in poor taste, but this was a well-organized event.

For this reason, I demand that the school district bring criminal hate speech charges against the students who participated by allegedly shouting hateful epithets and physically assaulting LGBT students. There is plenty of photo evidence to prove who took part and it is clear from the images that those involved took part willingly.

Something must be done about this issue quickly as one of your own students has said that the environment in the school is worsening and becoming more hostile. Expel these students and force them to stand trial for their hatred. Show them that this type of intolerance has no place in this world.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Benson Kua via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I support most of the issues on forcechange but this is just making a mockery of the site. People are entitled to disapprove of something without it being labelled a “hate crime” or “hate speech” – just as we are here signing petitions because we disapprove of certain things. If you take the assertion and stated goal in the above petition to its logical conclusion, then all of us who disapprove of something should be punished…. As far as I can see, the above petition really has no place here on forcechange.

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