Commercial Horse Fighting is Disgusting and Must be Stopped

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Target: Benigno Aquino III, President of the Philippines

Goal: Improve enforcement of anti-horse fighting laws in the Philippines.

Horse fighting, an outlawed form of entertainment in the Philippines, is carrying on as strong as ever according to a report by European advocacy group Network for Animals. An investigation revealed entire villages coming together to witness the brutal bloodsport, which is similar to a dog fight. A mare is placed in the ring as two stallions are held back and in order to build aggression before being released and allowed to charge each other.

Rather than a fight to the death, most horse fights end after a set period of time, generally one hour. Like many fighting animals, it is not common for the horses to receive any veterinary care for their injuries. According to a veterinarian, most of the horses will later die of internal injuries from being kicked, a slow and agonizing process that can take anywhere from two days to a week. Others will die of severe infection from untreated wounds, while only the lucky are shot by their owners to end their misery.

The process in which the animals are trained to fight is equally horrific. Physical force, starvation, and extended confinement is used to first “break” the horses. Common exercises during training include chaining an animal’s upper body with rope in order to make it stand on its hind legs and jab with its forelegs, as well as putting a horse in a ring with an aggressive goat and forcing the horse to kill it.

Despite the fact that horse fights are illegal, they are publicly advertised and often not investigated by police. Due to this lack of enforcement, organizers can hold fights and trainers can abuse horses with no legal repercussion. Sign the petition below to demand that the Filipino government immediately allocate more resources to the enforcement of anti-horse fighting laws.


Dear President Benigno Aquino III,

A recent investigation by Network for Animals has uncovered a thriving illegal horse fighting industry in the Philippines. Some view the bloodsport as entertainment, and will congregate in masses to gamble on the outcome of the match. The horses are forced to fight until they are severely injured, with many dying slowly from painful internal injuries or severely infected wounds.

The investigation revealed that many such events are not shut down despite being publicly advertised for weeks in advance. This allows the continued suffering of horses as well as continued profits to those who abuse animals for entertainment. We, the undersigned, demand that the Filipino government improve the enforcement of anti-horse fighting laws in order to finally end the cruel tradition.


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Photo credit: Mike Gonzalez via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. KatWrangler says:

    When you think you’ve seen and heard everything, something new and more repulsive, revolting, and nauseating comes along ( yes, I did use my thesaurus – I didn’t want to leave anything out). The longer I live, the more disgusted I feel about humans.

    • I agree. Humans think of more ways to abuse, torture & slaughter innocence animals, either for money & or enjoyment. I’m absolutely appalled & horrified (not shocked anymore though sadly). There are many sociopaths among us. Our world & all god’s creatures would be a better place without these evil people. I am doing what I can by signing every petition on ever cause I come across & donate when able, atleast I feel I somehow trying to make a difference.

  2. What a shameful, despicable, cruel, unconscionable, hateful sport — what kind of society would accept such horror — are the sociopaths in charge? Round them up and arrest them — throw away the key — they’re mentally imbalanced!

  3. It’s unbelievable cruelty

  4. Ah, yes, just watch the friendly Asian people smiling on the travel shows. They seem to be so kind and cheerful. Unfortunately, their smiles hide black, rotten, despicable hearts and souls.

  5. OMW! What next? Has humanity gone crazy? It seems so to me at least! Wherever u look humans are creating ways to exploit and destroy our animals! Bloody Sic man! My heart breaks for these poor trusting Animals of the world!

  6. What will it take, how much more unnecessary suffering to make animal atrocities end?
    Its unfortunate that the human race abuses anything and everything on this planet for $ value…

    Human Race your days are numbered!!!

  7. Ravinder Singh says:

    Devils, Monsters, fucking bastards. They should be kicked hard and do the same with these bastards family what they are doing with these horses.

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