Stop Mass Evictions and Abandonment of the Poor


Target: Kim Jong Kim, President of the World Bank

Goal: Demand the World Bank stop funding forced evictions, and follow through on its obligation to assist communities displaced by its projects.

The World Bank claims it is “working for a world free of poverty.” But the projects it funds around the globe, from pipelines and mines to dams and power plants, are doing more than just destroying the environment. Communities displaced to make way for these projects often see rises in hunger, unemployment, disease and death despite the World Bank’s obligation to aid them in resettlement.

It is absurd to evict some of the planet’s most vulnerable people from their lands in the name of fighting poverty. The World Bank is required to provide replacement housing, and to help the people it displaces find new means of supporting their families. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and others confirmed in a joint report that the World Bank’s projects have forced more than three million people from their lands since 2004, in many cases abandoning them.

Some World Bank-backed projects have funded regimes accused of human rights abuses, and continued to do so despite evidence of these terrible crimes. “The bank’s lapses have hurt urban slum dwellers, hardscrabble farmers, impoverished fisherfolk, forest dwellers and indigenous groups,” according to the report, “leaving them to fight for their homes, their land and their ways of life, sometimes in the face of intimidation and violence.”

The World Bank has shown increasing support for projects that involve mass displacement. These forced evictions and the lack of follow-through that accompanies them violate the World Bank’s own rules, not to mention basic human decency. Demand that the World Bank stop fueling the displacement of millions of people already struggling to survive.


Dear Mr. Kim,

Hundreds of non-governmental organizations, trade unions and farmer groups have confronted the World Bank regarding its role in mass displacement and environmental destruction. How can your organization fund violent evictions, fossil fuel projects and the corporate takeover of farming and still claim to work on behalf of the poor? How can you defend your position in the face of criticism from groups as diverse as these, featured stories in Huffington Post and elsewhere, and a scathing new report detailing 3.4 million people displaced by World Bank projects since 2004?

The report describes how the World Bank “[failed] to protect people moved aside in the name of progress” in Albania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Nigeria, Peru, Serbia, South Sudan, and Uganda. These are not isolated incidents; rather they demonstrate a clear disregard for the safety and livelihood of the displaced in violation of your own rules. They make a mockery of your “commitment” to raise the standard of living for the planet’s poorest.

I call on the World Bank to stop financing projects involving forced evictions, and to provide new homes and employment opportunities to those already displaced.


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Photo credit: Kounosu via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Ingo Nowack says:

    Hi all good ones!

    Usually, I wouldn`r comment at all.
    This time I`ll make an exception, because I disaggree with the comment from Rita Lemkull.
    She say`s, she can`t sign this Petition as it is her opinion: the less Asians, the better.
    Well, of course she owns the entire right for her own opinion, just like any other human does or should do.
    But I feel like pointing out some rough spots to bring out the real brink!
    It is definantely most of the refugees faults to try for a better life, even if that means to accept and endure horrifying trips to escape form their terrible and horrible life conditions in their homecountries, where the are suffering from poverty, starvation, thurst, being homeless or maybe worst, being persecuted for political or religious reasons and simply fear for the sanity and lifes of themselves or their whole families.
    Here`s why I believe we`re fighting the wrong Problem.
    I truely believe, that most of this world`s refugees would rather stay in their homecountries, if it was garanteed for them to live beautyful, nice, calm and suitably well off lives, unfortunately it isn`t.
    And yes, I won`t Forget those who are criminals or terrorists (perhaps both in one Person) and mix up amongst real refugees, to bring crimes and Terror upon their future Hosts and guestcountries.
    I pray to God, the almighty (deeply hoping and wishing the known legends are true), he`ll either show all humankind the right way to solve those Problems without any further bloodshed or worse, or, if that is the only way, to sort us humans out the way we deserve it!
    One last thing I`d like to Launch in the direction of all Earth`s arch-criminals and infinate blasphemists, be they to be found in Companies, politics, Religion (there especially in sects like Scientology, Jehova`s witnesses, IS (Isis), Al Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hammas etc., Ultra-orthodox jewish or christians (yep, those bloody ultra-conservative ones) never Forget: whoever exalts himself to others will be humbled!
    I might be wrong, but I`ve that certain vague Feeling, that a many, if not all of those I call Earth`s arch-criminals and infinate blasphemists do not only exalt themselves to all life and the living here on God`s own planet Earth, they exalt themselves even to God by raise themselves on their thrones of arrogancy and misbelief up in their ivory-towers and dare to be prosecuters, judges and hangmen in God`s Name, because they Claim to be the only ones to be members of the one and only right Religion (if there is such Thing) and they even behave as if they are the only ones, who understand God`s will and words, no matter what book they spring.
    If my fear turns out right, all those Earth`s arch-criminals and infinate blasphemists will most likely have to face the harshest possible punishment on judgment-day!
    So you`d better beware!

  2. Ingo Nowack says:

    Sorry, it`s me again.
    Better read your comments twice before you submit them.

    Unfortunately, I wrote this in my first comment:

    “It is definantely most of the refugees faults to try for a better life”

    Well, there`s something very important missing, because I didn`t bother to give my message a second look.

    It should mean:

    It is definantely not the fault of most of the refugees to try for a better life, it is their fate wich is forced upon them!

    So please excuse my mistake and accept my humble apologies!

    Take care!

  3. Amy Rose Murphy says:

    I bet Kim Jong Kim and his like never knew the feeling of being hungry ,or having no roof over their head,
    shame on these over paid fat cats to them money is their god

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