Don’t Strip Mine Pristine Forest Land


Target: Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder

Goal: Prevent 10,000 acres of public forest land from being sold to a private mining company.

More than 10,000 acres of Michigan’s state-owned, public forest land may be sold to Graymont Inc., a Canadian mining company, for land and mineral rights. About 1,000 of these acres will be converted into a strip mine, 7,000 acres will become a new underground mine, and the rest will provide mining support infrastructure. There is massive public opposition to the mining operation plans, but Keith Creagh, the director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MI DNR), has already signed his approval to sell the land. However, it is not too late to stop the transaction and the construction of the mines.

The lands specified in this possible sale are mostly undeveloped forests in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, such as the Hiawatha National Forest, the Mackinaw State Forest, and the Lake Superior State Forest. These areas are crucial for wildlife, especially the fragile wolf population, which will be threatened by the proposed mining operations. Additionally, once the forest is cut down for the strip mines and mining support infrastructure, it will take numerous years for the forest to regrow and for the ecosystem to regain its balance.

The wildlife and animals will not be the only ones affected, however. Those who are living nearby the mining site, such as families in small farms, will be subjected to noise, air and light pollution, and the heavy dust can cause significant health problems. If the mines are built, there will be an increased risk of water pollution and private drinking water wells will also be negatively affected by the mining operations. Selling the land to a private company will also deprive people from experiencing its beauty, since locals and tourists will lose access to this space and no longer be able to camp, fish, hike, and watch the wildlife.

Don’t let the MI DNR give away a crucial, precious piece of Michigan. Please sign this petition to stop the construction of mines on over 10,000 acres of forest land.


Dear Governor Rick Snyder,

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MI DNR) has approved the Rexton Project, which involves the sale of Michigan’s state-owned forest land of over 10,000 acres to Graymont Inc., a Canadian mining company. The purchased land will be deforested and wiped out in order to create a new strip mine, an underground mine, and mining support infrastructure. Graymont Inc. also plans to build a processing facility for the mined limestone and dolomite.

Public outcry has been immense against the proposed mining operations. If the sale goes through, people will no longer have access to the public forest land, which has been a valuable part of Michigan’s wildlife and beauty. More importantly, the ecosystem will be negatively impacted. The mines will increase the risk of water pollution, threaten the fragile wolf population, and cause noise, air, and light pollution that will become a major health concern for the people living in nearby family-owned farms.

I am urging you to help stop the construction of Graymont Inc.’s mines on the precious lands of Michigan. Don’t let the mines destroy your state’s wildlife.


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  1. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    … we Mindlessly Proliferate our Human species and Demand the Rape of the Planet.

  2. How did this idiotic, insensitive fool get elected?!

    Selling this beautiful PUBLIC LAND should be unconstitutional! How can he get away with this atrocious sale?! Since it is public land, the citizens of the state should have a say in what is done with it.

    Is the MI DNR run by a sociopath? How can they approve such a horrific decision–10,000 acres of precious state forest for strip mining?!!!!! Keith Creagh was bought and paid for as was Gov. Snyder.

    These greedy monsters will destroy the beauty and health of the state, along with all the precious wildlife.

    This MUST be stopped!

  3. Jane Morrow says:

    What a ridiculous and short-sighted proposition this is. These forest lands must be retained in their current form for all concerned, wildlife and the local people and indeed the world as a whole. Is this another example of a government official in the pockets of the mining, oil and ranching interests – the more I learn about US environmental issues the more this seems to be par for the course.

  4. It’s all about money and greed. Why ? When they are dead they have nothing any more, not even their own body !

  5. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Destroying is easy, building is wise.

  6. This is disgusting, our future generations will be handed a waste land if they don’t stop!

  7. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Governments have to protect lands and forests. Instead of that, they give for money all what they can. It’s really idiot.

  8. Catherine Alquier says:

    Stop another new destruction. Preserve at all costs the Nature. It’s vital for human people now.

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