Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Miscarriage Must be Released

Pregnant Woman

Target: Indiana Governor Mike Pence

Goal: Pardon woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for having a miscarriage.

A woman in Indiana was given 20 years in prison after she had a likely miscarriage or stillbirth and sought medical help at a hospital. Purvi Patel was charged under feticide laws despite the fact that no substances were found in her body that could have harmed the fetus. In direct contradiction to this, she was also charged with felony child neglect because prosecutors said the child was technically a baby that could have survived outside the womb.

Not only did the pathologist in the case determine that the child was stillborn, the test that prosecutors used to “prove” that the child could have survived outside Patel’s body was dismissed as quackery over 100 years ago. The floating lung test they performed was done in the 17th century and is very widely regarded as invalid by actual medical professionals.

Somehow, despite all of this, Patel was still found guilty and sentenced to two decades in prison, effectively ruining her life. It’s not surprising that Patel, like the only other person in the state to be charged with feticide, is an immigrant woman of color.

This mockery of a trial has widespread ramifications. It may prevent pregnant people in Indiana, especially poor women of color, from seeking medical treatment when something goes wrong during a pregnancy as they will fear prosecution. It also shows how anti-abortion laws treat pregnant people as incubators who can’t even suggest the idea of abortion without risk of being thrown in prison for a crime they clearly didn’t commit.

This injustice cannot be allowed to stand. Patel should not have to continue to suffer through the process of appeal. By signing this petition, you’ll demand that the governor of Indiana pardon Purvi Patel of all charges immediately due to the clearly dubious methods used in the trial and lack of evidence of any wrongdoing.


Dear Governor Pence,

You’ve likely heard of Purvi Patel, an immigrant Indian woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after she was somehow accused of both feticide and child neglect. Both charges don’t make sense, as there were no abortion drugs found in Patel’s system and the pathologist assigned to the case said that the child was stillborn and therefore was never a child that could have been neglected.

This trial was a clear farce, but could potentially ruin this woman’s entire life. You don’t recover from 20 years in prison. Evidence strongly suggests that this woman did nothing wrong and only suffered the pain and trauma of a stillbirth or miscarriage. She needs support and counseling, not to be thrown behind bars. Please open your heart and grant Purvi Patel a full pardon for the crimes she clearly did not commit.


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  1. Vicky Cole says:

    Sentenced for a traumatic event that any woman should receive sympathy and compassion for, why not try giving rapists and child killers high sentences instead of targeting innocents?

  2. So totally absurd and getting worse. There are many miscarriages in nature and none of them is a crime. These fanatics must leave all citizens alone and put their energies into something constructive.

  3. I really thought I was going to read of this happening in some put of the way backwater country.

    Indiana?? As in the USA?? I’m speechless!

    • That is shocking! Isn’t it! Talk about backward!! That poor woman needs to be released and a public pardon given! I can’t Believe they’re so barbabric!

    • Lynn Juozilaitis says:

      It is crazy! And this is the same state that tried to pass a law discriminating against the LGBT community! They seem to be as backward as any third world country I ever heard of!

    • Pence has allowed privatized prisons to take people in as inmates for very small amounts of pot. pot smokers and women are usually the most passive workers for these for profit privatized prison industries to make even more money off of. and Pence gets $$ back too. You Betcha, betcha !
      This Teabagger Governor and his Teabagging base have been telling America they want to take us back since 2008, they just never told you what century.

  4. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    This is beyond injustice and ridiculous! It’s crazy! Are crazy people running that government? Too bad they weren’t miscarried! Free this woman now you moronic idiots!

  5. DIDN’T SHE SUFFER ENOUGH ?????? Evidence strongly suggests that this woman did nothing wrong and only suffered the pain and trauma of a stillbirth or miscarriage

  6. Better make sure you know where your representatives stand and you vote, or this could become the new standard for all the states.

  7. krystal schilling says:

    There’s no need to link this to abortion law, in what part of the incident was abortion an issue? You said she DIDN’T try to abort her baby, she was trying to get help to save it, so why are you saying that this shows a need for positive views of abortion? I’m prolife and I know that charging someone for murder who didn’t kill anything is wrong, I see no reason to say that this should make abortion legal. You just make people who would sign reluctant by muddying the political waters.

  8. Stan Benton says:

    Agree with all of the previous comments. This is as sick as it gets. (And these guys are our “leaders”? – God help us.)

  9. and when are women going to get smart and refuse to have sex or use birth control. since pregnancy is now a crime in America, it is not worth it, you may just get the death sentence. And if you don’t think so, look this up:
    Teabagger Senator from Georgia Bobby Franklin in 2011(deceased 2012)wrote up a house bill to give women who suffer a miscarriage the death penalty. He also wanted it investigated by the FBI and local police as a fetalcide. If a woman could prove she had nothing to do with the miscarriage, she might-might-get life in prison. The fact a pregnant woman has a miscarriage, she is involved simply by the fact that the deceased embryo/fetus was in her body. So no matter what. women are guilty simply becasue they are women. This is verifiable online.

  10. Kimberley says:

    Good luck getting that done. Pence is too busy trying to be VP, can’t you see him drooling? He doesn’t care about anybody in his state. He cares about himself, his power and his money.

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