Denounce Politician for Justifying Knife Attack on Pregnant Woman as “Act of God”

Separation of Church and State

Target: Colorado Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt

Goal: Demand lawmaker who called the cutting of a fetus from a woman’s womb an “act of God” apologize.

A lawmaker called it an “act of God” after a woman was attacked and had her unborn child cut out of her. The child died soon after. The legislator, Republican Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt of Colorado, said that the horrible act was God’s retribution for the existence of legal abortion in the U.S.: “This is the curse of God upon America for our sin of not protecting innocent children in the womb.”

In the face of increasing outrage as more people learn of his reprehensible statement, Klingenschmitt has refused to apologize. “If other people are offended by the Bible, that’s okay, they don’t have to agree with me or come to my church or watch my TV show,” he said. “It’s a free country.”

To say that this woman deserved what happened to her because abortion is legal is far beyond offensive. The woman suffered a traumatic, brutal assault followed by a terrible loss, and the only thing she should be hearing now is words of support and sympathy. At best, Klingenschmitt is exploiting a horrific tragedy to promote a political stance based on religious beliefs, which have no place in government to begin with.

To say that this representative needs to apologize is an understatement. If the separation of church and state means anything, he should resign for bringing religion into this issue. However, to start, Klingenschmitt needs to show that he feels compassion for other human beings and remorse for saying something so awful about a person who suffered an extremely traumatic loss. Sign to demand that he issue a public apology to the victim immediately.


Dear Rep. Klingenschmitt,

Recently, you called a horrific attack upon a pregnant woman in which her unborn child was cut out of her womb an “act of God.” You essentially used this terrible and undoubtedly traumatic incident to promote your political agenda and told the victim who has also just lost her child that she deserved what happened to her.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the concept of the separation of church and state, but even if you don’t care about the wishes of our founding fathers, you should at least show compassion for the woman who lost her child. You are, after all, supposed to care about the unborn, and caring about someone means not exploiting their death for politics.

You’ve so far refused to apologize for this reprehensible statement. This is unacceptable. Unless you want to position yourself as a heartless man who only cares about his own political and religious beliefs without having any consideration or compassion for actual people, you’ll issue a public apology to the woman who had her child cut out of her. Do what’s right and retract your gross, selfish statement.


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  1. David Foster says:

    Just goes to show that not only do believers in the god-giveness of sharia law but also fundamentalist Christians can both have barbaric, medieval beliefs.

  2. KatWrangler says:

    Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt is in serious need of a mental tune-up. And a pink slip. Apologizing is not enough – go away forever.

  3. David Hunter says:

    This man is mentally ill !

    Apart from being heartless and completely lacking in any form of Christian compassion he uses the death of a child, in the most horrific way, to further his political ends. In stating that such a horrible murder is an act of God, to use his own phrase, I am not offended by the Bible that he professes to quote fro but I am offended by him as a human being. What were the people of Colorado thinking when they voted for such a monster?

  4. christina canchola-guzman says:

    People who say insensitive and reprehensible statements like this are only driving more people away from christianity. I am a christian, have been my entire life, and I would never even come close to thinking this about God or of an innocent woman. This was a horrendous act that happened to a woman trying to provide clothes to her baby, trusting that someone was selling her clothes. This was a crime, by a mentally sick individual, attacking an innocent mother who wanted to care for her child. It has nothing to do with ‘God’s agenda’. In addition to apologizing to this woman who will suffer tremendously from the loss of her baby, he needs to apologize to Christians for his embarrassing and rude comments that have nothing to do with God’s love and mercy.

  5. Chiley~♬ Chiley~♬ says:

    People are offended by the way he uses the Bible and applauds the assault of a woman who had her unborn child cut out of her. And just where in the Bible does it say to go attack pregnant women and kill their unborn children?!?
    THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. So he’s saying how “God” did that because abortion is legal in [parts of] the US? THAT WAS AN ACT WORSE THAN ABORTION. The child was forcefully removed without the consent of the mother, against the will of the mother, and it inflicted harm both physically and mentally. SHE WAS CARYING THE CHILD. SHE WAS LETTING IT LIVE AND WAS NOT GETTING AN ABORTION. How is killing an unborn child in an act worse than abortion somehow making a stand against it?

  6. What a sorry excuse for a man he is. He obviously has no compassion what so ever. How anyone, let alone a “supposedly ” man of God, think God is responsible for this heinous act. It’s not God that the problem it’s people,like him who take it upon themselves to act in such an Ungodly manner.

  7. Losers like this get elected because we put them there. I think as a country, we have to start scrutinizing elected officials and their personal integrity with a magnifying glass. It is not enough to get a vote because they said the right words during a campaign election. We know how that story pans out. I think we need debates. Lots of it. The right questions need to be asked and they need to do it without their “advisors” sitting on the wings. If you truly care about the people, you will be able to speak from the heart. You wouldn’t need to rehearse it because you live it, eat it and breath it every day. It comes natural to you. We need people in office who passionately care about the people & the environment. We need people who can stay objective and not allow their personal pet peeves to come between their obligation to The People. And last but not least, we need people who have the balls to tackle things with a vengeance. Look at all the losers they will have to deal with when they get in office? That’s their work environment. Bottom line is, we need compassionate and courageous people. Our home is what we make of it and right now we have so much house cleaning to do! Just remember, there are key positions that get to assign governmental positions. If we put the wrong person in office, then we would have put the wrong person in other positions. Each vote counts more than we think because it’s a domino effect. Stand your ground, be courageous and vigilant everyone and thank you for caring.

  8. I want to add something that is just nagging at the back of my mind. If there was a petition that demands his removal from office I would be the first to have signed THAT petition. But I feel like I’m left with little choice but to sign this one.
    This is the problem with America. We live in the land of the free and yet I don’t feel so free. I have to settle for a mediocre action that doesn’t really solve the true problem which is we have an uncaring and no doubt, ineffective person representing the people. And yet we allow these losers to dictate policies that affect very aspect of our lives behind closed doors. I don’t feel comfortable with this. An apology doesn’t create better policies. The removal of the problem (him) will at least provide a better chance at not making things worse.

    This is the same thing as signing a petition to label GMOs. If we know GMOs are bad for our health, why is it even allowed to be on the dinner table at all? Why is there no petition to ban GMOs all together? If the labeling of GMOs pass, all it does is help those who are advantaged enough to be aware of GMOs and have the financial means to avoid buying it. What about the rest of our population? I believe that all proposals and actions, regardless of who introduced them, should have the best interest of all Americans in mind, not just a certain group of people. It is the right thing to do and it is the ONlY thing to do.

  9. Vicky Cole says:

    This is disgusting and a typically idiotic dismissal of real religious scripture, like people in the old days used to think they were superior to other countries just because with weapons and disease they could ‘conquer’ them?

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