Save First Statewide Plastic Bag Ban


Target: Governor of California, Jerry Brown

Goal: Do not let industry repeal plastic bag ban in California.

California’s statewide ban on plastic bags is up for repeal this year after being delayed by the plastic bag industry. The ban would have been the first of its kind in United States history, but lobbying efforts have forced it to a public vote. Plastic bags have been proven to pollute our environment and waterways, while also killing our animals. Do not let the plastic bag industry win. Tell Governor Jerry Brown that you support the ban on plastic bags and wish for it to take effect.

Plastic bags are ubiquitous, and it is because of this unfortunate circumstance that these bags are clogging our waterways and bodies of water. Plastic bags do not decompose fast–in fact some scientists speculate that plastic can take centuries to break down. This spells disaster for our environment and animals, who swallow these bags and end up dying. Animals who somehow live through ingesting plastic often suffer from health problems, or end up on our plates where we ingest the plastic.

But this isn’t what the plastic bag industry is saying. The industry is saying that plastic bags have little to no effect on our environment. Phillip Rosenski, who works at a plastic bag facility, believes that the environmental harm perpetuated by plastic bags is a “hyperbole.” This statement was struck down by Mark Murray of Californians Against Waste. Murray stated that federal studies have shown how plastic bags contribute to litter and cleanup problems, costing some cities $400 million per year to solve.

The plastic bag industry simply wants to make money off of Americans. They do not care about the long term effects on our environment. If you care for the welfare of our planet and our animals, sign this petition. Tell Governor Jerry Brown to keep the ban on plastic bags in place.


Dear Governor Jerry Brown,

It astounds me that a ban meant to clean up our environment and keep our animals safe has been delayed thanks to the plastic bag industry. This industry has spent millions of dollars to get this legislation revoked because they do not want Americans to use canvas or other environmentally safe bags. While studies have shown that plastic bags pollute our environment and place our animals in danger, the industry calls this an exaggeration.

I am concerned for the welfare of our planet. Plastic bags have done nothing but give us convenience. These items will take decades, perhaps centuries, to decompose. We don’t need litter, we need things that are reusable and biodegradable. I am urging you to keep the plastic bag ban in place for the sake of our environment and our future.


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Photo credit: Enno Schroder via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    I need my plastic bags because of my 3 cats and all that kitty litter! There’s nothing that works as well, and it would be prohibitively expensive for me to buy them since I use so many.

    • freddie williams says:

      kitty litter versus killing wildlife! change your priorities.

    • Mary Elizabeth says:

      Fortunately, there are biodegradable plastic bags for these types of situations. They’re really not that expensive, and, while they aren’t a perfect solution, they won’t harm the environment as much as traditional bags. Some cat owners even re-use the plastic bags from products they already buy, like bread, newspapers, etc.

  2. Cat Jefferson says:

    Normally I’m all for getting rid of things that are horrible for the environment but in this case, I agree with you Sandra. I have six cats. I use the bags with no holes for kitty litter, and trash disposal. I recycle the rest of them. Also, those reusable bags they keep trying to get us to buy are not washable. Studies have shown what a danger to your health, due to being bacterial breeding grounds. I was using them a lot till I figured that out for myself, from odors on them becoming worse over a short time.

    People need to stop being pigs and reuse and recycle, if they did that, the rest of us who do would NOT be threatened with our conveniences being taken away.

  3. freddie williams says:

    study the “5 gyres” these bags are the cause of irreparable harm to our environment and wildlife. marine life, turtles, bird life suffocating on this abhorrent product. these creatures ingest this and die. stop the promotion of the use of these bags NOW!

  4. Brenda Boutin says:

    Buy an inground digester for your cat and dog poop or flush without litter. Once you have seen a whale unable to eat because of being tied up with plastic garbage or the whale who died because it swallowed a DVD case, it is impossible to justify using plastic bags and other “disposable” plastic.

  5. As long as I’ve lived in California (all my life, really) the environment and conservation have been staples of the vast majority of what I’ll refer to as REAL CALIFORNIANS. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that over the years our demographics have changed, and with that change … many newcomers who don’t seem to have the same respect for California values. As a result, it’s not uncommon these days to see plastic bags sailing along our highways and freeways and / or carelessly tossed out on the sidewalks (even though there are recycling bins nearby). Even our beaches are suffering from the carelessness of selfish people who don’t share REAL CALIFORNIA VALUES !!! All that said, I call on all REAL CALIFORNIANS to support this ban, as we apparently have no other choice …

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