Demand Justice for 30 Slaughtered Elephants


Target: Conservation Director of African Parks, Jean Marc Froment

Goal: Increase security efforts and enforce stricter punishments after recent spike in elephant killings.

Poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo recently killed 30 elephants in Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Garamba National Park. The conservation director at African Parks released a statement on the disturbing matter saying: “We have a group of north Sudanese coming inside the park, spreading in small groups and during 15 days they killed 30 elephants.”

Authorities have also said that Sudanese Militia were likely responsible for slaughtering the animals. They have moved into the area as the population of elephants has almost been eliminated in places like the northern Congo. Poachers have also become increasingly effective at gaining access to the elephants, as they often disguise themselves as government workers or as members of the army. Ugandan troops, rebel groups and members of Sudanese and Congolese armies have allegedly been participating in the senseless killing of elephants in Africa. In 2014 a military helicopter was identified during the killing of 68 elephants over the course of only two months. The Ugandan rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) was also said to have participated in this massacre, according to park officials.

Ivory poachers have been hunting and effectively destroying the population of elephants in Garamba, which now stands at only 1,700. Without sufficient protection, the elephant species will likely not survive for much longer. 

Sign the petition below to demand that the lives of these elephants be preserved. 


Dear Jean Marc Froment,

The brutal massacre of elephants in Garamba National park is much more than a wake-up call. It is very telling of the desperate need for protection in areas where there is still a significant population of elephants. There are currently only 150 rangers patrolling 8,000 square miles at Garamba, making it nearly impossible to effectively guard the elephants.

There should be a significant amount of resources put into protecting these animals, which will likely go extinct within a few decades if things don’t change, according to wildlife experts. International criminal networks continue to organize attacks on elephants to satisfy the growing demand for ivory. These groups of poachers will likely continue to kill elephants until they wipe out the entire species, unless they are met with a powerful response from Garamba National Parks officials.

I urge you to consider the recent spike in killings as an indicator that the need to effectively guard our wildlife should be met with a sense of urgency before it is too late.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jude via Flickr

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  1. Manel Dias says:

    Once when these magnificent animals are all gone from those countries, there will be no more foreign visitors to visit National Parks or no more foreign income. If these countries do not protect their wilderness & it’s inhabitants such as these Elephants, & many other wild animals, then who wants to go there & to do what? Protecting elephants & the rest of the wild animals are very important for these countries due to the National parks which brings many visitors each year while improving their survival as well. The more National Parks are there to visit the more foreign income will be. These greedy few people who cruelly murder the magnificent animals are supposed to be caught and punish severely. Other than that Congo has no future & obviously will be very bleak.

  2. Katalin Apathy says:

    This issue is so incredibly heartbreaking to me! Such highly intelligent, sentient creatures, so beautiful, being so senselessly and brutally killed…beyond sickening!!! These people killing these animals deserve the same treatment!

  3. It’s far too late for the thousands of massacred elephants…but not another one should be touched. I’d like to see big armies go in and wipe out every poacher.
    And for those behind the killings, they should get the worst, the longest, prison terms. They are murderers.
    And the leadership in these countries? How do you stop ignorance, more mindlessness, and greed?!

  4. Rita Grahn says:

    Barbaric acts like this justify to the civilized world that Africa is indeed a barbaric, backward, hopeless 3rd world basket case, full of savages who have no regard for life. It it any wonder that civilized countries (with money to invest) don’t want to touch Africa? Just look at how long it took the western world to start helping with the Ebola crisis. Unless African governments start cleaning up their acts, and look to protecting their own people, their own magnificent wildlife and their environment, Africa will always remain a stagnant backwater cesspit. It’s sad but true. So Jean Marc Froment – START DOING SOMETHING to save your National Park, your country and your continent!

    • Kathy Williams says:

      Are you saying that the US is civilized? Nothing could be farther from the truth! Just scratch the surface of how our government demands obsolete and cruel psychological, emotional and physical preclinical, prolonged experimentation on all kinds of animals – most, like rats, not even being ‘protected’ by the weak, ineffective government agencies established for that exact purpose. And it’s our tax dollars subsidizing all manners of animal abuse.
      Until other species are granted actual rights, mankind will selfishly continue to exploit (and subsequently, torture) them for profit. After all, even in this supposedly enlightened, technologically advanced age, other animals are still considered unfeeling objects, things, commodities, property to be bought and sold, traded, broken/trained, subdued, imprisoned, tortured and thrown away when they are no longer considered useful…just like human slaves were once treated in America.
      Regarding all types of poaching: stop the demand (for ivory, rhino horn, shark fins, gorilla paws, bush meat etcetera). In the meantime, pressure should be applied to the many and various customs’ agents to enforce stricter importation and exportation of animal parts.

  5. Mary Ann R says:

    I want to hunt poachers. It would give me nothing but pure joy to take down these horrible people. I actually knew a guy from south Africa who did that and i can’t tell you how much respect i had for him. It’s a VERY dangerous job.

    We need to make Poaching a highly punishable crime and ANY and ALL selling of Ivory illegal WORLDWIDE. It’s so horrible. These animals depend on each other for survival and are highly emotional beings. It’s disgusting to me that profit is more important that keeping these beautiful animals alive and protected. I know those in the parks do what they can to protect them but with little funding and support, they are often up against a losing battle. It makes me so crazy to see this stuff.

    • O yeah, I agree, that looks fun to me ! I would like to be a bountyhunter of poachers and rip out their teeth to. Animals have done nothing to humans, so why should they die ? Only for greed and money, something the good animals don’t need.

  6. I feel so pessimistic about our planet.I hope I don’t live to see this planet barren.

  7. Beyond senseless & utterly heartbreaking. If we don’t stop this we are all guilty of causing the near-extinction of these magnificent creatures and must all share the outcome and the blame. Most days I am ashamed to be human and today I feel sickened as well.

  8. The intelligence and sensitivity of these magnificent animals far exceeds that of we so called”Human Beings”. The element of mankind who possess this ignorant, destructive and bestial nature and are overwhelmingly stupid makes them perfect candidates for elimination from this planet.Would it not be wonderful to be able to send them en mass to the outer reaches of space!

  9. So, why isn’t China doing enough? Why aren’t there sanctions against China for their causing probable extinction for the elephant and other animals? If only they cared about other animals as they do the panda.

  10. Catherine Alquier says:

    Encore et toujours la même chose, tueries inutiles d’animaux superbes pour de l’argent, pour s’amuser, quelle tristesse, détruire encore et toujours la beauté. L’homme est une nuisance pour la terre.

  11. Tina shurtleff says:

    We can put men on the moon but we cannot stop poaching. Bull. This is about greed. Africa save these beautiful animals or suffer the economic loss. If there is habitats in other countries that can take these animals and protect them then maybe that is the solution.

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