Don’t Criminalize Feeding Stray Cats


Target: Tom Tait, Mayor of Anaheim, California

Goal: Don’t ban citizens from feeding stray cats.

It is now reportedly illegal to feed stray cats in the city of Anaheim, California. The Anaheim Fix Project, which is an organization dedicated to remedying the overpopulation of stray cats in Anaheim, has sounded the alarm. They have reported that people in the city of Anaheim are being threatened with fines and jail time for feeding the cats. The law stipulates that people can feed the stray cats only if they have been contracted by the city.

This means that good-hearted citizens can be penalized for giving food to the starving cats. Although the overpopulation of stray animals is clearly a problem that needs to be rectified, it is not appropriate to starve the animals. The logic behind this law is that you shouldn’t give food to the cats because they breed, but this is a cruel ideology that is reminiscent of social Darwinism. Furthermore, this law would probably not be effective, since cats will find ways of surviving.

Just because overpopulation of stray animals is an issue doesn’t mean that we should subject the animals to suffering. A much better alternative would be to trap and sterilize the cats, before sending them to loving homes. Sign this petition to tell Tom Tait, Mayor of Anaheim, California, that this is not an appropriate way to go about solving the overpopulation of stray cats.


Dear Mayor Tait,

I was appalled to learn about a new law in your city that prevents citizens from feeding stray cats. Although I understand that the overpopulation of stray cats is a nuisance, I feel that this is an inappropriate way of solving the problem. This law turns good-hearted citizens into criminals for the simple act of giving food to a hungry animal. The cold-hearted logic behind this law is that you shouldn’t feed the animals because they breed.

I believe that there is a way to solve the overpopulation issue without inflicting suffering on innocent animals. Why not simply give more power to organizations such as the Anaheim Fix Project, and provide them with an effective means of sterilizing large numbers of these animals? This is a much more humane solution, and it would probably be more effective in the long term, since cats are savvy predators that will usually find ways of surviving regardless of city laws.

I want to ask that you please do everything in your power to ensure that this cruel and abusive law is struck down immediately.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. we live in a time that no one cares about their neighbours, members of family. thousands of homeless humans and that also includes children. Now we are saying a animal life isn’t worth saving? what a sad future we are leaving our future generations. We have a program that not only feeds our ferals but we also spade and shelter. Shame on any state that would disallow compassion. Is it the state or is it someone on the council that dislikes animals. Don’t forget they aren’t ferels because they choose to most of them are throw aways by a owner that either can’t take them to a new home. or can’t afford the food or just don’t find adults cute any more. What a sad world we live in.

  2. nada takla says:

    The city of Annaheim is going the easy,economical way

    Sad it ‘s the wrong way but the authorities could not care less , they want to;go on dealing with things they consider more important : pleasing large companies , filling their pockets some how or the other , and so forth

  3. If they are not fed….they become more of a problem . …is someone wants to be caring and not see starvation . …what is the problem . Solve your administration problems and let people be humans

  4. Starvation. Is that a human trait? As a leader your priorities are upside down. You are teaching the young children to be uncaring . ..this will carry over into their family life. I am appalled at your thinking.

  5. Donna Whitt says:

    These cats did not ask to be homeless, to be on the streets starving, trying to survive. It’s ignorant humans faults for not having their pets spayed, for dumping them when they get pregnant or no longer wanting them. Strays deserve to be fed, to be loved, to be taken care of. They didn’t ask for the life they have, it is not their fault!! It is HUMANS fault!! I feed strays and if someone told me I couldn’t they would be wasting their time. No animal deserves to be unloved, to be mistreated, to be starved, to suffer!

  6. Nikki Jedlicka says:

    Starving them out is not only cruel… It won’t work. In fact, it will make them even more of a “nuisance” as they rummage through trash bins at homes, restaurants, etc. the will to survive is powerful. I feed many strays and will never stop.

  7. Anne GRice says:

    The worst disgusting fact about this law is that this city absolves its self completely for these innocent victims of the management of this city’s systemic failures, gross incompetence and lack of effective animal management polices which has caused the problem of over breeding and overpopulation of pet. Where is the accountability of this city councils and local government for the management of pets? What steps in terms of regulations did this city take to control and prevent overbreeding, selling of cats and dogs? Where are the policies that should enforce mandatory spaying/neutering of pets? How many disgusting puppy and kitten mills did they shut down? Who regulate the breeders and sellers of cats and dogs? So how does this city have the audacity to pass a law to stop compassionate humans from doing the only decent act of kindness for these helpless victims who this indifferent appalling city failed to prevent from being here in the first place! Punishing the victims is immoral, abhorrent , and reprehensible on every level of humanity and this cannot happen. This city should be taken to court to stop them from committing this heinous crime against innocent victims of incompetence! This is 2015 not the dark ages!

  8. A. Stables says:

    Not having money is NO EXCUSE for not following through with TNR/SNR!
    I live in one of the poorest counties in California (Humboldt) and I get free vouchers for doing TNR/SNR simply because I explained the situation and the 2 non profits that help me. I am a poverty stricken disabled woman who has to work part time to feed my family. Yet I feel it’s important to lower the overpopulation of these colonies. I live in a college/ university town where every year people abandon their pets at the rentals the students occupied.
    If you feed, you should get TNR/SNR done.
    At my rental property where I live I have gotten 23 cats fixed.

  9. Contact some of the big rich movie star animal activist u see all these sad commercials of the neglected, STARVING animals it breaks our hearts! Have them do commercials on how their wonderful State of California wants to starve the cats and punish the ones that feed them. People created this problem! This is not okay.our TNR in Fl is working…

  10. Norma Milton says:

    This is just so cruel and ignorant. T/N/R with supervised feeder program are very workable and generally there are many people who will volunteer to leave food. The trap and spaying/neutering should be started asap and feeders found for each area that the cats are living. This is how children are taught to be cruel and parents can help their kids learn kindness by participating in a volunteer T/N/R program. Our volunteers have been doing this for 11 years in northern Maine and it has made a big difference in the cat overpopulation. We also, because of the cold, provide insulated tote box homes for the colonies. Norma Blackstone Milton

  11. Sylvie's Crew says:

    I emailed the mayor and other Anaheim city officials that Anaheim Fix listed on facebook, but they all bounced. I guess they were getting too many emails about this. Here is the letter I sent but did not arrive in Anaheim.

    To the public officials of Anaheim, CA,

    Please change your law forbidding citizens from feeding your feral
    cats. I realize that you have said that feeding them is not illegal
    recently, but the law is still in place and can be re-enforced at any
    time. Citizens should be able to feed any of the wild animals that they
    want to in your area. It is inhumane to starve them to death.

    Also your position regarding the potential euthanizing of cats in
    colonies over 30 is inhumane. Many feral colonies have multiple cats
    that were abandoned by their owners when they moved, and they were not
    born in the wild. Many can be captured and adopted again as a pet
    rather than killing them. Please consider TNR, trap, neuter, return, as
    a much better and more humane solution to just killing these cats. In
    Europe during the Middle Ages many cats were trapped and killed, and as
    a result the rodent population increased tremendously. This also was
    part of the reason the Black Death, or bubonic plague, killed so many
    people at that time. These feral cat colonies are keeping your local
    rodent population down right now in 2015, and contrary to popular
    belief, these rodents are much more likely to cause health problems in
    people than large colonies of feral cats. Cats were killed in the
    Middle Ages because they were considered an instrument of the devil. I
    sincerely hope that Anaheim public officials are more broad minded than
    those making the decision to kill cats in large numbers were in the
    past. It was a grave mistake then, and it would be a mistake now.

    Sylvia H Percy
    Murfreesboro, TN

  12. glenda de guzman says:

    Your kids bring guns to school and it’s not considered a crime in your country. Feeding hungry, abandoned animals is a crime? I don’t get it!

  13. lisa davis says:

    All of God’s creatures have to eat who in the name of God decided these precious animals should not be fed! They need our help they are overpopulated my God help these babies and get rid of the jerks making these AWFUL decisions

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