Justice for Hundreds of Cats Abused at Shelter

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Target: DanaMarie Pannella, Cleveland Animal Protective League attorney

Goal: Fully prosecute the man and woman who allegedly neglected 147 cats by leaving them in unsanitary conditions and not providing adequate care.

Two owners of a Cleveland cat rescue shelter called the Cat Crossing are being charged with animal neglect after authorities found 147 cats living in deplorable conditions without adequate care, shelter or air. The reported conditions of the shelter where the animals were kept were so bad that nearly all of the cats became sick and diseased. The poor creatures had problems ranging from emaciation, ringworm, ear mites, intestinal parasites, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, and respiratory, ear, skin and eye infections.

During an initial visit to the shelter, authorities found more than 100 animals allegedly living in cramped spaces that were covered in feces and urine and with uncleaned litter boxes. Disease spread easily among the animals because sick ones were not kept away from the healthy ones. One of the owners claimed there were so many cats because the shelter’s focus was on nursing the cats back to health rather than finding them new homes. With so many of the cats carrying infectious diseases, this obviously was not the case.

One of the owners allegedly started the shelter after having nearly 100 cats taken from her home in the past after neighbors filed a complaint that she was hoarding the animals in unhealthy conditions. The shelter had received instructions from the Animal Protective League in the past to take measures to better care for the cats, but these instructions were ignored. Some of the cats allegedly had to have eyes removed because of infections,  and some even had to be labeled as unadoptable and be euthanized.

This kind of cruel animal neglect resulted in the death and horrible sickening of a large number of animals. It’s apparent this has been a problem in the past for these owners, so it cannot continue to be a liability. These people need to be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Attorney Pannella,

The owners of the Cat Crossing cat rescue shelter are being charged with animal neglect after authorities allegedly found 147 cats living in deplorable conditions without adequate care, shelter or air. These animals had problems like emaciation, ringworm, ear mites, intestinal parasites, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, and respiratory, ear, skin and eye infections.

These people have reportedly kept animals in terrible hoarding conditions in the past and not properly care for them. We cannot allow this kind of animal cruelty to go unnoticed, especially to such a large number of animals. I urge you to prosecute these people under the full extent of the law so they receive the maximum punishment for their disgusting actions.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Any animal shelter who does this or any type of abuse needs to be fined, punished, investigated, shut down. People get MORE involved. These wonderful people who investigate & care, CREATE these petitions to involve us ALL not only locally, but GLOBALLY! Each ONE of our voices are STRONG. Together we become ONE, UNITED AS a WORLD against ANY & ALL animal abuse. Zero tolerance is what we strive for & WILL achieve. Do not estimate the power of HOPE, & LOVE. We are all here to be the STRONG LOUD VOICE of the voiceless, who have NO choice. We serve & PROTECT! Be involved & let’s be not only heard, we will WIN this WAR on animal abuse/violence! Keep it going

  2. I sense a mental disorder here — these people should be nowhere near animals EVER! In order for such crimes NOT to be repeated, we MUST hold these owners accountable — Payback MUST be serious and severe! How else will they learn NOT to repeat their horrific crimes!

  3. Cynthia dsouza says:

    This has to stop

  4. Rose Patterson says:

    This is just so wrong for these cats being abused in the shelter shot the ones that are abusing these cats

  5. Rose Patterson says:

    abuse the ones that are abusing these cats

  6. Why aren’t these shelters being monitored by animal protection agencies?? This certainly is not the first shelter to abuse animals and kill them needlessly and it certainly will not be the last. Every shelter in this country should have a responsible and caring member of law enforcement on the staff, who can stop this business of abusing and killing animals. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! This is intolerable, inexcusable, and disgusting that a place where animals are supposed to be safe and protected are having to endure abuse at the hands of these mean, hateful people, who obviously are there only for the paycheck, not the protection of the animals. This is totally unacceptable.

  7. Miriam Sexton says:

    These people need some jail time and never allowed to own animals again.

  8. Nena Miller says:

    This is disgusting. Imagine being an animal and having NO means of escape, no place to relieve yourself, no clean place to sit or lay down. This is so disgusting; these people should NEVER be allowed to have ANY animal again. I expect that most of these sad sick cats never did get a chance for love and were probably euthanized. What a sad commentary on their lives. Again…SPAY AND NEUTER ANIMALS!

  9. Tamika Diaz says:

    Please give these sweet babies justice and lock those monsters up!

  10. Kristy Harrison says:

    Jail time!

  11. Kristy Harrison says:

    Jail time

  12. Manel Dias says:

    These type of so called Shelters, can no way be called the Shelters. These places are being kept opened by the Greedy for money and hungry for the fame, sub humans. How on earth that such type of abusive to animals and violent to the vulnerable, have the licence to run and allow to keep it open.? Those human Barbarians must be Punished heavily to fit their crimes and should never let them slip away from the justice system. Investigate their back grounds as well, most likely these people are ruthless evil scumbags.

  13. Katarina Spelling says:

    It’s unbelievable how most of you are so gullible to believe anything!!! All of your statements and opinions are based primarily off of here say!!! Neither one of you are directly involved nor connected to The Cat Crossing in anyway to even know the actual truth!!! The Cleveland APL are savages going after anyone that they feel is a threat to their business!!! They encourage individuals such as myself that if you find or get a cat from outside to either leave it alone or put it back out!!! I’m sure glad that I didn’t follow their instructions because my feral rescue has turned into the absolute best housecat ever!!! Many of the cats The Cat Crossing tended to were cats that The Cleveland APL themselves refused to pick up!!! They’d asked multiple times to leave all outdoor cats alone yet they support and supposedly believe largely in TNR!!! I volunteered at The Cleveland APL for approximately 1 week then quit because the staff were unbelievable rude and disrespectful!!! They treated some animals better than others!!! I’ve had friends surrender sick animals and paid for the euthanasia however only for The Cleveland APL to turn around and adopt them out!!! I had 1 friend in particular surrender her dog because she lost her job and no longer had income coming in yet The Cleveland APL promised to work with the dog and give him a chance yet the very next day less than 6 hours after dropping him off they euthanized him and we’re suppose to call beforehand so that she could have the opinion of picking him back up yet they didn’t do that and killed him without notice!!! I’m tired of reading foolish comments when little do you know the owner of The Cat Crossing has been dealing with a serious crisis in her own family as her daughter whose in her 30’s fights for her life because of battling cancer so she hasn’t even been at the shelter itself in quite sometime!!! This entire matter is a set up by an insider that The Cleveland APL sent over to pose as a volunteer for the agency yet to only sabotage the place and now it’s come to this? Many of the cats rescued weren’t even cats The Cat Crossing assisted with!!! Where 1 cat is another follows and many neighborhood strays lingered in the area to only be fed by the many volunteers of The Cat Crossing!!! Tell me this if it’s so awful then why hasn’t The Cleveland APL shut down The Cat Crossing? They took most of the cats, but many were left!!! They didn’t take all of them as they claimed!!! The Cat Crossing to this day still feeds area homeless cars in the community!!!

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