Applaud Shutdown of Slaughterhouse that Butchered and Boiled Animals Alive


Target: Alex Muñoz, Director, Animal Services Department, Miami-Dade Police

Goal: Praise police raid on a slaughterhouse that butchered and boiled animals alive, resulting in the rescue of over 3,000 animals.

An illegally-operated slaughterhouse was recently raided and closed, with over 3,000 animals rescued in the process. According to officials, Coco Farms in Florida was operating one of the most cruel and unsanitary operations in the entire country. Two were arrested in the case following a months-long investigation by Miami-Dade Police in partnership with volunteer organization Animal Recovery Mission.

Conditions inside the farm were filthy, with animals allegedly being forced to drink from polluted water sources and eat the intestines of other animals that had been slaughtered earlier in the day. Many were dehydrated and starving. According to rescuers, farm employees would skin and boil animals alive before selling them to waiting customers who chose which animal they would like to purchase before it was butchered.

Not only were slaughterhouse conditions torturous to the animals, but were a health risk to humans as well. The slaughter area’s close proximity to filthy animal enclosures and the fact that two staff members allegedly tended to animals, dealt with customers, and butchered animals all at once created an environment unsuitable for food handling.

Volunteers worked for nearly an entire day to remove the thousands of pigs, goats, cows, and dogs from the premises. While many of them were taken in by various farm animal rescue groups, hundreds had to be euthanized due to their failing health. Both the farm’s owner and his assistant have been charged with several felony counts related to neglect and cruelty of animals, and could face years in prison if convicted.

In the interest of the health and well-being of both animals and humans, it is imperative that all commercial slaughter operations be closely regulated. By skirting these regulations, Coco Farms has harmed tens of thousands of animals and put humans eating the meat at risk as well. Sign the petition below to praise the successful shutdown of one of the country’s cruelest and dirtiest slaughterhouses.


Dear Mr. Alex Muñoz,

An illegal slaughterhouse was recently shut down by police in conjunction with rescue group Animal Recovery Mission. Thousands of animals were seized, most showing signs of starvation and dehydration, and some in such bad conditions that they had to be put down. The remainder of the animals will be taken in by various rescue organizations.

The alleged conditions at Coco Farms were not only cruel and torturous to animals, but the poor sanitation put humans at risk of disease as well. We, the undersigned, thank you for putting an end to this horrific operation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jason Pratt via Creative Commons

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  1. diane senior says:

    Why are people so cruel, if an animal kills or names a human the world is in uproar, but if a human kills or names an animal ” NOTHING”

  2. Sheryl Greenhouse says:

    What the hell is wrong with the USA to have such a large operation go undetected? Until the USA establishes some basic animal rights for ALL animals, I fear this shall just continue to take place. Come on, one of you animal rights attorneys, please draft it up and establish a precedent! Animals suffer torture daily, legally!!!

  3. I wish someone would skin and boil these people alive. They are totally disgusting and nothing would be enough to punish them.

  4. en taule et plus remettre ces cons en liberte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So that’s why I’ll never EVER going to eat meat again!!
    Right now, I’m a vegetarian.
    Just in time for this cruel slaughterhouse is closed down.

  6. Marlene Reid says:

    Many thanks to the folks who rescued the animals and closed the slaughterhouse. It may not seem like much, but even the smallest pebble thrown in a lake can create a ripple that will hopefully help to start turning the tide of actions towards animals and humans for the better. Thank you!

    BOUT IT !!!!!!!

  8. Heatherwavish says:

    The amount of sin in the world is equal to the amount of disease in the animals. Stop eating animals. The Asians are busy buying all the farms and meat factories around the world so they can feed there people. Animals will be tortured to death and shipped over oceans where they will suffer immensely. The world will watch. The meat will be full of diease and wipe out these cruel sadistic races.

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