Demand Justice for Puppy Beaten to Death

beaten puppy

Target: Sarasota County State Attorney Ed Brodsky

Goal: Punish and administer psychological treatment to man who punched puppy to death.

A helpless little puppy was tortured to death by a cruel man, and the entire incident was captured on camera. According to WFLA News Channel 8, a man named Stacy Sean Glover is alleged to have been the man in the horrifying surveillance video. The owner, Jessie Anderson, asked the family of a co-worker to look after Athena when the horrific incident took place. The video shows Athena, a miniature dachshund, being roughly thrown out onto a concrete patio. The dog then tries to take shelter under a table, but Glover snatches her up. What happens next is extremely hard to watch. Glover allegedly punches little Athena repeatedly, before standing up with the dog’s lifeless body dangling in one hand.

Reportedly, Glover later sent Jessie a text message, saying that Athena ran away. Jessie, who clearly had a strong emotional connection to the dog, raced home and began searching frantically. Only when the surveillance tapes were viewed did the awful reality sink in. Glover was able to bail out on a $50,000 bond, proving once again that some people have more money than brains.

Stacy Sean Glover should know better; he is not some immature kid with poor judgement. He’s a fully grown man who allegedly punched an innocent and helpless puppy to death. Not only should he be charged with animal cruelty, but he should also be required to undergo thorough psychological treatment. Such behavior is a clear indicator of psychopathic tendencies, and we need to ensure that he is not a threat to other people. Sign this petition to ensure that Glover is harshly punished for this alleged terrible abuse, and make sure that he gets the psychological help that he needs to ensure that he isn’t a threat to himself or others.


Dear Mr. Brodsky,

I want to bring your attention to a terrible case of animal abuse in the state of Florida, in which a man beat a small puppy to death. Stacy Sean Glover allegedly tossed a miniature dachshund named Athena out onto a concrete surface, and then caught it after it tried to escape his maniacal rage. What happened next is heartbreaking. He reportedly punched the dog repeatedly with as much force as he could muster, and it eventually died.

In an attempt to cover everything up, he reportedly sent a text message to the dog’s owner, who came home and frantically began searching for Athena. According to a report in WFLA News Channel 8, she said: “We spent hours out there, looking for her. I didn’t want to stop, I didn’t want her to think I gave up because I didn’t…she’s my baby, I’d never give up on my baby.”

The man was eventually caught when it was discovered that a surveillance camera captured the entire incident. Toward the end of the video, Glover can allegedly be seen holding the dog’s lifeless body like it’s some kind of worthless rag doll. Mr. Brodsky, I would like to express my hope that abuse of this scale is harshly punished in the state of Florida. I would like this man to be given a harsh penalty for his actions. Furthermore, I would also like for you to ensure that people who commit crimes of this nature are administered proper psychological care to ensure that their dangerous psychopathic tendencies are kept in check for their own safety and the safety of others.


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  1. Carmen Rocco says:

    This cruel man needs a beating and should be treated with no mercy. People like him have no place in society should be left in jail forever

  2. Stacy Arsewipe needs a lesson in humility. As he’s probably too thick to feel pain himself it’s no use beating him. So make him watch whilst someone does the same to his youngest kid or, better still, new born baby, them he will know what losing you poor, darling baby feels like. Poor puppy, rest in peace xx

  3. Michael Guest says:

    This is totally unacceptable. You can’t do this to a poor animal. Makes me upset and disappointed. Find the person and take him to jail.

  4. The hand of a human is the most dangerous weapon on earth.

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Nothing less than the death penalty for evil filth like this. Until we just get rid of these loathesome people this kind of cruelty will never end…

  6. Chris Read says:

    This person needs to be removed from the planet, it will make the world a better place. To be honest I couldn’t get very far reading this, i took the ‘bury head in sand option’which seems to be the default position for many when dealing with some of the awful things that go on in this world. If I had been there honestly I think i would now be serving time.

  7. paula eaton says:

    This violent piece of slime needs to be locked up forever. Every penny he has should go to his victims family. There is a special place in hell for vermin like him.

  8. Sheryl Long says:

    Beat this worthless Bastard half-to-death daily for about 5 years, then finish him off!!! I volunteer my services!

  9. The puppy should not be referred to as an “it.” This reduces the potential effectiveness of the petition. If the puppy was only a “thing” why should Mr. Brodsky care about “it?”

  10. Nicole Loh says:

    Disgusting excuse of a human being. Animal abuse should be treated seriously. Only people without compassion would do this thing to another being. Who knows when they would advance to humans.

    And please put a ban on ever owning or working with another animal in future.

  11. If this man has children they should be put into care immediately. He should be sterilised to stop him ever having children. It is well known that animal abusers go on to abuse children. It’s high time people who behave like this are punished adequately with imprisonment.

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