Stop Attack on Clean, Renewable Solar Power

Solar Rooftop Panels

Target: Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

Goal: Halt attempt to end tax incentives for installing rooftop solar panels.

Incentives to install rooftop solar panels on people’s homes could be eliminated in Washington state if a recently proposed bill goes through. Eliminating tax credits for turning to sustainable energy is a blatantly anti-solar move, despite what supporters of the bill might say. Tax incentives can be credited with the steady increase in the number of homes and businesses supported by solar power and bringing us closer to a world that creates power without creating pollution.

Solar power is by far the greenest energy source. As solar panels become more efficient, entire nations are making the switch to this endless and cheap energy resource that creates zero carbon emissions. This, of course, is upsetting to those who profit from fossil fuels and other wasteful and dirty energy sources. They’ve been using their influence and their money to mount resistance to solar energy wherever they can, which is why it’s taking so long to get even the most wealthy nations on board with the no-brainer that is solar power.

That’s why it’s essential that environmentalists everywhere stand up to fight attacks on solar power like this Washington state bill. If this bill passes, environmentalists say that it will make Washington the most anti-solar state in the country–a huge step back for a supposedly progressive area. Sign the petition to ensure that this bill is not made into law.


Dear Governor Inslee,

A bill that would eliminate tax incentives for installing solar panels on rooftops is currently being considered in your state. These tax credits are essential in encouraging people to switch to efficient and clear solar power, which reduces the level of harmful emissions and helps the economy by keeping more money in the hands of the people who pay thousands each year in energy bills.

The reason we have these tax incentives in the first place is to encourage people to switch to a sustainable form of energy. Solar power is endless and produces zero emissions. If everyone switched to solar power, we could avoid the worst effects of climate change and live in a world with much less pollution. Washington state is supposed to be in favor of environmentalist goals, so I can not understand why this bill would have any support.

There is no good reason to remove incentives for people to install their own rooftop solar panels on their homes. For the good of everyone, please speak out against this bill and stop the attack on solar power in your state.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. caryl sawyer says:

    Hard to fight the Big Money from the power companies.

  2. Unless you politicians and dirty cartels think you’re ALL going to be able to get on the first colonization spaceship to ANOTHER planet you can then also wreck, you’d better wake up and smell the coffee FAST. Free energy techniques & devices were available a LONG, LONG time ago (think “Tesla” & others), but were deliberately squashed by governments and cartels wholly intent on making & keeping all the monetary wealth for only themselves. Now you’ve all ruined our LONE planet, and if you don’t stop “yesterday,” we’re ALL doomed, YOU included. Face it, most of you, too, are just puppets for the cartels and are as “expendable” as the next guy in the bigger scheme of things. Do YOU want to live in a world that has become the stuff of nightmares? Yes, or no???

    The earth itself MAY survive these man-made catastrophes, but only if HUMANS end up all or mainly extinct, which is already almost a given now. The earth can’t TAKE any more dirty blows, and we ALL depend upon its vital health in order to survive. How can you NOT see this obvious fact??! So how DARE you, with your ill-perceived hubris and non-cooperative stances & choices, keep destroying a world that ALSO belongs to those you deem to be the “little” people of no consequence! You have no RIGHT, no right at all! WAKE UP NOW and start thinking GLOBALLY and COOPERATIVELY with both the earth AND all of its inhabitants!

  3. Leslie Stanick says:

    Solar energy is the wave of the future….everyone who installs solar panels should receive tax breaks. Solar is the fastest growing alternative energy source, and once you buy the panels…energy is FREE! No wonder the government is worried! Instead, they should be celebrating!

  4. Sooner or later people will have to find an alternative Solar energy should be accepted not delayed in any form That money rules the world we are aware off but solar energy is not pesting the air So say yes we need this energy and the goverment should provide more solar cell plants it is clean energy

  5. Gayle Janzen says:

    This is a misinformation campaign by Solar City in CA, who doesn’t want its questionable business practices scrutinized. This is actually a pro-solar bill, so I urge you to read the truth below:

    “…from Rep Jeff Morris, Dist. 40:

    Setting the record straight on solar

    Many of you may have received campaign materials from Solar City urging you to oppose my House Bill 2045. They’re relying on misinformation and distortion of what the policy in this bill does, and I want to make sure to set the record straight with 40th District constituents. Unfortunately a large California corporation and its affiliates don’t want to have its questionable business practices scrutinized and as a result they are running a disinformation campaign to avoid consumer protection. The Solar City Syndicate has even had its business practices questioned by some members in Congress (see the link directly below)

    Congressional leaders charge ‘potentially deceptive sales tactics’ by SolarCity

    It is mind-boggling the extent that the Solar City Syndicate has attempted to distort the truth about HB 2045 in order to trick Washington state residents like yourself into opposing beneficial consumer protection legislation.

    Perhaps the most inaccurate accusation is that HB 2045 would kill net metering. This couldn’t be further from the truth — and I would like to mention that I personally authored most of the provisions of our existing net metering law. I am very proud of that, and certainly wouldn’t introduce a bill to dismantle my own work. Regardless, nothing about this bill would change net metering as we know it. In fact, the bill specifically calls for the preservation of existing ground rules for net metering.

    I am sorry that the Solar City Syndicate is using their money to take advantage of advocates like you, who do care about what’s best for solar energy in Washington state. But in our form of democracy, special interest groups are allowed to say whatever they want whether they are true or not.

    Here is a link to my video update which explains the idea behind the bill which hopefully will provide more clarity on some of the positive things HB 2045 will bring.

    You should know that Washington state solar installers and Washington state environmental groups are all at the table — seeing HB 2045 as the vehicle to reauthorize our current solar tax production credits. The California-based Solar City, though currently not licensed to do business here, is the only group actively opposing the bill. They clearly have much to hide.”

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