Stop the Attack on Civil Liberties


Target: Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Goal: Don’t use the “war on terror” as an excuse to erode civil liberties.

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  1. The damage your doing to our country is criminal. You will be voted out next election

  2. Serge Petit says:

    Démissionnez M. Harper! Ne nous faites plus honte dans le monde avec votre politique de repli sur soi !

  3. Roger Richardson says:

    The real terror is the loss of freedom in Canada.

    We live in fear of our own government, not some terrorist with an AK47.

    Everything we say or do is made to sound like some evil plot.

  4. Patricia Dumais says:

    No other government has managed to taint Canada’s world reputation as much as the current one under Mr Harper. And now he wants to take away our freedoms too.

  5. Harper and his Government are our real terrorist within Canada. I am not as worried of any other Terrorist Group as I am For the Conservative Terrorist Party of Canada.

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