Stop Breeding Mutant Animals for Hunting


Target: Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa

Goal: Stop the genetic engineering of mutant animals who are bred solely to be violently hunted down.

Farmers in South Africa are breeding mutant animals that are genetically engineered to look unique from regularly bred animals. The animals are bred and raised for the sole purpose of being a part of the $1 billion big game hunting industry, where the chance to murder one of these animals is priced at nearly $50,000.

The farmers claim they are contributing to animal conservation by unnaturally breeding these animals because there are more of them than have occurred naturally through nature. These animals are not being bred as a conservation effort, they are being farmed to make a profit off their murder. If they aren’t hunted early on, they often live with horrific health problems like heat stroke, foot problems, cancers, deformed faces and deformed tails.

The animals are considered mutant because they’re genetically modified and a rarity in nature. They are bred to have these mutant qualities like bright coloration and eye color and to be larger than normal. These qualities cause them to stand out more in the wild and mark them as easy prey for predators.

This sickening practice seems to be a violent act against both animal welfare and animal conservation. Breeding animals with health problems solely for the purpose of murdering for them to make a profit is inhumane and should not go unpunished. We cannot allow animals to be treated like worthless, lifeless objects for human entertainment. By signing this petition, you will help urge South African President Jacob Zuma to ban this disgusting practice.


Dear President Zuma,

Farmers in South Africa have been breeding mutant animals for the sole purpose of setting them out to be murdered by hunters for a hefty fee. The genetic engineering to make these animals not only gives them terrible health problems like heat stroke, foot problems, cancers, deformed faces and deformed tails, but it also makes them stand out as easy prey to predators in the wild. Farmers can try to claim that what they’re doing is helping conservation efforts, but that’s a complete joke.

This is harming animals’ welfare and lives just for the sake of human profit and entertainment and it cannot be allowed. We have to take stand for the animals who cannot speak for themselves. I urge you to ban the practice of breeding mutant animals for hunting.


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Photo credit: colinsite via Flickr

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  1. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    Some so called “human beings” are the real animals. Disgusting creeps!

    • Jan Bowden says:

      I wish people wouldn’t call humans ‘animals’ animals behave far better than most of them… how about calling them monsters instead! 🙂

  2. Don’t degrade animals. The so called people are sub-humans!

  3. Addressing any petition to the president of South Africa is a waste of time, he is to busy supporting corruption and lining his own pocket with the workers of South Africas taxes, filthy corrupt bastard that he is

  4. These monsters are sickening, vile sociopaths!

  5. paula eaton says:

    Humans just keep proving that they can keep sinking lower and lower. Stop the cruelty and greed. Stop killing poor animals.

  6. Cecily Colloby says:

    I SO agree with Dave…….

  7. what a sick world it is becoming, i get sick to the stomach, the things we read about, why would any normal human being do such a thing, well they are not normal, twisted cowards.

  8. I have been fighting this practice for over a year to no avail. I have suggested Photo Safaris and tourism which brings in three times as much money as the Trophy hunting and is all year round. Tourism gives jobs and income to the villagers who will protect wildlife once they discover it has become their livelyhood. Belize is an example where once barely recognized, they have become one of the top destinations in the caribbean. They protect all their wildlife and focus on wildlife education. Trophy hunting is generally done only 6 months out of rhe year, and although it claims to be killing for conservation, by raising money to fight poachers, 95% of the $50,000 per kill goes to their govt. And the outfitters. The villagers don’t benefit and that leaves a mere 5% for conservation? This is an inportant issue that needs to be resolved and the killing of these animals stopped. Sooner than later!

  9. What is wrong with the human race? They have become demons in human bodies.

  10. F….. money that’s all they care about !!!!

  11. I am South- African, and I think this is a sickning cruel act.
    These poeple deserve the death penalty!!
    All the South-Africans I know feel the same about this situation!! Its a greedy demonic act!!!
    All animals should be treated with love and respect!!!
    I agree with Dave, it might be a waste of time to send it to Zuma

  12. Patricia Dumais says:

    Ban trophy hunting alltogether!

  13. Didn’t these A-HOLES get the message from Dr Moreau ???

  14. KatWrangler says:

    I wish human beings would stop breeding assholes like these. Then we’d have a lot less problems in the world.

  15. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This is heartbreaking. Instead of protecting the valuable treasure that South Africa has in their amazing animals they only care about money. What a bunch of disgusting and evil sub humans.

  16. Veronica-Mae Soar says:

    If there were no “customers” they would soon be out of business,. It is the so called hunters who should be targeted. I applaud attempts to set up photo safaris – but there will always be some who think it is “big” to kill an animal and stand there holding its head up for a photograph and no amount of perpetuation will change their minds. Perhaps if the animals were shooting back !!!


    Stop & pursue this deformity – instantly!

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be caged for their whole lives! Or not?

  18. michelle colhoun says:

    How can these scumbags get away with this evilness

  19. Hunt the hunter.The only good hunter is a dead one!

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