Save the Imnaha Wolf Pack in Oregon

Target: Oregon State Senate and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: To ban the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association from killing the Imnaha pack in Oregon.

Recently a bill named HB 4158 was proposed by Oregon’s Cattlemen’s association to allow killing wolves because of a decline in livestock. There are less than 30 wolves in the entire state and there are 1.3 million cows. The Imnaha is Oregon’s first wolf pack, if this kill order becomes a reality this legendary wolf family will be a part of our history. This law is completely unjust, we cannot let such an atrocity become reality.

Wolves have long been condemned for their predatory nature, it is time that we realize that they are not to blame for the problems humans have created. Farmers have encroached on their habitat the Imnaha pack has only killed livestock to fight for survival. The pack has never put a farmer out of business, they are a part of Oregon’s history and should not be slaughtered. The wolf symbolizes free will and the ability to escape; tragically this is far from their reality. To kill them is to abolish a part of our history and a part of ourselves; we must ensure that the Imnaha wolf pack continues to thrive.


Dear Oregon State Senate and ODFW,

The Imnaha wolf pack is a part of Oregon’s history and deserves to thrive. The pack accounts for half of Oregon’s wolf population and killing them could result in the extinction of Oregon wolves. The cattleman’s desire to pass a law to kill these wolves is completely unjust.

Please do not let the HB 4158 bill pass because wolves should not be condemned for their will to survive. People encroached on their habitat to begin with and wolves have not put any farmers out of business. Killing wolves would be a huge mistake to appease a few petty farmers.


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  1. Penni Norman Penni Norman says:

    Please sign and share this urgent petition with everyone you know immediately. We want the Imnaha Wolf Pack to survive and thrive, and not become extinct!!! We all need to take action NOW for the sake of the Imnaha wolves to make sure they are not abolished from the face of the earth!

  2. Go hug a tree!!!!!!

    • Heidi Raynowska Heidi Raynowska says:

      For your information, this article is about wolves, not about trees.

    • Maybe you should go hug some trees Phillip , and learn too love what sustains your and your familys life , if not don t waste valuable space on this site . thankyou.

  3. these wolves havent been there in forever and know you try to reintroduce them and make all the ranchers mad well these wolves dont deserve to be there and if they didn’t have collars i would enjoy killing them and keeping there hides.

    • Where there?

    • Wolves have been reintroduced to monitor populations of other animals, after being persecuted for centuries the decimated population have to regain ground- why when people including those with depraved methods of cruelty to take their lives- have taken over so much do woves not ‘deserve’ a chance?
      “It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.”
      Mark Twain

    • Oh lay down Sally. Wolves have been “there” a lot longer than you have and yes, while the sole purpose of re-introducing wolves was to make farmers mad (??) the side effects of this replanting (such as beginning to get the eco-system back in balance) have also proven that wolves need to be alive in nature, not as a rug in your family room.

    • Moira Smith says:

      The ranchers dont care about wildlife or the land all they care about is producing their beef and making lots $$ They dont care about the American people either because their cancer causing hormone pumped beef is so bad for you its been banned across Europe so Sally go get yourself a great big juicy steak dear ! Before that go get some help anyone who enjoys killing has mental issues !

    • Daniel Colbert says:

      sally…the word “reintroduce” only works if they were here before. Hence,”re”…you said it

  4. LupusFlaner LupusFlaner says:

    Wolves are beautiful creatures that feel pain as much as we do. These animals date back years and if people learn to do the right thing then they’ll be here for years to come.

  5. José Coimbra says:

    Antes de existirem fazendeiros já lá passeavam e caçavam os lobos têm mais direitos que os fazendeiros

  6. sharon franklin says:

    Wolves have every right to live in peace.

  7. Tell ranchers to fence their frikin’ livestock and keep sheep guard dogs, and use range riders. Fladdery. There are so many NON LETHAL DETERRENTS.

    Stop killing our irreplaceable NATIVE wildlife to accommodate a few lazy, whining ranchers. Protect wolves across the US as the Endangered species that they are!

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