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Target: President Barack H. Obama, President of the United States of America

Goal: Impose strict regulations on extreme haunted houses that imprison and abuse customers.

Some haunted houses across the United States have been alleged to commit horrible acts against their guests, in one case allegedly sexually assaulting a female guest. According to a report on KRQE News 13, a woman in Albuquerque claims that she was touched inappropriately by two of the actors in an extreme haunted house. This is not an isolated incident. It has been reported that in some extreme haunted houses, guests are treated in ways that, in many jurisdictions, would be classified as torture.

An extreme haunted house attraction known as McKamey Manor torments guests for hours on end, and critics have rightly denounced it as abusive. The attraction markets itself as being one of the scariest haunted houses imaginable, but the truth is a bit more sinister. When guests enter the attraction, there’s no turning back. You allegedly cannot even utter a safe word. One reporter who investigated the attraction told of how she was hooded and tied up, before being locked in a coffin, soaked with cold water, and force fed unidentifiable substances. This was a very watered down version of the tour. Another attraction called Blackout forces guests to strip naked, subjects them to an artificial form of waterboarding, and makes them suck on tampons.

Although consenting adults should have the right to participate in such events, they should also have the right to leave at any point. Holding someone against their will, even if they’ve previously signed a waiver, should be illegal. Extreme haunted houses in the United States are taking their scares too far, and tough legislation should be put into place to regulate them. Sign this petition to ask President Obama to ensure that this becomes a reality.


Dear President Obama,

In recent years, extreme haunted houses have become popular, but I worry that some of these attractions are taking things too far. One woman reported that she was sexually assaulted during her experience. Also, it’s widely known that many of them inflict horrible tortures on guests, such as locking them in tight spaces, dousing them with cold water, and forcing them to eat disgusting things. In some, you can even allegedly be held against your will. I believe that this is where things shift from good Halloween fun to criminal behavior.

I would like to ask that you do everything in your power to make sure that strict regulations are imposed on these kinds of attractions. Nobody should be subjected to these kinds of horrors, even if they’ve signed a waiver. The ability to sign over some of your most basic human right strikes me as both immoral and unlawful.


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  1. Michelle Namesen says:

    I agree with this I’m actually strongly opposed to the way some haunted houses treat their guests, especially at Mckamey Manor. Myself and a few others have personally spoken to victims of Mckamey Manor. Some people think that just because they sign up for this brutality, they want it and that’s not the case. The three victims that I’ve spoke to state that they’re not allowed to fully read the waiver they’re given and they’re not allowed to ask questions about it after signing, or even take copies. The owner claims to do a screening with them, but the screening is just a skype session where he tells them a little bit about what’s going on, but they don’t know exactly what will go on because the owner wants it to be “a secret.” The owner, tries to say that he tells people not to come to this, but I’ve heard that it isn’t true and I’ve even watched the screening process where he has a conversation over skype, he posted the screening process in one of his videos. I didn’t observe him telling anyone not to come. Not only that he states that it will be “rough” but doesn’t state exactly will be rough. He encourages them to cuss and then later in the video they’re actually being yelled at for cussing. This place is using actual torture techniques to break people mentally and physically and their is no safe word. One of the victims that I talked to stated that she was wanting out the entire time, but the owner kept her in there for 5 hours of this. She even alleges that she was water boarded, and made to eat her own vomit and even smear it on her face. Another victim I spoke to who will go nameless, had his nose broken, and even needed oral, and plastic surgery. This place is disgusting, and it needs to be looked into.

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